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  1. The dimensions for the pump chamber is 4.5 x 2.8 1/8 I just saw an Eheim CompactON 600 will it be enough ? I have a 25W heater but i think i will need a 50W but not sure. For the nozzle, the fluval one you need to screw it into the return pipe... For the DIY media basket, i will use some egg crate but stick them together can i use like a marine sealant ? Here a photo of the chambers. I know, i won't use a sponge. What you guys suggest from right to left ? 1st: Floss, Chemi-pure blue 2nd: Chaeto or bio balls
  2. I just bought that AC50 damn lol. Which pump are you suggesting me that will fit in there ? I guest in the left container i could put like floss and second one a chemi-pure blue and... floss again or some chaeto ? The third one will be the heater and the pump. I will need a nozzle with a pipe tubing.
  3. I already saw a saltwater tank with a Fluval flex but you need to change the light. But mine didn't have anything, only the tank but i already have the light. My AC50 won't fit because of the black panel so i will have the cut the sealant and take it out.
  4. Well, plans have changed ! So instead of a 5 gallon tank, I got a Fluval Flex 9 gallon for free, it doesn't have the top, light, pump or any media, tank only. I think I'm gonna cut the back plastic panel sealant so i can fit my AC50. Plus i found a nice LED light which is a Pixie 30. It's a full spectrum, comes with a remote and i have seen some good review about it. Coral seems to like it pretty much so ill give it a try. http://www.luminiaqua-usa.com/shop/pixie30-coral-reef-aquarium-light/
  5. I just found this light under 100$ and it seems pretty good and it have Bluetooth control. http://www.fluvalaquatics.com/us/product/14541-fluval-sea-marine-nano-led/#.XF45mlxKhaQ
  6. Well, I'm about to buy a AC50 now so with that I can do a refugium. It will fit on the side of the tank because the AC70 is too large and cost more. Do I still need a powerhead and leave the flow at Max on the filter ? Now for the lights I was thinking about the Hipargero or the Abi par38 bulbs but I will need a clamp.
  7. So, which powerhead should i use with the AC20 ? For the sand bed i was thinking about 1 inch.
  8. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, it's a standard 5g. I read that many people were using a AC70. I was thinking about floss and a chemi-pure blue or elite for the carbon. The Fluval CP1 is a 265gph and the jbj 12g pump is a 400L/PH so it's like 106gph but seems more powerfull . The Hipargero i saw some good review about it but i will need to put the filter on the side or need a customer holder for the light behind the tank.
  9. Hi, I'm pretty new to nano reef tank and I have a 5 gallon tank, Aquaclear 20, fluval CP1 powerhead an old JbJ 12 reef pump and a 25 Watt heater lying in the basement and wanted to start a nano reef tank with that. The other thing i will need is a LED light cause I only light for freshwater tanks and I want to grow some soft corals later and add some live rocks. I have a bag of Fiji pink sand too. Do you guys think I have everything to start a nano reef tank ? Thank you.