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  1. LOL. I wish I’d never started with those dang damsels!! So mean, but they have seemed to chill out on the tang recently....with the help of the ocellaris that protect and fight off the damsels. I know I’ll have to re-home the tang eventually, but he cleaned up every bit of hair algea!
  2. Thank you! Installed new Steve’s led upgrade yesterday. $$$ 🙄
  3. Hi! Thanks! Installed Steve’s LED upgrade yesterday. 🤣
  4. Hi! New to this forum, and new to BioCube 32. We started the tank November 2018. I wanted to ask about power heads and placement. My favorite animal in the tank is this huge common RFA. He seems to hate flow, and always looks most comfortable at night with just the blue lights. Anyone have any suggestions on my MP10 placement? Should I go ahead upgrade to Steves LED? Thanks!