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  1. And the new one has arrived! Another soon to be reefer!
  2. My question is : would one luxeon 3up be adequate for a reef jar with only softies ? using the traditional 2g jar?
  3. Hello all, Scott here! Was on the site way back in 2009 I had my last reef tank, was part of a local club and things went sour and I decided to get out of reefing. Now I have a 10yo son who got ahold of some old pics and is now interested in reefing! We have limited space and funds like most families and have a new one on the way. So I've decided on a reefjar! Currently have an air pump, the jar asta20 on its way. I will update this thread as I proceed. My issue is finding live rock, all of our locals have closed down ... So currently this is my search. Looking for fully cured Coraline covered live rock who do you all recommend to purchase online from? I mean I'm only looking for a few lbs