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  1. It's a nasty hitchhiker you should get rid of it. I had one 3 years ago and it killed all of my food remainings. good luck
  2. Still thanks for the advice. 🙂
  3. Ok, thanks. I thought since the goby and pistol shrimp would almost be on the sanded all the time it wouldn't be a problem. I'll just get the pistol shrimp then
  4. I should have named this "beginners discussion" . 😂 Since you've been so helpful i am gonna ask you another thing that i noticed in my tank. Unfortunately It's mostly inside of the rock and what you see is covered in algae. Theres small white ball shaped squishy things (best description ever 😁) in my live rock. Can you help me identify this too plz
  5. Should i get rid of it, if yes how?
  6. Btw I know that this isn't relevant to the gobie topic,but i have noticed a strange anemone in one of my live rock's holes, its about half an inch long. Could you help identifying it? 😃 I know i have an algae problem, and i am working on it.
  7. Thanks for replying so early. What about if the blenny messes with the gobies? Did the blenny or the gobie ever get stressed because i am worried that it could jump out instead of fleeing to its favourite hole. Do you have a lid on your tank?
  8. I am sorry but being quite new to this hobby i can't help much 😕
  9. I have a 13 gallon nano reef. It's inhabitants are; a ocellaris clownfish pair a bicolour blenny and 2 snails. I'd want to get a pistol shrimp and goby pair but I have read that bicolour blenny' s sometimes fight similar looking fish and i unfortunately don't have a lid yet so at the moment I I need to make sure that the bicolour blenny does get stressed or he/she could jump out. Have you ever had a bicolour blenny fight a goby? And please, can you help me find a suitable gobies for a 13 gallon tank. Btw sorry if my english isn't very good i am italian