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  1. Thanks for the reply guys. Stopped using the buffer, completed a water change and the corals perked up!
  2. I have a reef tank that has been cycled and stocked but, as I am new to salt water, I have questions about some things I have noticed. My setup is as follows: -Fluval Evo 13.5, stock light, stock hood -Filtration has been upgraded to a in chamber basket with filter floss, carbon bag and media balls in the first chamber -Second chamber has heater and additional media balls -Stock return pump in third chamber -18 pounds of dry rock, 15 lbs of live sand -Hydor power head added for circulation -2 clowns added early February -Corals (added late February) neon green pipe organ, small GSP frag, ORA toadstool, Ricordia mushroom and a xenia that inst doing well -Two hermits Parameters are as follows: -Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate is 20 ppm -Temp is 76 with light off, 78 with light on -7 hour daily light on schedule -1.025 salinity -Using RO water -Weekly water changes, 2-4 gallons with salinity, PH and temp matching -Dose with a capful of microbacker 7 and biro spria at water changes Back story. Initially, I was trying to cycle with phantom feeding and Mictobacter 7. After a month of no cycle, I switched to Dr Tims ammonia drops and bio-spira. Tank cycled in a week and would completely cycle out 2PPM ammonia / nitrite in 24 hrs. Large water change completed after cycle and began stocking. The fish and coral seem happy except for the xenia (which did great for the first week) and I know xenia can be difficult for some. My questions: -I get an interesting light buildup of a stringy white substance on the glass, pump and rocks. Any ideas on that this could be? -My PH is right at 8. I am continually trying to raise it to 8.2-8.4 by adding Kents superbuffer DkH that I inherited from a friend. However, PH is not going up. I test 24 hrs later and still right around 8. I assume this bottle is greater than 5 years old. -Even with 20ppm nitrates, I don't see any algae (not that its a bad thing) but, I would think with that amount of nitrate present, algae would bloom. The rocks have been in the water since early January and they are still mostly white with some very minor brown spots. Thanks!
  3. Thank you for the help guys. I am going to order the bio-Spira and the ammonium chloride. I think I do a 50% water change too and see if I can kick start the cycle process.
  4. I am new to the salt water world but have been doing C02 injected planted freshwater tanks for the last few years with great results. After a bunch of research on nano setups, i picked up a 13.5 gal fluval nano reef setup with the intentions of having a nice simple reef tank with low maintenance corals, clean up crew and 1-2 fish. Its been 5 weeks since setup but it seems my cycle process is stalled or non existent. Since week 2, the tank has been at .5 PPM ammonia and nothing else has changed. I test every day with water top offs and nitrate/nitrate are constantly at zero. Each freshwater setup i have done was fully cycled in 3-4 weeks. My tank set up is as follows: -Fluval 13.5 evo, reef led light, intank media basket, filter floss, carbon bags and bio media -15 lbs of dry rock -15 lbs of live sand, 1.5-1.75 inch depth -1.025 salinity -RO/DI water used -78 degrees, light on for 3-4 hrs daily -daily phantom feeding for ammonia production -daily .5 - 1 full cap dosing with mircobacter7 (light off for 12+ hours after dosing) Here is my concern, i have been dosing the microbacter7 for 5 weeks. I recently realized that the instructions state to daily dose for the first 2 weeks then to back off to once cap per week. Could the overdosing of MB7 be causing the cycle process to stop? My understanding is that too much MB7 causes a lack of oxygen but, i cant seem to find any other side effects. Should i continue with the MB7? Thanks, Darren
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