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  1. I am quite knew to the hobby but ill try to help, can you take a picture?
  2. yeah thanks, I checked today and it still hasn't moved its a deflated tentacle 🙂
  3. Thanks for the info but i checked and other than the fact that it looks like the tentacles its been staying still for the past 9 hours.
  4. Thanks a lot! you have been very helpful! 😀 I was worrying a lot, but you are right it probably is
  5. you may see a kind of hitchhiker of some sort in the left anemone ( he is the darker orange in the middle )
  6. Now for some reason it's closing up i fear that it might be the hitchhiker i just spotted!
  7. Unfortunately I just spotted a kind of centimetre long half orange half black/purple/blue kind of worm or somethings, is it a parasite, the anemones are still small and they retract if i ouch them, so i couldn't take that animal out. i am going to try to take a picture but probably you won't be able to recognise it since my phone's camera sucks! - thanks for the comments and sorry that i didn't check earlier.
  8. At the time that i took the photo i was acclimating the anemones *sorry if my english is bad i live in Italy
  9. I just got a small pair of bubble tip anemones and I put em in my tank 3-4 days ago. They won't eat, is it because they need to settle before and feel comfortable or is it because they are babies (3 cm)? I'd be very happy if you gave me some information on keeping them, thanks!
  10. It's a nasty hitchhiker you should get rid of it. I had one 3 years ago and it killed all of my food remainings. good luck
  11. Still thanks for the advice. 🙂
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