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  1. Thanks both of you, it means a lot. it seems to have died down again so it may be the way it was sitting or it’s just taking bigger steps to breaking in now. I will clean it again prior to adding live stock and if there are microbubbles after that I will just let it stay a little bit grimey in the future. Cheers!
  2. I got black sand as I thought it would look good in my 90L Nano (big mistake) and want to know that would it be better to change the sand sooner rather than later or vice versa. Would it undergo another cycle after completion? Or should I wait until I get some livestock in there? If there are any other tips that may help they’d be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  3. The bubbles do go away within two minutes of turning off the skimmer. I got home today from work and the bubbles were gone, I then cleaned part of the skimmate and they’ve started again... it could be the way that the skimmer is sitting? I have no idea why it’s happening. There are definitely less in the display than there was when I made this post. thanks for your help!
  4. Have been reading everywhere and can’t seem to have found a solution so I have joined the nano reef community. first of all thank you for all the answers to questions that have been relevant to me in my first reef tank, this website has helped me a lot already. I am currently running a 90L nano reef tank that was an all-in-one-by aqua one. I am approximately 4 weeks into my fishless cycle with nitrites + nitrates still fairly high but what can you do. Regardless, I have the aquaone g226.. (I think) protein skimmer running in my sump, it has already collected skimmate - however there are millions upon millions of microbubbles in my tank. It seems too far along to have not broken in so I was wondering if anyone has had a problem with the same skimmer, and if there are any possible solutions? i believe the bubbles or coming from the output or the skimmer pump however I can’t narrow it down as the sump is too small to get my head in there Lol I don’t like the idea of just turning the skimmer off at night but it looks like it will have to come to that, I have also heard that a filter sock is a possible option too. I have tried to block the microbubbles as seen below thanks in advance !