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  1. Thanks for the info, I just ordered it from Amazon. Hoping he will make it till Monday. I have had him since Tuesday and have not seen him eat. He does look healthy and acts normal, just not sure how long he can go without eating.
  2. What is nori? I am newer to saltwater. I do see him dive down sometimes like he sees something in the rocks. I never see anything where he dives down
  3. I got a green canary blenny from LiveAquaria that came on Tuesday. The fish looks healthy and seems to act normal. I always feed my fish every other day to avoid putting too much nutrients in the water. I just beat a bad case of Cyano and do not want it coming back. I feed my fish mysis shrimp and my clown and royal eat it right up. I have never seen the blenny eat any of the shrimp. Is mouth always looks partly open but I have never seen him open his mouth to eat. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  4. I have a strawberry crab that I have owned since January and I have never seen it molt. Do all crabs molt? A few weeks ago I noticed 2 of his rear legs were missing. He seems happy and healthy. Not sure if he got them caught and ripped them off because he craws in the smallest holes and gets himself buried under rocks. He eats good and acts normal, any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Some of you may have seen my post a while back about the radioactive looking green Cyano in my fluval evo 13.5. I have kept the lights off for a week and sealed off the tank from recieving any light. I also scrubbed everything down in the tank and removed as much of it as I could before going lights out. It will be a week tomorrow without the lights. The tank looks much better. There is still some algae on the back side of the one rock and a few small areas on the other rock. There is also some here and there on the sand bed. Any ideas on what to do with the remaining algae? Not sure I want to stir it up again. I also altered the feeding schedule as suggested. Before turning the lights back on I planned on doing a huge water change to get remaining nutrients and waste out of the water to avoid the algae from coming back.
  6. This should work ha, seems weird to block the fish off from light for almost a week.
  7. It’s a good saltwater because it has calcium and all of the other important elements in the water and it’s nice not mixing it. It can be ordered on Amazon for $20 and that’s for 4.4 gallons. I can get about 4 10 percent water changes out of one jug. I am using the led light that comes on the fluval evo 13.5
  8. The top of the tank has an opening I was only going to bag the glass because the hood will block light. I plan on getting a new light at some point with more control and better colors. I don’t have a close LFS which is why I used distilled. I have heard of many other people doing the same without issue. I agree with you on smaller tanks it’s easier to buy water than mix it. Here is the water I use
  9. Will my fish be okay without the lights for a week? I was going to tape some brown paper bags over the glass to stop any light from getting in
  10. I can’t think of anything that is currently causing the algae other than food and that maybe after the cycle, the conditions were right for algae to grow? And now it’s strong enough where it will not go away. After you killed the lights and scrubbed the algae, did it ever come back again?
  11. Haha it’s interesting that’s for sure
  12. It only comes off if I brush the rock with a tooth brush. It’s slimy and does come off with some scrubbing. It’s nutri-seawater, it’s a filtered saltwater that already has the natural elements found in sea water because it is real sea water. I have tested the mix and there is nothing detectable in it that would cause the algae. I think maybe the phosphates were high after the cycle and the Algae started to grow and it just keeps spreading.
  13. The strange thing is when I try vacuuming it up it will not pick it up.
  14. The tank is a little over 2 months old. I only put a small chunk of the mysis shrimp in, so maybe I should scale it back even more? I usually feed them everyday. I also have a strawberry crab so some have to sink to the bottom for him too. I use nitri-seawater and it’s dilluted with distilled. I have tested the mix and there are no traceable phosphates or nitrates in the mix. I also have a hard time keeping to a light schedule because the fluval light has to be manuallly turned on. I plan on changing out the light at some point
  15. I have been battling a slimy green algae for weeks now and it appears to have strands that move with the current. It is a dark green for the most part. It blankets on the sand bed and you can actually roll it up with your finger. It is also growing bad on the rocks. I have scrub the tank down with a tooth brush and removed the Algae and it keeps coming back. 2 days ago I added a power head and 6 cerith snails. I have removed algae and done water changes many times and I am still losing the battle. Phosphates hardly register when I test for them. I assume that algae is consuming the phosphates quicker than the test can detect them. I have even changed the way I feed the fish. I use frozen mysis blocks and I drain them into a net before putting the food in to keep the shrimp water out of the tank. I want to get rid of the algae in the quickest and cheapest way. I am trying to avoid the chemical route as I do not want to hook up a slimmer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have attached close up pictures of the algae and the tank.
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