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  1. I was just looking at the Biota mandarin, which is trained on pods and other foods. So that will be the way I go regarding the fish itself. I've been reading about the mandarin for about 2 hours so far and have bookmarked numerous articles. Thanks for the insight everyone.
  2. I'm in the planning stages of a 20 long reef tank. And I was just informed by my wife that she wants a mandarin goby. She had one in the past and wants another. I guess I need to do my research on keeping a mandarin goby. Any advise?
  3. Welcome to diatoms. An unfortunate side of a tank.
  4. I'm hoping I can stock 4-5 fish, considering they are all small.
  5. I'm in the process of planning my 20g long tank and livestock. Currently have a red firefish goby, black ice clown, and a 6 line wrasse on the list. But thinking of adding a green goby to the list as well.
  6. I like the branch rock. Very intriguing as to how corals would grow on it.
  7. Wow, love the tank. Never seen a panoramic tank before. Just keep what your doing if it's successful.
  8. How deep is the chip? If it's not too deep, maybe fill it with silicone?
  9. As far as I know, just a simple light, heater and a small filter for water aeration.
  10. Peppermint shrimp eat the aptasia anemones.
  11. Could possibly be diatoms. How are the phosphate levels? How long are the lights on for?
  12. If there is excess nutrients or too much light, then they will continue to thrive. I ran into diatoms on my planted freshwater tank. I cut back the amount of food I was feeding, along with reducing the time my light was on from 12 hours to 8-9 hours.
  13. Sounds like you have a diatoms bloom. Diatoms occur due to several reasons. 1. Too much light. Is the tank near a window? 12 hours is a tad long. I'd shoot for 8-10 hours. 2. Silicate content is high. What kind of substrate are you using? 3. Nitrates and Phosphates are high. To reduces nitrates - water changes. To reduce phosphates, GFO needs to be used in your filter/sump setup or grow chaeto in a refugium.
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