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  1. I’m pretty sure this is a condy but can someone please let me know for sure? when I shut the lights at night sometimes it closes up a little and when it does it’s dark purple. Thank you
  2. bayshore aquarium is who makes them, well at least in the size I have. I think everyone else gets the tanks from them. amazon included
  3. awesome!!!!! GOOD LUCK!! 🤞🙌
  4. that’s awesome! they’re soooo relaxing. I now lay on the short end of my couch and watch my fish tank instead of the long end to watch tv 😂
  5. how many tanks do you have? lol this tank is definitely a conversation piece, maybe because it’s unique. but I guess all tanks are a conversation piece 😂
  6. ha ha ha GOOD LUCK! and if u order one tell Cathy that Cathy from Oldsmar Fl says hi 👋
  7. ok thank you ☺️ I will check about those little bags in the filters. I’ll let you all know what it is. maybe i’ll bring it to my lfs and ask. OR maybe Ill post a pic of it this weekend and you all can tell me 😩🙏
  8. oh wow ok so I need filter floss. should I throw them out weekly? and should I do both at once or alternate? soooo much better than to have to clean. the carbon bags. ha ha didn’t know. thank you. how long do u think they last? I’d like to buy all this saturday, do I go to lfs or buy online? do they come in sizes? thank you so so much. editing my post..... ok ill try and do that tonight. I had no idea anyone was going to ask me anything. I thought I’d get boo’d off for not setting my tank up responsibly. so glad I found this site. oh and how long before I have to rehome the anemone and yellow wrasse. sure will miss them. but can probably just get them again only smaller
  9. ok thanks!! I knew the feather duster, didn’t know the orange one. I just remember him saying it can never ever hit the air. when those little crabs go in the feather duster he closed up. sometimes it’ll even tip over and I have to knock them off and stand the duster back up.
  10. These little guys are always on the rocks chomping away. maybe that helps. I took pics of them. you have to look closely. one of the rocks has 3 on it. I think I have 6 in my tank. would you know what kind of coral I have?
  11. I don’t even know what filter media is. it has a black sponge and then something like a bag stuck inside. I clean the sponge in water that I buy from lfs for top off, which i’ve never had evaporatio, so i swish the sponge in that. i have no idea how to clean that bag thing so i just swish the whole filter bottom with the bag inside in the clean water. i need to research here what those bags are for. i know, i have no clue about any of this 🙄. water changes simple. i use the siphon and fill up a 1 gallon container with the tank water. dump it then refill with water i buy from lfs. I explained in another reply when i try to clean the sand what i use and there’s a pic. I bought a rock that I had to hammer the hell out of 😩 it was one 9 lb rock and now it’s 9 lbs of rock pieces. lol it comes with one of those magnet cleaners but i just move the rocks to one side and clean the glass, then move it to the other side and clean the glass. I do that when I clean the sand, not that often unless i see a little spot here or there of algae.
  12. I took two pics of each side of the tank with a filter stuck to the side. I also took a view from the front so you can see they aren’t really all that noticeable. The picture of the plugs is when the bottom of the tank is dropped open. it’s like a shelf that has a tab on each side so u can drop it down to reach the outlets, then push it up and click it in place so it doesn’t hang down. i then took pic with it closed. the four red lights on bottom of tank are the switches. 1 for each filter, 1 for heater and 1 for lights the heater seems a little long for the tank it won’t stand completely vertical so you have to slant it.
  13. it has 2 filters that stick on the each side of the tank. they have power heads on them. if u look at the website it should tell u the filter. i have no clue. when i do a water change, i take the siphon it comes with and have a gallon container under it. i fill it up and dump it. then i take the water i buy from the lfs (I buy 2 10 gallon buckets) and i siphon 1 gallon of water out of it into the empty gallon container and pour it into the tank. every several months i move the rocks to one side and clean the sand then same for other side. for that, i have a big empty planter on a stand and i use that because it ends up sucking out more than 1 gallon. that’s a pic of the planter I use. it’s just super convenient. when i’m done i do the water outside & wash it out with soapy water (container lifts out of stand) and use it for my throw blankets lol when I had this set up in my old house as fresh water, I had one of those python hoses. It attached to my Spicket right out my back door and I just sucked the water out, and then turn the lever on the python and filled the tank back up but had to add the water conditioner stuff cuz it was tap water.
  14. when my original one broke i tried to buy another right away. my original was fresh water btw. anyway.. they were out of stock for months and months and i had to wait till end of year. so i bought it the november before this last one so I’d have it for my townhome. (sold my home, downsized). i’m wondering if she’s doing the same thing this year. she’s not a big company so i think they only make so many then done till holidays. i could be wrong though. also the reason they are discounted is because she said there are cracks in some of the seams in the wood frame at the corners. i put wood glue on mine just in case it cracked but mine didn’t really have any. figured i’d put it on to reinforce.
  15. freight was $85.00. wasn’t happy about that. can’t imagine how much to canada 😞
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