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  1. SeaMac's Nuvo 8 Nano

    Thanks jrmiller! Working on acclimating some new frags as we speak...err, type. If everything opens up this afternoon I'm hoping to grab some new pictures.
  2. Really diggin' your aquascaping...looking forward to watching it progress.
  3. SeaMac's Nuvo 8 Nano

    Thanks MB! Yep...I took out one of the shelves, turning it into 2 compartments. Purigen in 1 half, carbon in the other. Will definitely be nice if inTank comes out with something for the Nuvo 8...I'd definitely be interested in one.
  4. SeaMac's Nuvo 8 Nano

    Yep...the one that comes in it's own bag. Takes up about half the media basket. Carbon in a media bag takes up the other half. I'm not really sure how much water flows "through" the media as it should given the design of the basket...but even passively in such a small tank I'm guessing it's useful/beneficial.
  5. SeaMac's Nuvo 8 Nano

    I think the stock lighting is fine for the mushrooms, zoos and soft corals...probably even the LPS. Thank you for asking...I forgot to update the equipment list in the first post. I actually added two LED strip lights that probably add no PAR at the bottom of the tank, but seem to my eye (as unscientific as that is) to make the tank much brighter toward the top. Time will tell if it's enough...if not, guess I'll be upgrading again. As far as filtration goes...I removed all the stock filter media, and am currently running carbon and Purigen in the media basket. So far so good. Thank you for the comments too...much appreciated.
  6. SeaMac's Nuvo 8 Nano

    Tap tap tap...is this thing on?
  7. SeaMac's Nuvo 8 Nano

    Left Side Right Side Closeup Please let me know what you all think!
  8. SeaMac's Nuvo 8 Nano

    OK...finally got around to taking a few pictures. Will still try to take a few more next week after the new frags arrive. Blue mushrooms Kenya tree, Montipora, Zoos Lobophyllia and Fuzzy finger leather Assorted Zoos Full Tank Shot
  9. SeaMac's Nuvo 8 Nano

    Updated livestock list...have another small order of frags coming on Tuesday, and hoping to take some pictures after everything is settled in. In other news... Relocating the output of the topoff system away from the return pump has solved the problem...it worked great while I was out of town this past weekend. The corals that I thought had RTN'd are making a slow recovery. The purple digitata has totally bleached but has good polyp extension so I'm hoping it will pull through. The green Pocillopora seems to be doing better too.
  10. MB's IM Nuvo Nano 8

    Looks great so far!
  11. SeaMac's Nuvo 8 Nano

    So...the learning curve for the topoff unit was pretty steep. Got it hooked up and running fine...but left the MJ 606 operating wide open. Not to mention where I located the outlet of the topoff unit was just above the return pump from the sump section to the display. So every time the topoff kicked on it injected a healthy dose of freshwater into the input of the return pump, and consequently into the display. Caused RTN of a digitata, cyphastrea, and half a pocillopora in a few hours. Oops...I felt terrible. Live and learn. Just ordered a few new additions for the tank that I will pick up on Wednesday. It is tough to resist when you have a coupon and you are out of town and missing your tank.
  12. SeaMac's Nuvo 8 Nano

    On a more positive note...received and installed my Autotopoff.com order today. I'm using a 2 gallon bucket with a lid as the reservoir, and a Mini-Jet 606 to pump the water to the tank. It was very easy to setup, fit great in the return section of the Nuvo 8, and is working well so far. I'm also picking up another order from Dr. Mac tomorrow morning...zoos, mushrooms, and SPS. I'll try to take some pictures once everything is acclimated...might be tight though, because I have to go to work in the afternoon. If not tomorrow, than definitely next week.
  13. MB's IM Nuvo Nano 8

    Nice additions! How are they looking in the tank?
  14. SeaMac's Nuvo 8 Nano

    Bad news...when I left for work yesterday afternoon everything was fine, but when I got home the cleaner shrimp was not in his usual spot. After what seemed like a lot of searching for an 8g tank I finally found him...crumpled up in the corner, lifeless. Thought maybe he had just molted when I pulled it out but haven't seen any sign of him today. During my search I saw that the clown and blenny were in their usual locations and seemed fine. Now today I have yet to see any sign of the blenny. Fed the tank...nothing. All tank parameters stable. SPS, LPS, soft corals all fine. No signs of aggression from the clown toward the shrimp or blenny, although they were new additions. Added this past week after 20 min temp equilibration followed by 30 min acclimation for the blenny and 2 hour drip acclimation for the shrimp. Seemed fine for a few days then...POOF. Definitely a bummer for today...going to keep an eye on the tank for a while and maybe try again down the road. Any other ideas or suggestions?
  15. SeaMac's Nuvo 8 Nano

    Thanks everybody! I'm off for the next 2 days so will be doing some tank work and taking some more pictures. Yep...been around for a while. Definitely more of a lurker in the past...as you could tell by my post count! 23 posts in 11+ years is not that impressive, huh?!? Hopefully will be spending more time on here now that my nano is up and running.