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  1. Main reason I’ll get an MP10 starting out.
  2. Well I appreciate the replies. I don’t want to completely break the budget here but what should I be looking for in the build as when I did my last one, things were a bit different. I will probably go with an IM 20, 25 lagoon, 20 peninsula, or the 30l. I assume the back return pump should be upgraded as well as adding those rotating novel heads. Lighting seems like a pair of Hipargero might work well and not be budget breaking or getting the AI Prime HD (but would one of those be better than two of the Hipargero’s?). I never had an ATO before and was mainly looking at the Autoaqua ATO/AWC combo but is there something better there? I know I just want to go optical light sensor versus float. I used to have some Koralia’s for my old tank. The MP10 is pretty expensive but having at least one in the tank seems smart given that the backup battery is rated for a couple days versus not really sure what a normal UPS would give you on a single Koralia. Any heater and skimmer preferences for this tank? Ultimately I just want to do this tank right and be able to reuse a lot of the build down the road if I ever break it down after a couple years. I also just plan on getting purely tank raised corals and fish for the tank.
  3. Thanks for the insight. I would plan on having good flow in the tank. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not trying to never do any of these maintenance items. Rather, I know that there will be times that I won’t be able to pay as much attention to it as I’d like. How much better off would I be with an AWC versus just the ATO? I really only plan on having a pair of clowns (might try Picasso’s this time around), a cleaner shrimp, and some corals (torch, zoas, green star polyp, and maybe a blue candy cane). I’ve had these all before in my last tank and was doing pretty well with them before being hit with a red planaria outbreak. I was able to get everything out fine but ultimately ended up moving once I had everything QT’d and broke down and sold the tank. My plan is to invest in quality automation and then buy some corals when the timing is right.
  4. I’m saying 3 weeks as a worst case scenario but will likely get a sitter. My other main issue is that I am quite busy during January - March. I’ll be able to check on it daily, etc but it would be ideal to keep things automated as much as possible. I’m only looking for LPS and softies and a pair of clowns. I know going bigger would be less maintenance but I think for our needs, one of the IM is the best bet. I like the MP10 so I can have that on a battery backup and I will also have a camera on it. What else are key things I can get to automate the setup?
  5. I’m looking to start up a tank again. I had one growing up and most recently had a BioCube 29 for about two years during college that I originally got off of Craigslist. I had my ups and downs with that tank and ultimately broke it down when I needed to move. It’s been 4 years and after several dive trips I want to start up something again for the office of the new house my wife and I are getting. What also help catch my eye was the Fluval Evo 13.5 and the price point it comes in at. It is a route I am considering knowing that I will replace most things in it over time. I am also considering an IM Fusion 20, Lagoon 25, or Peninsula 20. I’m really only looking to keep a pair of clowns, a shrimp, and some hardy corals (zoas, frogspawn, green star polyps, etc). Since I want to do this right this time, I’m trying to seek the collective guidance of the forum. This time around, I will most likely make my own water and buy a more compact RO/DI and use Instant Ocean as that seems to be able to be kept mixed for longer. My main concern is the trips that my wife and I take which can be 2-3 weeks long. With my old tank, I set up an auto feeder when out for a week and had a hood to help with the evaporation and never had an issue. However, I’ve never had a tank when I did these longer dive trips. The main way of tackling this is automation. This seems to have advanced some but not as much as I would expect. An ATO will be a must and am thinking of just getting the AutoAqua ATO/AWC. I’ve read a couple people do similar builds while lurking around but never saw more concrete info on this. Is it possible to fit two 5 gallon jugs and a third 2.5 or 5 gallon in a stand for one of those tanks? In general, how well does that AWC work? Is it to the point that even when I am around I can have it do 2% daily changes and just empty the waste, fill the new salt water, and top off the ATO tank? That would definitely be a winner doing that every two weeks in general. I’d probably also look at getting an MP10 at some point primarily for the battery backup available for that pump in case the power was ever to go out. Is there anything else that I am missing for an automated setup and something that I can set for a couple of weeks in a worst case scenario of not finding a tank sitter? I used timers on my last tank but I’m thinking of using one of these internet connected power strips this time around since I could program the lights, skimmer, etc. on the fly and make it easier to turn off the pumps for feeding time (Alexa, trigger feeding time anyone?). Ultimately, I’d just like to make a tank that my wife and I can enjoy while we can’t be diving and trying to spend more investment on automation to make a more ULM build. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Q
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