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  1. I got her a nice valentines gift. 😁 So that will help a quite a bit. I will start stockpiling stuff that can work for either a 10 or 20. If I go with a 20 I might hold off on a QT setup for a while.
  2. Seems like its not worth waiting for a sale on the im 10. I will probably end up putting a clown and a goby/shrimp combo in the tank eventually.
  3. Has anyone noticed if the IM Fusion 10 or 20 ever goes on sale? I am leaning towards the 10 because I can setup a QT with it for less than the Initial setup of the 20.
  4. Huh. Never really looked at it that way. Going to be getting a lot of goodies in the future. Buying that new compound miter saw is cheaper than buying furniture. Muhahahahaha
  5. I kind of figured that's what I would end up doing. Money really isn't a problem for us, except for all of my hobbies are expensive. 😥 She's normally pretty understanding about them. Maybe I should get around to building that king sized bed frame....
  6. Hello everyone. I have been a long time reef lurker. I have looked into and dismissed getting a reef tank numerous times over several years. Now that we are buying our last house, hopefully, I am looking to start a tank. Unfortunately I am having a hard time convincing the wife. So far her arguments are no, not on the carpet, and it's to much work. I have solutions for all of these. 😁 I would like to hear some foolproof plans on convincing your significant other. I am planning a IM 10 build if I can get her on board.
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