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  1. @Firefish15, yep! I will do 30% weekly water change and then measure my parameters again in a couple of days. The tank doesn't stink yet, so no issues there! 😬
  2. @Firefish15 @Clown79 - My day # 3 parameters. Am I doing okay? Is there anything I should do differently?
  3. @Firefish15, ohhh! You bet! I can't wait for it to cycle. My first marine reef, its just so amazing. At the moment, I'm just very happy looking at the tank, even if there's nothing in there!! Hehe
  4. @Clown79, it's mostly going to be soft corals, since everything else is illegal. Hopefully I'll be able to get some great frags!
  5. @Firefish15 @Clown79 - Finally set it up!! Woohoo!! Here are a few pictures
  6. @Firefish15, Gotcha! That's good advise, thanks much!!
  7. @Firefish15, thanks for the heads-up. I think I will stay away from the sponge. But I really want a GSP. How fast do they grow? And will it have an adverse effect on the corals around it? Is it difficult to prune? Also, instead of a 30% weekly water change, if I do a 15% water change twice a week, do you think that will be more beneficial?
  8. @dling Gotcha! Thanks much!! 😁
  9. @dling, that's good info, thanks. My tank isn't up yet. I want to understand everything, do my research and try and get it right the first time 😁 About lighting, I'm either going for a Zetlight Aqua Mini OR LuminiGrow Asta20 OR Hipargero 30w. I am yet to decide which. I really do want a clown, but I may skip it since my water volume is too less (7.48g to be exact). From what I read, a clown is recommended in tanks that are 10+g, and even then maybe just one clown. I want atleast a couple of fish in the tank, so I may go for 2 firefish gobies along with 2 cleaner shrimp and a few rocket snails. I don't want to overload my system, since I don't have a sump and my main biofiltration will be Sera Siporax Mini Professional (in the Ehiem HOB), Aquaforest Dry Reef Rock (yes! I found it in India! It's synthetic, but what the heck, I have to make do with what I got) and Caribsea Live Aragonite Sand. I also plan to run Seachem Purigen and do 30% weekly water changes. I may not add a Skimmer (lack of space) and rely mainly on my water changes. I wanted 2 anemones (1 bubbletip and 1 carpet), 2 zoas, 1 GSP, 1 sponge and 1 other coral (haven't decided which one). Will the invertebrates, livestock, anemones and corals be heavy my bioload? If yes, how much? I plan to start with the invertebrates first (after the tank cycles), livestock next (in about 2 weeks), followed by anemones and corals (after I measure my parameters). You think I should be okay?
  10. @1891Bro, I just hope they're still available when my tank cycles and it's time for me to add corals. It's sucks to not have easy access to corals and anemones. I wish it was as easy as walking into a store and buying what you want 😐
  11. Thanks @Aquatic Spendthrift. Were you able to identify what the corals are?
  12. @Clown79, the person who's selling the stuff doesn't know what they're called. I tried Google lens, and it correctly identified all except pics 1 & 2. An anemone tank is something I did consider, but I want atleast a couple of corals in there, whichever I can get my hands on. You are right, a lot of stuff is illegal in India, which is such a bummer. I would love to study and keep SPS, but that's out of question. So like I said, I want to keep atleast whatever I can get my hands on, but I want to know what I'm keeping so that I can care and provide properly. I don't want to keep something I know nothing about. Hence the research 😊 From what I have gathered so far, I think it's mostly going to be 1 carpet anemone, 1 bubbletip anemone, 1 GSP coral, 2 mushrooms, 2 zoas, and hopefully whatever pics 1 & 2 corals are (if I am able to identify accurately).
  13. @D.Capion Thank you for your input. This'll be my first reef tank, so I want to stick to the basics as much as possible and eventually elevate to keeping the complex stuff. I am very regular with maintenance with all my FW tanks, so I think I should be able to deal with the upkeep of the reef. Though ofcourse I understand comparing reef-keeping and keeping FW/Planted tanks is like comparing apples to oranges. Each comes with its own challenges. With this tank, my aim to learn as much as I can real time so that I accumulate enough knowledge for the bigger reef I have in mind in a couple of years.
  14. Hi Guys, I am very new to Reef keeping and about to setup my first nano reef. Can someone please help identify these corals and anemones and advise whether these are beginner level corals? TIA!
  15. @dling, I'm thinking 1 cleaner shrimp, 2 gobies & maybeee 1 clown if it's all going well. Also, here are a few pictures of anemones and corals that the guy has in stock. I could identify carpet anemone and bubbletip, but I have no idea what the corals are called and if they are beginner corals. Could you help me identify them.