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  1. Some of the spawning events seem to happen just after a full moon, staghorn being one of them I think. Some coral spawn around September October which suggest the pattern of the daylight hours would be of equal importance to reproduction, in addition to moonlight. There is the issue of sex, some coral are hermaphroditic which suggest their sex could be influenced by conditions as well.
  2. Its not your forum my friend. Go crawl back into your spammer thread where you can feel important, nobody out here gives a shit about you.
  3. I know what you meant, you were being a dick. If you don't have any cheato, move along! Who are these "plenty of people who have noticed my attitude" I would love to see examples.
  4. It's quite obvious what they mean. Maybe rather then trolling you can explain to OP why you think it is unreasonable/impossible to find cheato without pests. Maybe then they will tell you that vendors do it all the time and that is why they are asking around for some cheato from a tank without the usual pests.
  5. Old lady should have never swallowed that fly, now look where you're at.
  6. I'm not looking for a culprit. For the third time, I'm just wondering if someone noticed a bloom of sort of life within their tank (Macro, coral, pyhto etc.) due to a scheduled moonlight. It's a conversation not a problem.
  7. I had I phytobloom that I wanted to attribute to a moonlighting, but I have other variables that could have obviously attributed to it. (Restructuring tank, frags, etc.) Perhaps by aggregating some anecdotes with regards to a scheduled moonlight (Or daylight hours) we might learn something about the various livestock we cohabitate with. We could combine the minds of a bunch of dumb brains to stumble across something that could be discovered by one smart person. 🙂
  8. Such as things that happened that didn't happen when they didn't run a shcedualed moonlight.
  9. Anybody have any events take place within their reef that they attribute to running a scheduled moonlight?
  10. I think something like that could/should be allowed IF it is directly attached to the HOB only.
  11. Just thinking out loud here, if 2" is allowed in 2 dimensions, what about 4" total in 3 dimensions, this may allow for some flexibility. 12x12x6, 12x10x8, 16x6x8 etc would all fit into the 4" total rule. Personally I like the "stock"ish 2.5 gallon approach, but have no problem if others want to take the contest into the free form realm rather then "stock" tanks. The reason being is there are a lot of different shapes of tanks at or around 2.5 gallons. As I say, just a thought, I don't mind if you disagree because I'm not really sold on it myself.
  12. OK thanks cause I'm heading out to run errands if they have a tank I was going to grab one. Similar thing happened last weekend, I didn't buy anything, even avoided the coral. (It was all expensive anyway) Was really proud of myself. Wondered into a computer store to get cheap auxiliary monitor for my Dad, ended up giving him all my monitors and upgraded myself to a pair of 32" curved QLED monitors and a 1660 Ti video card. I totally blame that on you guys.
  13. It doesn't matter what you feel. Go stand on a reef with the waves crashing into you then see how it feels. Obviously don't point a close jet of water right at your coral.
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