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  1. Yesterday, we set up my new SCA 50g tank with sump. It was a rather harrowing task because my assistant doesn’t like honey-do projects nor putting stuff together, and he had to suffer through both. At the end of it all we got it together and fixed all the leaks, and let it run. Today I moved the Evo inhabitants over, and their water, and watched as a disaster slowly took place right before my eyes, that I couldn’t fix. Granted, I have to witness this frequently for a living, but as if been doing so well with my little tank, I didn’t expect such horror to occur. I lost all three remaining fish, over the course of about three hours. The Red Baron. Dangly Bells. My corals have been fine the whole time, and it seems the crabs and Snappy at this time will pull thru, as well as all the bumble bee snails and possibly a couple trochus. My son mourned like he’d lost one of our dogs. Truth be told, I was as upset as he, and powerless to fix it. Every parameter checked out okay but pH, which I’ve tried fixing all day. I’m not sure if it’s the new liverock that caused this, or just what exactly. I’m at a loss, with no obvious answers in the water test. Today is definitely a failure for the books. 😢
  2. Ammonia- 4 Nitrites- 5 Nitrates- 20 Getting there slowly.
  3. You know how it is, orienting new nurses that are fresh? I can do it better, faster and it makes my soul bleed to find the patience to watch him hesitate and possibly mess up. Plus the other factor is little brother who can’t ever be left out of anything— next thing I’ll know they’ll be trying to stab each other with a broken test tube! There’s quite a few semi- Lord of the Flies days with my two.
  4. Got home and tested my tank and jar, and saw the same bump in ammonia in the Evo again!! Then I realized--I'm so stupid! I wasn't cleaning the syringe in between tests and tanks, so the jar was contaminating the Evo results. So, quite possible the Evo is now a bit too clean since I've been chasing a ghost. I fed it mysis and some pellets tonight, and Dangly Bells was given a piece of chocolate star this morning. Evidently she was found trying to climb in the breeder box with the star and scared her poor 9 year old owner to death. He's been through a lot this week losing two fish back to back, and he cares deeply about his fish tank, even if he's a bit young to do all the maintenance (he has asked but I'm not ready to teach him how to be a chemist in my kitchen). Otherwise everybody looks good, and I'll go back to not testing the ammonia and nitrates every day. *WHEW* Still working out the logistics of moving them to a new tank in the next however long, but super excited about it!
  5. Ammonia- 4 Nitrites- 5 Nitrates- 15 Out of curiosity should I put more fish food in there and ghost feed again? The bacteria haven't been given any outside fuel in about 7 days I think.
  6. I got what I figured was a pretty good deal on Amazon. It comes with the sump and plumbing, an SCA skimmer, the return pump. Some filter/bio media. I plan to move over the equipment from the Evo though, since that was mostly upgraded. Will need a bigger heater, I was told, but otherwise I should have everything save a few more pounds of rock to start it up. I'm pretty excited about it!! More room and flexibility to do stuff. SCA 50 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquariums Complete Package 24x24x20" 10mm
  7. Okay that makes sense, and that's what I guessed. Tells you the bacteria really are doing their job. Thanks!
  8. Parameters today Ammonia- 3 Nitrites- 4 Nitrates- 30 Seems to be rocking along!!
  9. So today hasn't been as horrible as I thought it would be, and the tank parameters were actually fine. I think my extra filtration kicked in and helped out with the death this morning. There was no need to do a water change, and I figure all the CUC will take care of debris. I haven't decided what to do with the purple pseudochromis, since I was able to snatch him out of the tank last night last minute and put him in QT. I was going to stick him in the jar when it finished, because he's such a jerk, and no one likes him - not the clown, and DEFINITELY not the goby. So, still divided on what to do with that particular problem child. Great news for my day- my birthday/Mother's Day present was ordered!! Gonna upgrade the tank to a 50g with a regular sump system. So much more room and options to work with. I plan to take this Evo down and make it the QT tank, and move all the contents/inhabitants to the new tank when it's ready. Will save me quite a buck and make the inhabitants much happier, to have more room. I'm so excited about it! Of course, I will have to figure out what filtration to use on a classic sump now, since I'm completely unfamiliar with how to set it up. Suggestions appreciated!!
  10. I get the distinct impression you don’t like the advice you’re getting right now because it doesn’t fit your agenda 🤔
  11. That’s what everybody here said, backed up by the internet. But according this witch Fish Store Lady, hobbyists know nothing at all and I shouldn’t trust you, and anybody can post anything on the internet. And her book said no they aren’t they eat dead debris and scavenge only. She’s not worth arguing with- she won’t even make eye contact when you question her gospel. If it’s not her way it’s the wrong way and you’re stupid. I can’t stand her.
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