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  1. Hey all, so I've been following the guidelines in El Fab's pico setup thread to modify an AC50 into a refugium for my JBJ Picotope. I know everyone sets theirs up a little differently, but what I've struggled to find is exactly what do with/where to put the filtration supplies that come with the AC50, relative the chaeto chamber. It comes with the sponge, carbon, and chemical filtration options. My fuge setup has 2 compartments right now (but I can further subdivide it into 3 if need be). The El Fab thread mentions that you can put the chemical filtration right by the intake, but some other threads I've been reading suggest that this may rob my chaeto of some nutrients it would otherwise like to have. SO, do you helpful members have strong preferences of what order to set things up in the refugium? And which of the filtration do you include in total? There are basically 4 total things to consider: sponges, carbon, chemical filtration, and chaeto chamber. I am happy to include as much or as little as is necessary -- just want to make sure I do it logically. Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much. This trick worked within 30 minutes! I feel very triumphant now
  3. So, my 3g JBJ Picotope reef tank I've been working with originally had a bit of an aiptasia infestation. So, I bought 2 peppermint shrimp as my very first invertebrates a couple months back. They took care of the aiptasia fast, like within 2-3 days. Now, however, the pepps are just too large for the proportions of my tank and while they don't seem to be doing any direct harm to my corals, they are just clumsy horrible buggers knocking over frags and stealing food from the corals (ok maybe they are doing some harm). They're just so fast and eager to eat and I want to give them to someone who has more space or otherwise wants them. Problem is, I cannot for the life of me catch them. If anyone has any advice, I am more than eager to hear it. Things I have tried include: nets, tweezers, tongs, a big turkey baster, cups, using food as bait, etc. But the things are on to me and after a couple days of trying I'm about at my wit's end!! Any advice for capturing quick and flighty inverts? Thanks for your time.
  4. Hi, all! I've been a lurker on these forums for a good while now and have finally gotten to the point with my first pico reef tank where I introduced my first fish (yellow watchman). Now, the problem is... I had 3 sexy shrimp in my tank as well. Now it appears I only have 2 - and last night I noticed my goby eyeing one of the remaining sexy shrimp in what did not look like a friendly way, with its fins all stretched out to full mast. I've looked into this online and have found conflicting reports. Some people with large sexy shrimp colonies and yellow watchmen say they have never had a problem, while some other cases say the watchman is a known threat. What are your opinions on this? Should I bring my sexies back to my LFS if they are at risk? They are one of my absolute favorite parts of my aquarium, but I don't want them to just be sitting ducks/really expensive fish food! My other thought is: will keeping my goby well fed reduce the risk of it straying to my other inhabitants? Thanks a lot, all. I've learned a lot from this forum in the last few months and look forward to continuing that trend.
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