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  1. WhatsReef

    Hard Translucent Blob - is it alive?

    Just took a close look at it and two crater-like holes are visible on the top, one about twice the diameter of the other. So a bivalve of some kind I reckon. Might be hard to catch in a photo, but better photos soon.
  2. WhatsReef

    Hard Translucent Blob - is it alive?

    Nice! Yeah it is definitely really similar to that. I read your first post earlier and just quickly google sea potato and my initial thought was you were not on the right track, but I think you got it man. I will research it a little more and maybe release it into my display area. I've just left it stuck to the chaeto in the back of my AOI figuring whatever the hell it was it'd get plenty of food flowing by it there anyways. I will try to get a better photo of it too and will post it here if I do.
  3. Sorry for the out of focus photos, I have a Galaxy S5. I figured they'd be enough to tell. Found it in my chaeto ball from LFS. I thought it was just a blob of goo of some kind but it's very firm. What is it?
  4. The best murderous hitchhikers can kill with very little evidence... a fatal dose of insulin... an injection of air causing a brain embolism... even as hard to detect as a military-grade nerve agent simply rubbed on the skin... that's how stone crab hitchhikers got Kim Jon Un's half-brother in an airport in French Indochina. See I was just thinking if anything the acclimation being slow was a plus, but I guess I wasn't aware that could be a problem. Good to know, thanks for the tip man.
  5. I second @Donny41, there's a chance it could be a nocturnal killer hitchhiker. I had a big crab with dark coloration that was real hard to spot for quite a while before I realized it and he killed some stuff over night in my first tank. He would just hole up inside a rock cave during the day so was hard to detect. Plus I think the fish would probably tend to go into his cave at night as a nice safe sleeping spot and get massacred. Although on the other hand 10 lbs of rock isn't much space for hiding. Maybe try picking up and really shaking and checking out the rock just to make sure. I don't the acclimation is the problem either as @GraniteReefer said... That's rough man. Don't give up! It's something, you just gotta figure out what. The fish seem healthy when you get them and you're not far enough from the LFS that it's a stressfully long journey back home for the fish?
  6. WhatsReef

    Algae overload!!

    Have you researched anemones much? I don't think you're going to want to add one to thank tank of corals man. I've never had one but from what I hear the anemone will likely eventually end up roaming around the tank and stinging/killing your corals from what I understand. Ideally I would love to get one for the clowns I'm going to get as well but based on what I've read it's not going to be worth the headache.
  7. WhatsReef

    Algae overload!!

    Nice, glad you got it figured out man. Hopefully those clowns will host on a coral 🤙
  8. I just got an Innovative Marine AIO (40g Fusion) and I'm really happy with it so far if that helps. The return pump it came with is pretty darn quiet by my standards.
  9. WhatsReef

    Help me decide on a powerhead

    I just got an MP10. I haven't messed with the modes yet but I can already tell it's awesome.
  10. WhatsReef

    Mandarin goby with clownfish?

    I couldn't keep a mandarin alive in a 28g with tons of live rock, chaeto, etc. Don't bother trying unless you have a big tank - it will die. Everybody wants one, but they need a ton of pods to survive. I would never try one again unless I had like a 50+g.
  11. WhatsReef

    Scarlet hermits rather sluggish

    They're probably coming coming down from a 5-9 day meth binge. IME scarlet hermits love uppers and have very little self control. Could be crack, but based on your post meth seems like the culprit. Prior to acting so groggy were they having paranoia-fueled delusions of persecution (eg babbling about the clown fish being a narc, expressing beliefs that the brittle stars are all in cahoots and plotting against them, accusing people of "stealing their stash")?
  12. WhatsReef

    Livestock on Day 1?

    When I got my first tank I was all antsy to throw stuff in ASAP. This time around I'm trying to be more patient and deliberate and enjoy the things I have instead of always think about what I want to get next or being anxious about whether it was "soon enough" to throw something in. I guess that's more like philosophical life advice and you were probably just wondering if your cleaning crew would suffer and/or die, but that's all I got for ya.
  13. WhatsReef

    Algae overload!!

    Is it the hairy deep red stuff? You can scoop the sand bed stuff and if it forms a really good carpet on your rock you can probably rip some of it off by being gentle. I used to manually remove hair algae sometimes. Look up cyano and make sure it's not that, because that's a different story. I'm just starting my new tank, but in my old tank years back I had a starry blenny that would just mash hair algae. But if you don't want an algae eating fish maybe consider whether your clean up crew is large enough? More knowledgeable people will have better opinions if you post an image so they can confirm what type it is though.
  14. WhatsReef

    Stocking a Biocube 32

    They are really cool. I had one when I had my last tank years ago and they are awesome. They may knock corals around a little if they aren't secured well but I loved the one I had. I don't know for sure on the pistol shrimp... I am looking into getting a goby and pistol shrimp combo with the new tank I'm starting and people online seem to be saying that the tiger or candy cane pistol don't really cause any problems unless a hermit or snail comes too close to the den then they might attack them. But I don't have any experience with them myself.