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  1. Maybe in May for my birthday. Gotta work a few more shifts before he will feel a little more comfortable shelling out the moolah for the tank/stand, heater, back up battery/surge protector, rock, sand, fish, and a couple of filter media I won't have enough of. Bill was gonna run me a fair chunk so will need to actually work a couple of full pay periods to facilitate it (I'm not actually full time anymore so I don't usually pull full time hours). At any rate, I'm REALLY excited about the prospects of adding to my addiction!!
  2. Thank you! I'm trying for more colors, which is why I added the sun coral and that gorg. I hope the little zoas do as well as the first one introduced when I started the tank. The lens I have on my phone doesn't actually do justice to the red of the favia, the gorg or the lobo, but hopefully I'll be able to get around that after my gel lens comes in. I haven't completely figured out tank photography yet. Over all, just going for a bright eye catching little tank so I have something to stare at instead of my text books! Thanks for the compliment!!
  3. Tanks two month birthday/anniversary today!!! Today was a tank therapy day, watching my tank, reading a horrible textbook, watching my tank... I did take a break to add two new zoas, a gorg, and a baby sun coral. The zoas and gorg are all already opening and seem to be acclimating happily. The sun coral doesnt look overly UNhappy, just not open and extended yet. Changed out the carbon bags today to get them on an even schedule and because my nitrates have been reading a bit higher for some reason the last two times I’ve tested. I’m not sure I trust the results because all the corals are open and happy and beautiful in the day and the monti especially is starting to extend polyps like it’s super happy. The acro? Well it’s still moody and impossible to please, but not dead, so I’m still working on it. I added the TINIEST amount of kalk to my ATO water to help get the pH up, which was sliding a bit. I think I put in 1/16th of a tsp in 2.5 gallons, and have since diluted it a bit more since the level in the tank dropped. But the pH came up nicely back to 8 so I was happy. Will now have to watch it very carefully! Overall I've reached a pretty happy stasis point on the tank where I’m doing once a week water changes. I would like to push those out but I doubt that will happen, especially with the addition of the NPSs to the tank. The fish, coral and crabs all seem happy and everyone has stopped bickering and fin picking at the moment. My husband has even decided he likes the tank enough to consider allowing me to feed my addiction further with a second tank soon! So, more to come with that in the future. New sun coral New zoa- candy apple I believe New zoa- fire an ice (of course! GOT is coming back!!) Fire and Ice zoa without yellow filter New gorgonian New gorgonian FTS- tank two month birthday today!!! Candy apple zoa
  4. It's not "molesting" if they enjoy it and are willing.... but I'm not sure about that whole "molestering" deal. 😉
  5. How does one “molester” something? 🤔🤔
  6. WOOOOOOOWWWW. Phallic corals. That’s new!! 😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Today was water change day! I was hoping to push them out past once a week, but that was not to be. Parameters show that yes, I feed my tank too much because I can't help myself. However, I'm determined that the electric blue and Halloween hermits are going to make it that I introduced the other day, so if that means I have to put seaweed in there and have a bit more of a nitrate load, then I'll change the water. I was able to make the Smart ATO work, even without the all important siphon break valve. I will inspect this holy grail of a part when it arrives later this week and see whether it's worth cutting into the hose over. I'll admit it--I suck at gluing and epoxying stuff while it's in the water. Super suck. Next time, when I get a big girl fish tank, I'll plan out my aquascape better before putting it in there. Guess that will mean getting dry rock rather than live, cultured rock, but it will look awesome like other scapes I've seen without having to glue and change stuff when it's already in the water. I did move my Acropora to a lower spot in the tank with slightly less current. It seems to be a bit happier with some color returning. Hopefully it will start to really show polyp extension and more color soon. I also had to move a small GSP out from under the new arch and I stuck it in a hole on the outside of the arch where it will get light and flow. I think once it's over being royally hacked off at me it will start to open back up like it had been doing previously. The fish all got along today, rather than trying to annoy and fin pick each other. On the advice of WV Reefer, I put a mirror up next to the tank trying to distract the pseudochromis, but instead it drove Erasmus the wrasse nuts all afternoon. He was determined he was going to get that fish he kept seeing, SOMEHOW. It was entertaining to watch, even for Jolly and Chromis. They watched Erasmus fight his reflection from a distance but left him alone. Now he seems a lot more relaxed and confident, at least around Chromis, who was being such a jerk to him just yesterday. J Edgar is still hiding behind what algae is left-evidently I'm terrible at cultivating algae as well. Hopefully they will leave him alone with some more mirror therapy. They have also been super entertained by the wifi camera I stuck right next to the tank so I could literally see into it while I'm away, and watch my tank. Sometimes, we all need some fish therapy when life gets stressful.... Now I can get it remotely 😆 So, the tank is still running well, and is three days shy of being two months old to the day. Seems a little more like a year this week for some reason, even though everything has gone ridiculously well for me and my tank, and I've taken it straight up the side of Mt Everest in terms of starting a reef tank. Most people haven't even finished cycling at this point and I've got a full tank! But, most of the other tanks I've seen also have started with really cool dry rock and been able to custom scape their tanks and glue stuff together, whereas I didn't get to since I started with a tank to tank rock and sand transfer and used the same water it all came from. I'm sure it will be a completely different adventure when I get a new, bigger tank eventually. Anyway, today was a good day for my little infant tank. I'm also going to change the name of the tank and this thread- Nursecop's Brute Squad 13.5g.
  8. I thought that when I saw it too- I was forced to read “I Heard the Owl Call My Name” in junior high and never forgot it. Not creepy but for some reason that native belief stuck with me.
  9. I’m so sorry for your clownfish and for you! What a hard week! Hang in there and don’t give up!
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