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  1. I have 2 sps in my tank this is why I use it so high, my acclimation was 50-60% for ten days, of your only have Softies you can run the prime lower, I have altered mine a touch wins that pic just to have a little bit more of a technical settlting but it’s the Same kind of power
  2. My hd prime is 8” above the fluval 13.5, everything is fine in my tank, 2 sps and many many zoas
  3. Can you post to uk and will the items survive
  4. I use these settings to get the par up, as I have sps, people are always saying about corals don’t like the white, My corals don’t mind it, lots of zoas and couple of sps,
  5. These are my current settings
  6. That’s very lucky, and cool,
  7. That’s pretty good idea, I have had them in the before it seem to move every 6 months or so, I don’t think staying in one place is a sure thing, but some people have said they have had one that haven’t moved in 2 years but it’s very rare for this to happen I think
  8. The peak with the whites is a half hour long, and the red and green are now up to 20% at peak just to get the par up a little bit as sps like a lot of par witch am sure you know already
  9. I have the prime hd over the fluval 13.5, 2 peace’s of sps, only been under for 3 days, time will tell, polyp extension first day, I will comment in couple weeks tell you how there doing
  10. Ps2 from fluval 14 month on no problem, I have it running really dry empty the cup anywhere between 4-7 days, fluval 13.5
  11. I have a pair, my sand is only 1 and a half inches at the deepest spots, 80% of my tank probably only has 1/2 inch, had them over a year now no problems,as long as they have a rock to get unepder the shrimp will build up around the rock put lots of little stones and broken corals next to it home and watch it do some bricklaying, very cool to watch mine has basically built a house around it’s rock