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    It looks great, what is it
  2. I have been tweaking the direction of the flow, he’s out of the flow now and he’s open. Thanks for all the help
  3. I used purple tech years ago on my 75 gallon reef and it really worked it stimulates the growth of purple coralline and green calcareous macro algae. It provides specific concentrations of calcium, mag, strontium, trace and carbonates. Check it out - shortly after I started dosing it the coralline algae was growing. I sound like a commercial for Kent lol. I know quite a few reefers who used it and everyone had positive results.
  4. Thank you mcarroll. Sorry it’s .03 and I haven’t dosed anything. I did do a couple weekly 5 gallon water changes. I’ll lay off the water changes for now. What are the idea parameters? I picked up a bottle of phyto plankton today- should I start using this? I also have some Kent Purple Tech which I used to use on my 75 is this good to use in the Nano? Thank you for all the help 😀
  5. Thanks for the info I just ran another test. nitrate 0, phosphate .3 , calcium 400 and dkh 12. All the other corals are doing fine (Toadstool, hammer, trumpet, candy cane, feather duster and some zoas) I also have fish in the tank and all are doing fine. Any and all advise is greatly appreciated.
  6. Test results from 2/4 Nitrate 0 phosphate 0 calcium 400 DKh 12 I didn’t test mg attached is a picture with lights out.
  7. How far down from the top should I place the Duncan
  8. Yesterday and today it was closed up during the day and opening at night
  9. I have a 24 gallon JBJ nano with led lights. On 2/1 I added a Duncan and it opened up right away and was opened for a few days. On 2/4 I target fed it some frozen brine and since then it closed up. Just checked on it during lights out and it is halfway open. All water parameters are perfect. Everything else doing fine. Is this normal for a Duncan? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am new to nanos. I had to shut down 6 tanks (30, 55, 75, 110, 180 and 350) and now I have two 24 gallon JBJ nanos one is a reef and one is fish only.
  10. I would do a water change and run some carbon. Maybe go back to your old lights and see if it calms down also try to put it a little bit lower in the tank it may be upset with more intense lights. Good luck
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