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  1. anyone seen this? Jabao Doser 3.4 (Jebao WiFi Dosing 3.4) can't see any specs for it yet looks like a replacement of the Jabao DP-4 ?? https://www.fish-street.com/jebao-wifi-dosing-34 advertised as USD$120.00 cheaper alternative to the Coral Box WF-04 WIFI Dosing Pump USD$179.99 was waiting for the Red Sea ReefDose to come out, but this also looks interesting.
  2. @Christopher Marks thanks, i try to make the system as "low" maintenance as possible. p.s, 43.3°C is 109.94°F , and 30°C is 86°F the fan works better than i was expecting , although nowadays, since we install the 6.5kW solar panels on the roof, we just run the aircon the whole day (since we are not paying for electricity ) , so the fan does not turn on that often anymore. https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=54263&sid=49342 but those are the temperature graph for the last 30 days the max temp caps at 26.8°C, you can see some flat lines at 26.8°C , this is the fan controller turning on/off to regulate the temp. and the wiggly lines at 25.6 to 25.9 ish is the heater turning on/off marine temp graph marine+Inside temp graph marine+Inside+Outside temp graph initially put it at the bottom of the tank, it moved up to where it is now, and did not move since. it did split maybe 4 week after i got them (probably due to lack of maintenance on my part, also lost one of the birdnest coral). both of them are still in the same spot since then. 2 years since the tank started 🙂 . probably not going to add much more in this now.... since adding the clam, alk and ca has been dropping rapidly , hence why i installed the dosing pumps. i am adding around 0.875 dKH ALK per day, and around 7.7ppm CA per day, probably need to bump ca to 10, still monitoring those closely at the moment.
  3. thanks yeah, red sea stuff are not the cheapest , but for a nano, it's not too bad, since we do not use that much of it. the wife would not have liked having all those equipment in the living room 🙂, so kind of no choice there 😉 besides, i already had much bigger holes for the main 300L Fresh water tank next to it. 300L display tank, with a Eshopps PF-1200 Hang on Overflow Box to the 200L Sump in the garage. with all the CO2 reactors/controllers etc in it. (i had the tropical fresh water tank before the marine 96L)
  4. Hi michaelbarfield, thanks, Dosing Pump Pump 1: RedSea Foundation A (CA) Pump 2: RedSea Foundation B (Alk) Pump 3: RedSea Foundation C (Mg) Pump 4: Spare (not used) Pump 5: RedSea Trace Colors (A) Pump 6: RedSea Trace Colors (B) Pump 7: RedSea Trace Colors (C) Pump 8: RedSea Trace Colors (D) the dosing schedule is included in the post (how many ml of what is being dosed at what time), but looks like the formatting is off. edited the post to include a screenshot of the schedule instead.
  5. Wed 13 Feb, 2019 2:49 pm 30th jan new corals came in Coral Blastomussa-Red and purple (Blastomussa welsi) (30/01/2019) http://www.oceanarium.com.au/item.toy?iid=559741 Birdsnest coral-Yellow stem purple polyps (Seriatopora sp.) (30/01/2019) http://www.oceanarium.com.au/item.toy?iid=654895 Club Coral-Green polyps pink stem (Sylophora sp.) (30/01/2019) http://www.oceanarium.com.au/item.toy?iid=1049192 2feb Added dosing pump since the tank is using around 0.8dKH ALK and 5.3? CA per day. (the .3 in 5.3 is an estimate, calculated from alk consumption) Jebao DP-4 Auto Dosing Pump + DP-4S Slave pump, total or 8 pump Redsea foundation (powder) was diluted with 2 times more water. RedSea Trace Colors was diluted 20 times so that it is added as 1:1 with CA. dosing every 1 hour, and 5 to 10 min offset between different chemical Hourly Schedule 0 RedSea A (CA) 10 RedSea B (Alk) 20 RedSea C (Mg) 30 RS Colors (A) 35 RS Colors (B) 40 RS Colors (C) 45 RS Colors (D) Dosing Pump Pump 1: RedSea Foundation A (CA) Pump 2: RedSea Foundation B (Alk) Pump 3: RedSea Foundation C (Mg) Pump 4: Spare (not used) Pump 5: RedSea Trace Colors (A) Pump 6: RedSea Trace Colors (B) Pump 7: RedSea Trace Colors (C) Pump 8: RedSea Trace Colors (D) Dosing Schedule 1/2 RedSea A (CA) RedSea B (Alk) RedSea C (Mg) RS Colors (A) RS Colors (B) RS Colors (C) RS Colors (D) 1 00:00 1 2 01:00 1 3 02:00 1 4 03:00 1 5 04:00 1 6 05:00 1 7 06:00 1 8 07:00 1 9 08:00 1 10 09:00 1 11 10:00 1 12 11:00 1 13 12:00 1 1 1 1 1 1 14 13:00 1 15 14:00 2 16 15:00 2 17 16:00 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 18 17:00 2 19 18:00 2 20 19:00 1 1 1 1 1 1 21 20:00 1 22 21:00 1 23 22:00 1 24 23:00 1 Total 3 30 1 3 3 3 3 actual increase ppm 4.615384615 0.7846153846 0.7692307692 difference per day -0.6846153846 -0.01538461538 -0.1187692308 difference per week -4.792307692 -0.1076923077 -0.8313846154 difference per month -20.53846154 -0.4615384615 -3.563076923 5th feb Tunze CareMagnet nano 0220.010 this thing is awesome, works really well!!! 6feb pictures 2nd AI AquaIllumination Prime HD got a 2nd one for better light distribution and to get more light. using David Saxby light schedule with Acclimation 50% 2 month 8th feb added some macro algee Chaetomorpha Caulerpa Prolifera Halimeda <<came with the Clam 13feb Lumini Asta 20 Freshwater 6500k 16W (using 60 degrees lens instead of 180) set to around 50% on refugium for Macro Algae (Baffles/Compartment 5) on 100%, was getting quite warm/hot. got it from amazon australia. free express shipping for prime members. $49.99 they also have the marine version with adjustable 4 light channels for $62.99 https://amzn.to/2SSsbEN Random macro shots other note Turned off the AIO Reactor (3rd Feb 2019) Nitrates (salifert) and Phosphate (Hanna Checker) was all 0 and corals were losing colors . and started to dose Potassium Nitrate KNO3 (1ppm) , corals are starting to look better after just a few days! Current Picture Front 13 Feb 2019 Current Picture Top 13 Feb 2019
  6. Mon 21 Jan, 2019 9:27 pm just an update, dead/removed Lawnmower Blenny jumped out sometime in 2018 Zombie Snail (Nassarius sp.) (can't see any jan 2019) glass/ghost shrimps [slender shrimp?](can't see any jan 2019) Long Tentacle Plate Coral (Heliofungia Actiniformis)(dead, not sure start of 2018?) Birds nest coral-Red stem with green growth tips (Seriatopora hystrix)(dead, not sure start of 2018?) Jabao SW-4 Wave Maker [24V 10W 4000L/H] (on random mode)(stop using around end Jan 2019, flow was very little, and was starting to stop/stuck) added/replaced Jabao OW-10 Wave Maker [24V 10W 4000L/H] (on random mode)(end Jan 2019) 1 X Maxima/Crocea Clam ? (21/01/2019) 2 X Bubble tip anemone (03/11/2017) Hammer head , reverse stem "NT"purple (03/11/2017) Current Picture Front 21 Jan 2019
  7. Mon 08 May, 2017 10:54 pm Hi sparker, thanks. 🙂 ---------------------- so went to "coral and fish barn" on Sat 6th May, "just to have a look" . and my wife saw some zoanthid that she liked.... now we have zoanthid in the tank..... not sure what's the name of those.... anyone know, let me know. and also got 5 X glass/ghost shrimps [slender shrimp?] if anyone know the scientific name of those shrimps are please let me know. can't find any info on those. still trying to figure out where to put thos zoa, don't want them to spread and overrun the tank. or is that even a concern ? maybe move all of them on a seperate rock island on the bottom? if i put them at the back, i think that there is not enough light there, and they are not opening up. move them to the top, and they open straight away. back one not opening top also came with unwanted glass aiptasia on top right, and green majano anemone ?? on the left? nuked both of them using RedSea Aiptasia-X the shrimps, (just took a screen shot off my phone... lol) p.s all the zoa was from one rock... they rock was just broken, and was holding together by only the zoa skin, decided to seperate them. oh, added the stock light at the back (only turning on blue channel), to get some blue light on the zoa.... they glow under blue light. Current Picture Front 8 May 2017
  8. Thu 04 May, 2017 3:33 pm my order of corals from Oceanarium arrived yesterday. from left to right Torch coral-Flouro green yellow tipped (Planula settlement) (Euphyllia glabrescens) http://www.oceanarium.com.au/item.toy?iid=930030 Branching hammer coral-Fluorescent green (small) (Euphyllia Parra-ancora) http://www.oceanarium.com.au/item.toy?iid=653819 Birds nest coral-Red stem with green growth tips (Seriatopora hystrix) http://www.oceanarium.com.au/item.toy?iid=681790 Chalice coral-Bubblegum (Echinophyllia sp) http://www.oceanarium.com.au/item.toy?iid=528226 looking all sad, just out of the shipping foam dark gloomy box. The Next Day Torch coral-Flouro green yellow tipped (Planula settlement) (Euphyllia glabrescens) Branching hammer coral-Fluorescent green (small) (Euphyllia Parra-ancora) Birds nest coral-Red stem with green growth tips (Seriatopora hystrix) Chalice coral-Bubblegum (Echinophyllia sp) also got 5 X Turbo snails http://www.oceanarium.com.au/item.toy?iid=653111 Bristleworms http://www.oceanarium.com.au/item.toy?iid=650075 Mysid shrimps http://www.oceanarium.com.au/item.toy?iid=653555 Current Picture Front 3 May 2017 Current Water Chemistry: 1 May 2017 ASW: Blue Treasure SPS Sea salt Ammonia NH3: 0 Nitrite NO2: 0 Nitrates NO3: 5 Salifert, 0 API Phosphates PO4: 0.00 Hanna Calcium Ca: 430 Salifert Alkalinity KH: 7.7 Salifert Magnesuim MG: 1350 Salifert Salinity / Specific Gravity: / 1.025 PH: 8.0 Salifert , API 8.3 Temp: 26.0 Fed a mixture of Reef-Roids and Ocean NutritionCyclops Reef-Roids instructions says 1 teaspoon, per 100Gal (378.54L) 1 teaspoon of Reef-Roids = ~2.14g for 70L, 0.39g of reef-roids
  9. Sat 29 Apr, 2017 10:44 am added a Lawnmower Blenny (Salarias fasciatus) also notice lots of white spot growing on the glass. there are quite hard to scrape off. looking into it further , it looks like they are "Spirorbid Worms" http://www.melevsreef.com/node/360 apparently they are detrimental to the tank.
  10. Tue 25 Apr, 2017 6:51 pm Forgot to mention, ended up using a Raspberry Pi to monitor the Temperature of the aquarium. using ds18b20 temperature sensors.(plastic cap version, so that it does not rust ) https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11050 based on HydroPi that i modified a bit to make it do what i want. https://myhydropi.com/raspberry-pi-pool-monitor-python-code https://myhydropi.com/raspberry-pi-pool-monitor-website there is also the ability to add PH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity etc using Atlas Scientific sensors later on. https://www.atlas-scientific.com/kits.html Integrated my Solar inverter's info into the status page. using the Fronius Primo API. all logged every minute, and stored into MySql database. data can then be graphed. data also made available via SNMP, so i am also using my PRTG server to log and graph the data. no relay connected. have not played with the alerts yet. (i can either do it straight from the pi or via PRTG) pi with all the temp sensors connected main status page ( the State will change to RED if it is too high, or BLUE if it is too low) [no https configured yet] graph for last 24 hours graph for last 7 days pretty cool that you can actually see when the heater turn on, what temp they turn on, what temp they turn off. p.s sump is for my fresh water aquarium..... not for the marine aquarium, hence why the temperature are different. Still a work in progress.......
  11. Thu 20 Apr, 2017 8:47 am Hi, which part? the return pump? yep,.... this is in the top description.... "Stock Aqua Zonic Evo 1300l/h 25W (Very noisy when flow restricted [duck outflow]) (stop using on 21 Dec 2016)" remove the duck outflow attachment, and it was good after that. Mon 24 Apr, 2017 11:25 pm My First Coral: Long Tentacle Plate Coral (Heliofungia Actiniformis) Bought 23/04/2017 (Sunday) did a 1.5 hours drip acclimatisation in the bag, looks sad 10-15 min after placing the coral in, middle tentacle are already starting to extend (6:19pm) 40 min after coral in. (6:51pm) 1H30min after coral in (7:39pm) 4H after coral in (10:22pm) 24H after coral in (5:13pm next day 24th) Target Feeding Mysis Shrimp Current Picture Front 24 Apr 2017 AI Prime HD light change light to 50% 14K 12:00pm to 9pm. 2 hour ramp. RB1% from 11pm to 1am, with lunar option acclimation set to 50% starting reduction. so 25% 14K. Starting 23 Apr to 30th Apr.
  12. Sat 14 Jan, 2017 5:33 pm Hi Corey123, i could cannot see your tank journal .... maybe create one and post some pictures. for mine, what i did was to turn on the pump, and will it until a level i was satisfied with. i wanted to have a gentle waterfall to the last baffle. meaning that the level of last baffle would be slightly lower that the one before it. this way, any evaporation will cause a bigger change of water level in the last baffle, where i have my ATO sensor. thereby making the water level change more sensitive for the ATO sensor, thereby giving me more stable water parameters. this also maximise the amount of water in the system. this is a picture of the few last baffles. if you look at the back of glass, notice the change of tone of the black, the top of the lighter black is where the water sits when the return pump is off. on another note..... had a power outage today with an ETA for restoration of UNKNOWN on western power's website..... got to fireup the generator! would have been a much more stressful time if i did not have a generator handy. power was out from 12:30 to 3:30ish.... was on generator power from 1:00 to 3:30ish... so ran the generator for around 2h30min. test auto generated animation by Google Photos
  13. Fri 13 Jan, 2017 3:22 pm Clean Up Crew (CUC) and Fish in Yesterday afternoon. Day 30 12/01/2017 2 X Ocellaris Clownfish :clownfish: 4 X Trochus snail drip acclimation 20 min floating, 20 min drip Current Picture Top 12 Jan 2017 the clownfish :clownfish: when into hiding under the rock for like 5 min, then came out and looks lite started to eat the copepods/amphipods from the water column. so hard to take picture of those guys, they are in constant motion. decrease the flow of the wave maker for now.
  14. Wed 11 Jan, 2017 11:14 pm Tank Finish cycling Today Day 29!!! Yay... time to add living things.... Cycle was done with dry rock (dead) Real Reef Rock, dry sand , with dr tim's ammonium chloride bottle. here is the marine cycling graph of the Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate. Test done using API test kit for those parameters. p.s Salifert kit says Nitrate Finish at 5 (instead of 0 for API), but at the start, when Nitrate started to register Day 16/29th Dec, SAL kit was reporting 25!!!, so i did not use it. and no, it was not 2.5 . all the small peak of ammonia in the graph was when i was adding 1/2 or 1/4 dosage of ammonium chloride. Suspect the Nitrate decreasing is because of the All-In-One Biopellets in the reactor 1 drop per Gal to reach 2 ppm Ammonia suppose to be 96L = 25.36Gal Dec 13 10:48pm Day 01 Added 25 Drops Ammonium Chloride Dec 21 09:13am Day 07 Added 10 Drops Ammonium Chloride Dec 23 10:49pm Day 09 Added 10 Drops Ammonium Chloride Dec 30 11:51am Day 17 Added 10 Drops Ammonium Chloride Jan 05 02:00am Day 23 Added 5-6 Drops Ammonium Chloride Jan 09 05:25pm Day 27 Added 10 Drops Ammonium Chloride Jan 11 06:16pm Day 29 0 Ammonia, and 0 Nitrite could probably have added fish/cuc at Dec 27 Day 14 since nitrite is not that toxic in saltwater. but i decided to wait for the full cycle to finish http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2005-06/rhf/index.php plenty of small white things on the glass i think those are marine copepods/amphipods ??? they walk and swim around Reshuffle the rock to get more real estate for the corals Current Picture Front 11 Jan 2017 Current Picture Top 11 Jan 2017 side shot with Lid
  15. Fri 23 Dec, 2016 12:25 am Remove the Duck Outflow attachment Baffles are now behaving like it should, i don't think there is a need to block those holes in the baffles anymore. Moral of the story. do NOT use the Duck Outflow attachment!!!! Mesh Cover decided to build a cover using flyscreen frame and BirdNetting 56.0cm X 28.9cm (56 because i have the fan mounted on the left, if there were no fan, it's meant to be bigger) (28.9 because the reactor is sticking out a bit, else could go to 29.5cm so that the frame sits on the baffles, but the problem with this is that the frame can slide back as there will nothing preventing it so slide) initially thought of using those clear mesh netting, but had to order from the states... https://aquariumoverload.com/collections/dry-goods why did i not use the included glass cover? well, i have a cooling fan which will not work with the glass cover, and that also means one more thing to clean, condensation to block light etc.... Pheww..... it fits!!! 🙂 👏 Bird Netting in, trimming excess Done Cover with net on! Current Picture Front 23 Dec 2016 Current Picture Top 23 Dec 2016 just need to monitor the temperature now , to see if the fan will still do a good job (not expecting issues though) Getting pretty good light penetration with the bird netting. so quite happy with it.
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