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  1. Fish in a 2.5?

    Since its so lame to be tang police now, maybe we can have clown police I've had a juvenile ocellaris in my 2.5 for several months and he's healthy and curious as can be. Fish don't get happy and conversely they don't get sad. IMO clowns don't need more swimming room, their natural environment is only slightly larger than their host. With proper husbandry skills and experience a small clown in a tank like this can be much better off than in a larger tank maintained by a numskull. As he gets bigger, he will need to be moved. The bioload issue is very real but manageable. TR Clowns do have the advantage of being generally hardier and easier to feed than most gobies (clowns, neons, citrons). And cynically, if you kill one at least he didn't come from the wild.
  2. Brotha from a different Motha...

    update: they are coexisting rather well and occaisionally hunt together. both are getting somewhat plump . yes, fatten them up we will...
  3. aquarium exhibits?

    shed is cool (the narwals are sweet), montery is world reknown (I believe they are the only facility which has kept a great white shark (juvenile) for an extended period of time), scripps is cool, long beach is nice, but i am biased by new orleans' audubon aquarium of the americas because i volunteer there and really respect the mission. internationally london has an interesting aquarium with a thames river exhibit in southwark. bob
  4. Newbie DIY refugium-- advice/comments?

    i have the AC 300 for my 2.5 so take that! (sorry I always think it sucks when people make a post to point out mistakes that others already made in purchases) Plans: I am using the plastic basket as it sits but then using acrylic glue to cover the inputs from the impeller side. Then using several semi porous layers of plastic mesh for the bottom to keep large chunks of mud/sand from backflowing into the impeller area. finally modded the impeller for height. adding layer of carib sea mud, then sand, then chaeto. will add mesh to keep overflow from spread havok if necc. luck amigo! bob
  5. Ocellaris with mystey illness

    dude, that's exactly why my tagline is watermellonjello. picture water (rymes with daughter) as a first name and mellonjello (said melonjelo) as a surname. It's genius!
  6. Ocellaris with mystey illness

    yeah the female clown died a week or so ago, after i cared for her like a damn retarded child. the male is chillin in isolationville, population him (mojo)
  7. What WON'T thrive in your tank?

    With my currrent setup, the corals range from healthy to fantastical, but over the years I have killed lots of fish. Clowns are bad news genetically and in their capturing or rearing but the labradors of the sea have great personality. Also I have never been able to have a Scarlet cleaner to full size...
  8. JBJ_Toilet_Tank

    is this product disparagement? we have tang police and mandarin police, where's the law suit police!
  9. Brotha from a different Motha...

    yes indeed they will not eat, save the occaisonal bit of zooplankton. I have tried pellets, flake, mysis and the zoo. they do however love to sand sift and to eat bits of algae on the walls. they remind me of mini mandarins except that they are more omnivorous. I've read that the stomach contents of A. Hectori (it would be interesting to try a necropsy on such a small fish!) contained about half amph/copapods and half algae. I am assuming Rainfori is similar in diet. I've had Hector for a couple months and he has stayed full (no sign of stomach caving etc), I think the refugium (in this case pumping in tons of copapods) has something to do with this success and also a number of other health miracles for a tank as small as mine (29g). They generally hunt for about 8 hours and then sleep/hide for the rest of the day...
  10. Brotha from a different Motha...

    Ah the beautifully artificial harmony of A. Rainfodi hunting with A Hectori. Now that the clownfish are in a separate facility, this tank is completely goby territory. Soon they will take over the world, muhuhahahahaha!
  11. You'll never get out of this maze...

    Thanks, it was deemed "doomed to RTN" by the most snobbiest LFS around (a place where scoffing is part of the deal...). She said "you don't have a calcium reactor?!" when i bought it for a reduced price and I shook my head in the negative. I think the refugium might have something to do with the health of the lps. any ways the maze is fricken sweet, thanks for the complement!
  12. you got to check out this SHROOM !!

    I have a rock of bleached hairy mushrooms who have been rehabbing in my tank for a few weeks. They are VERY slowly regaining some color, starting with pinkish purple tips. Got them at a LFS (l was looking for hairies) and found them buried under some other corals. Needless to say I was made a good deal . I feed them a tiny bit of GP rotifers and read them stories before bed. What other special care would a depressed mushroom desire pray tell?
  13. You'll never get out of this maze...

    The overhead view is of me in a maze... The tissue recession around the base and in the second (further) hump has begun to grow back in the week since placed in the tank. If there is no CNS how does the colony know to grow where?
  14. what color are my zooanthids (part 5)?

    yessir, you too aparently... are you going to the meeting? My gf's grandmom lives in hammond. I am growing a damn zooanthid farm over here, I have five morphs and some other soft and lps' if you ever want to trade etc. bob
  15. what color are my zooanthids (part 5)?

    the final installment, for now! bob