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  1. Moved some LR around, added some monti’s and a frogspawn
  2. Thanks!! The transfer pumps is for water changes. It’s battery-operated, quick, and portable. 10 bucks, use a super coupon lol!
  3. Chamber 1 (false floor removed) 100w glass heater Stock Biocube Protein Skimmer Chamber 2 PhosGuard Chemipure Elite Filter Floss Custom 3d Printed filter ABS Chamber 3 Cobalt MJ1200 (inline with chaeto reactor) Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Main tank Hydor Flo Nature’s Oceans #0 Live sand 20lbs Live rock 10lb 1 Astrea Snail 2 Blue Leg Hermits (small) 2 Turbo Snails 2 Torches Snails 4 Scarlet reef hermits 15 nassarius snails small Tigriopus & Tisbe Copepods (also in the chaeto reactor) 1 Clownfish Chaeto Reactor Amphipods Chaeto AquaTop Media Reactor Hood Gutted and replaced with 30w led lights I have a mixing station for weekly water changes. Tub 1 (mixing tub) RODI Water Heater Corner Filter IO Reef Crystals 96gph pump (mixing the salt around) 2 barb spigots Tub 2 (ummwhy version of live saltwater lol) 10lbs of live rock 5 pounds of live sand Mangrove seedling Free floating chaeto Copepods Powerhead with air bubbles 1 Red Leg Cortez Hermit 1 Gallon Changes Tub 1 —> Tub 2 —> Main Tank Things I've found to be helpful... Harbor Freight Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump $10 dollars Medical IV drip kits are cheap Future Projects Temp, ATO, and Lighting Automation (reefpi, z-wave, esp8266, etc) Digital readouts Temp, salinity, on a LCD display Hello everyone! So I got this biocube for Christmas, took a month to realize anything under 30 gallons is a masochist’s wet dream no pun intended lol. I’ve been taking pictures, and keeping notes of mods just in case someone would like to do the same. I did have some questions… Lighting cycle, Whats the optimal time window, and length under 450nm. Does lighting affect ph? if so whats the best time to do water test? I would like to get a green and purple frogspawn, can’t seem to get it local! I’m in central PA!. Hopefully I can get that clown to host it. Any coral recommendations for this size tank?
  4. Ummwhy


    The best description I can give right now is a circular clear sack with white dots inside. I just ordered a macro lens 🤷‍♂️
  5. I added about 15 small nassarius snails, 4 scarlets, and copepods... couple days later these things pop up.
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    Just a tub, live sand, mangrove seedling, pump, and heater. No live stock. Just ordered a cheap corner filter to go in there also
  7. Ummwhy


    Nope, is that something to try?
  8. Hello everyone! I started a quarantine tank, and I can’t figure out what this slimy stuff is? Just a tub, live sand, mangrove seedling, pump, and heater.
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