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  1. So I bought a new filter today. Upgrading from the HOB that came with the 10g(top fin rated at 60gph) to a topfin 75 rated at 300gph. My powerhead pushes 500gph, which would total to 800gph... I am assuming that is WAY too much flow for a 20g tall. My powerhead can convert into a circulation pump that pushes 140gph, so should it drop it down to that, or see what everything looks after I get the filter on and judge it from there? Also, I was at the LFS today and saw that they are selling a 36" Current USA Orbit with a Loop controller for $199. Is this a good deal? I'm still learning about lighting. I dont have a huge budget, but I want to get quality lights with the ability to control with more than just a timer. Granted 36" is too big for my tank, but if I could get them to get a 24" in, I'm assuming it would cost less. Looking up just the controller, i saw prices anywhere between $60 and $100, so it seemed like a good package deal.. thanks for the help!
  2. The only rocks glued are circled in the pic below. It does make me nervous from time to time, but I have bumped the live piece pretty good from every angle and there is a point of contact at any angle it could fall from. It wobbles a bit, but it would take a pretty good shove to have it come off. I still keep an eye... lol Current stock: 1 firefish 1 emerald crab ~10 blue leg hermits 3 nassarius(sp?) snails 3 cerith 2 trochus 1 turbo I think I am going to add either a peppermint shrimp, or a couple sexy shrimp, a clown or 2 and MAYBE one more little guy fish to swim in the mid/ top of the water column. Then to save up for some decent lights so I can get some corals going!
  3. Finished filling at 5:30am this morning. Went to bed and it cleared up quite a bit. Woke up this morning, acclimated the cuc to the water ( just a precaution as I used all of the water, sand, and rock from the 10g and added another ~10g of water I had mixing, heating and circulating since last Wed.) Ammonia had spiked up to a .25ppm this morning due to having the live rock I had out of water a little longer than I would have liked.. nitrates and nitrites are still at 0. I'm loving my new scape. Not exactly how I wanted it, but I didn't want to use an excess of glue and epoxy, so everything except 1 piece is stacked. Still came out looking great to me. Lots of room front, back, and sides and some cool little cave structures. And I was able to pull off the arch I wanted!
  4. So I am in the process of moving everything from the 10g to the 20g. I managed to catch the mantis shrimp! I contacted my LFS and they said they would take it back. Attaching a photo for positive ID..
  5. Thanks! I know a 10 is too small for just about anything but based on the circumstances and space I was confined to that. Just happened to notice the tank and that it fits with an inch to spare on each side, and since 3 of the 4 sides are open, I can put the filter on the side and it will work out well I think..
  6. So everything has leveled out and I have added my cuc. They have been for about a week. 3 small blue leg hermits, an emerald crab, 1 turbo and 2 astrea snails. I went to the pet store today to grab some tubing and a mag float, and they were having a dollar per gallon sale and I picked up a 20g that just barely fits where my current tank is..(only reason I went with the 10 was the space available and the price for heater and filter included). I know I will have to upgrade the filter (it only moves 60gph), and I have a circulation pump moving 120gph right now, but it can be converted to a powerhead that moves 500gph so I should be good there. My question is if I move everything from the 10 to the 20 and fill out the scape with dry rock and sand, do I run the risk of a full cycle again? I currently have 10lbs of live sand, 13lbs of rock (6.5 live and 6.5 dry) and the dry has some specs of coraline starting to grow. The tank also has had a diatom bloom, and a small amount of green hair algae, but the cuc is taking care of it nicely..
  7. So I waited a few days and the ammonia was still off the charts. Did a 50% water change on Wed and let it settle for about 36 hours. Tested again this morning and it is between .5 and .25.. hopefully in the next day or 2 I will be on to the nitrate and nitrite cycles!
  8. Thanks! Too late now, but now I know for next time. This was just the most common method I have seen pretty much everywhere I've read. I definitely like the idea of the more controlled method.
  9. Well I've got a carbon bag in the filter right now so the cloudiness had cleared up already. I just meant for the ammonia to get back down to 0..
  10. So, I put the shrimp in on Monday to start my cycle, and was waiting on my test kit. Got it this morning, tested my water and I'm at or above 8ppm using the API ammonia test kit. Went to remove the shrimp, and while removing it, while I got the major piece out, the slime on the outside basically exploded. I think I have a long wait ahead of me before that clears up. Even with 10# live sand and 6.5# LR in the tank, i think it may be a while... if I do like a 50% water change, should that help? Or should I just wait it out?
  11. Thanks for the input on the lights! For the money I might go with the Mars aqua for the ability to upgrade in the future.
  12. Well space wise I dont really have anywhere for a real second tank, unless it could survive in something as small as a .5-1g beta tank. Or like I said I was going to set up a HOB mini fuge in a breeder box, if it could survive in there I could toss it in there. I definitely do not want to kill it, as it is not its fault it is there. I also thought about seeing if the Newport aquarium here may take it. I dont know if the LFS here near me will want it back, as this is where I got the LR from..
  13. So as I said, I am looking to get different lighting. As space is limited, I dont see myself upgrading anytime soon, and if I did it would be 30g max. I was looking on Amazon and found this: Fluval Sea Marine Nano Bluetooth LED (20 Watt) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DWXBWB7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_2INsCb9B9H67Q From just skimming, it looks like it could be a pretty good little light for not too much money, then again, I dont know a whole lot about lighting... I know anything is better than the little LED strip that came with the tank, but thinking it could he a too good to be true situation.. thoughts? Thanks!
  14. Hey everyone, new here, and fairly new to the hobby. I had a 10g FOWLR a few years ago that ran pretty smoothly for about 6 months, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to tear it down, and have been unable to see anything up since.... Until now! Currently cycling my 10g nano. Please excuse my cycle shrimp.... I've got 10lbs live sand, 6.5lbs LR, 6.5lbs dry rock. Currently running the HOB filter that came with the tank, as well as the lights. Planning on upgrading the lights before any livestock is added, as I would like to add coral down the line. Also will be adding a small HOB refugium made out of a breeder box in the next few days with some sand, rock rubble and some macro algae. Will also be picking up a small powerhead to get some more flow going. Shrimp has been in for 3 days and has some good fuzz going on already On the LR, there is a decent size bivalve that I thought was part of the rock, but has since opened up a bit and I have seen it move, not sure what type. I also have a hitchiker shrimp that I have only seen pop its eyes and arms out that I cannot remove to ID. It lives in a hole right under the bivalve. Looking at the eyes and arms, I am worried it may be a small mantis shrimp. You can just barely see it in the last picture... Any tips on how to get it out? I tried to lure it out with a piece of the cycle shrimp, and it grabbed it real quick without coming all the way out. Anyway, let me know what you think, and I am open to critique! Thanks!
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