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  1. @Naekuh Ocean Nutrition products are crazy expensive here in India. Anyway, the clown started eating Hikari Marine S. I just had to reduce the flow of the HOB and that did the trick
  2. @seabass I feed my FW fish market shrimps. I wash them, cut them up super fine and then feed it to them. I'm gonna try doing that with the clown.
  3. @seabass Can I feed fresh market shrimps? Those are more easily available. At supermarkets here, they usually stock frozen shrimps, but I suppose fresh shrimp is better than frozen, yeah? Goniopora - no polyps whatsoever. Zilch! I was ready to accept failure when you guys said these are one of the most hardest corals to keep, but for it to happen so soon is disappointing.
  4. @Naekuh @seabass - update: the zoas/palys seem to be doing fab! They open up every morning when I turn the lights on. The clown is active, keeps swimming throughout the tank, I'm so glad I got him. But how do I feed him? The person who had him earlier fed him Marine S, which are sinking pellets. He's all over the place at full speed, so when I put Marine S pellets, he kinda swims past them and then they sink. I'm not sure if he swoops down and eats them though. The goniopora isn't doing well. I'm not sure whether I'm gonna be able to keep it alive. The polyps extended by a few mm the night I got it, ever since it's just been sitting there like a golf ball, doing nothing. Not sure whether it's dead. Here's a picture
  5. @Naekuh - I always wear gloves when I handle the Zoas. The goniopora looked like this in my friends tank. Also, how do I know if a coral is dead? Does it change color? What's the indication?
  6. @seabass @Naekuh @Clown79 My apologies gents, I have been completely off the grid. I had to travel on business and the last few days have been completely busy. Anyway, an update on my nano. I met a very old friend of mine last week. He was in the US for the last 10 years and has moved to India just recently. He kept corals during his stay in the US, and we spoke at length about how things are over there etc. Anyway, when I told him about my nano reef project, he came over and checked it out. Checked my parameters and said he knows someone who has extremely hardly Aquacultured corals that are raised in Indian waters. We went to that guy and his parameters were off the chart! His Nitrate hovers around 40ppm and despite that, his corals were flourishing! And I was bloody damn surprised. My friend told me it's because these corals are raised in such waters and can tolerate and even thrive in extreme conditions. So anyway, this friend-of-my-friend wanted to bump off his Zoas and flowerpot coral (I believe it's called goniopora), and he was giving it away so cheap. He said he was bored of it. My friend asked me to pick it up and see how it goes. So I took a leap of faith and picked both up, along with a false percula and after acclamatising them, added them to my tank last night. As I write this post, it's been about 12 hours that they are in my tank. The Zoas are doing decent, they've started opening up their polyps. The goniopora had started opening up last night after I added it, but has closed during the night. Hopefully it'll open up again today. Posting some pictures that I took right now. I'm not sure if it was a wise move to pick those corals up, but since that person's parameters were crazy and yet those corals were thriving, I took a chance. Success or disaster, only time will tell.
  7. Perfect. Ordered the blue bag. Looks like it'll last me atleast 6 water changes.
  8. @Naekuh Super, then should I go ahead and order this? The one in the link I sent you?
  9. @Naekuh @seabass I searched for Distilled water on Amazon. Bloody expensive! I think I would rather invest in a RODI unit. Mineral water is cheap. I pay like $3 for 5 gallons. And that water will last me 15 days, considering I change 2.5 gallons a week. I think I'll go with that for the time being, while I save for the RODI unit. I'll buy Bisleri or Aquafina, it's easily available. Instant Ocean is very expensive here. The cheapest is Aquaforest, followed by Red Sea and then Seachem. If not AF, I was planning to buy this - Red sea salt 2kg https://www.amazon.in/dp/B000JG5ABO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_nbiOCb2E4RWGW What do you think?
  10. @Naekuh @seabass My apologies gents, things have been crazy at work and I just couldn't find the time to respond. I checked with a few LFS, none of them sell RODI water. So my best bet is either mineral water or water from the water purifier. What do you guys recommend. I don't want to buy a RODI system just yet. Investing that kind of money on such a small reef doesn't make sense. And since I don't plan to keep SPS/LPS corals ever (those being illegal in India), I think the Nitrates I'm dealing with should be okay, if I just find a way to reduce them slightly maybe by doing what naekuh suggested. I might just buy a cheap HOB, throw macro algae with a small tiny light on top. What do you guys recommend? Also, I am about to change my salt, I'm out of Seachem Salinity I bought. Thinking of switching to Aquaforest Salt. They recommend it for fish and soft corals, which is what I plan to keep. I was originally gonna get their Probiotic Reef salt, but it doesn't make sense, since it's recommended for SPS, LPS & Clams. Thoughts?
  11. @seabass I think I better start buying distilled/mineral water. I tested some mineral water today that had been boiled for like a minute or so. 0 Nitrates!! Mineral water costs about $1.74 per 6 gallons (roughly). And considering I change like 30% every week, so about 2-2.25 gallons roughly, if I compare the benefits versus costs, it hardly costs anything. Hell, I'll even boil those 2-3 gallons, cool it down and then mix salt.
  12. @Clown79 is it normal? Or do I need to start buying RODI water?
  13. @seabass @Clown79 Okay, so looks like my water is messed up!!
  14. So I just test the water I put in my tank right? Without the salt added to it, correct?
  15. You're right. The bottles are exactly the same. It's weird though, how API sells it as 2 different products. Anyway, I'll check my water today. Do I only check Nitrates or ammonia and Nitrites as well?
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