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  1. Hey rapier0, Is that the venturi mod on your Maxi-jet? Is it running your skimmer and if so, how do you like it? I was thinking about running my CPR SR2 with the venturi mod but have read mixed reviews about it... thanks! Chris
  2. Sounds good...anyone think I need to be worrying about the weight vs. glass thickness thing or should I be OK to follow DAP's lead? Chris
  3. I should have been a little clearer...I'm going to have it drilled by the LFS where I purchased the tank. I'm actually not worried about that part...I am worried about the thin bottom pane of glass being able to support 25 lbs. of sand, 30 lbs. of rock, plus the weight of the water column (close to 150 lbs. = over 200 lbs. total) after drilling a 1" hole in it. Anyone have one up and running without it cracking under the stresses I have described? Thanks again! Chris
  4. If so, where did you drill the hole? I was thinking about drilling it on the bottom pane and installing a DIY corner overflow with a Stockman standpipe, but I am very nervous that the glass used by AGA is too thin to support the weight of the sand, rock, and water column after compromising its integrity by drilling a 1" hole in it. I've checked out Lunchbucket's tank but it is made of 1/4" glass which is much thicker than the stock AGA 20H (by the way Lunch...sweet!!! ) Any thoughts on this? Anyone done what I've described? If you have pictures of your 20H's feel free to post them too! Thanks. Chris
  5. I purchased a Ranco single stage controller from Grainger and it was only $39 if I remember correctly. You need to wire it up but it works very well, and its been running for almost 2 years now without any problems. FYI...the probe that comes with the unit is not waterproof so you'll have to shrinkwrap it or something if you want to run it submerged. Chris
  6. worked for me. Lucky I guess. YMMV.
  7. You could also try to outcompete the nuisance microalgae with macroalgae such as caulerpa. You can either toss some in your main tank, or if you don't like how that looks set up a nutrient export/refugium tank that is separate but linked to your main tank.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a number of different types of coral frags for sale locally...I unfortunately do not have the time to coordinate shipping right now. Here's what I have: 2 types of sarcophyton frags, 1" (unmounted).....$5 2 types of sarcophyton frags, 1-2" (mounted).....$7.50 1" Pink-orange Montipora capricornis frags (unmounted).....$5-$10 Fluorescent green caulastrea (per polyp/head).....$3 1-3" Tank-raised green bubbletip anemones.....$5-$15 Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Chris
  9. Eddie, I suggest that you get either Tullock's "Natural Reef Aquariums" or Fenner's "Conscientious Marine Aquarist" and read it cover to cover. I have both and they are great novice-intermediate books as well as a good reference for those who have been in the hobby for a while. Chris
  10. BTA is sold. geoffgarcia, YGM.
  11. I've got a nice green tank-raised BTA for sale or trade. Its has a whitish band around the bubble portion of the tip, is healthy, sticky, foot intact, etc. It measures approx 1.5"-2.0" when fully expanded. I'm hoping to have a new home for this guy soon as he's sitting in a plastic cup in my sump. I'm looking to trade it for a small SPS frag, or to sell for $15. I also have the following coral frags available: Sarcophyton Colt Caulastrea Prefer local pickup in Philadelphia. Email me if you are interested. Funny my quest to retrieve this little bugger from behind my rockwork, I knocked into my pink M. digitata and broke a small 1" branch off of it! So I may have a frag to trade soon too...being a klutz can pay off I guess. Thanks! Chris (Edited by SeaMac at 12:05 am on May 31, 2002) (Edited by SeaMac at 12:06 am on May 31, 2002)
  12. That is minimal lighting for a light-loving creature like a carpet anemone. You could keep a condy with that amount of light but they tend to get huge, so it would be tough in a 10g. You might be able to keep a BTA in there...some of them do get large like you mentioned, while others are more colonial and stay smaller (that's the kind I have in my tank). You should also feed the BTA at least once a week to ensure adequate nutrition. If I had another tank, I might be tempted to try a curlyque anemone with a commensal pistol shrimp. The anemones are not the most colorful or the most beautiful (in fact they are just plain weird looking IMO!), but the shrimp-host relationship would be cool. If I remember correctly, they also don't require much light. Chris
  13. Sorru HuBu... I'm with NR53 on this one. 36 watts [oops, my bad...72 watts of light] of light is simply no where near enough for these guys to thrive (and they may not even survive), and as NR already stated they will quickly outgrow a 10g. They are plain and simple a different animal to keep, and trying to do so in a 10g tank with minimal lighting is a recipe for disaster. Chris (Edited by SeaMac at 4:29 pm on May 9, 2002)
  14. Hi everybody! I'm looking to make a little room in my tank, and right now I have the following softies for sale: 2 types of sarcophyton frags Colt coral frag Young's soft coral frag All of the above are hardy, at least one inch in length, and already attached to live rock rubble. $15 each I also have the following that I would frag on request and secure (toothpick, rubberband, etc...depending on coral) to rubble rock. Yellow devil's hand leather ($15 each) Red, blue, greenstripe mushrooms ($4 per shroom) Other: 2nd/3rd generation tank-raised green BTAs ($25-$35) Caulastrea frag ($30 for six heads, or I'll frag in half and sell 3 heads for $15) I live in Philadelphia and prefer not to ship. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Chris (Edited by SeaMac at 11:35 pm on Mar. 27, 2002)
  15. I'm located just west of Philadelphia (Chestnut Hill/Conshohocken)...if you guys are interested in buying corals, I have afew things available: 2 types of sarcophyton frags Colt coral frags Young's soft coral frags Mushrooms Drop me an email if you are interested! Chris