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  1. So after 39 days and a chunk or two of prawn my tank has zero nitrites, zero ammonia and an sg of 1.025. Going to look for the start of my CuC at the weekend as the algee has started to blossom. I eventually upgraded to a Tunze silence pump, tight fit but much better flow even though its only rated 15 GPH more.
  2. Hi thanks the reply's, sorry im a bit late to respond. have ordered one so will see how it goes. May speak with an electritian friend and see if its possible to rewire the unit to sepetate the channels.
  3. Hi I apologise if this has already been covered. Im looking for a timer for my fluval evo stock lights. I have looked at the fluval dual channel but cant find any info if i can set the timer to only show the blue lights. Does any one know if this is possible? What timers do other evo owners use? thanks Dave
  4. Thanks for the reply. when i took the pump apart to see if there was any thing caught i noticed the bun on the end of the impella had split and the shaft was poking through. Took a quick trip to the LFS where i got the tank and they exchanged the pump. problem solved
  5. Hi Im in need of a little help to save my sanity. My evo is making a humming noise thats driving me crazy. Its coming from the false wall and is being generated at the connection in the false wall. I have sat the pump on a foam pad which removed part of the noise but it seems the tubing is carrying the vibrations. In chmaber 3 where the pump is located you can physicaly see the waves being created in the water. Would swapping to thick silicone tubing stop this, or would doing a pump upgrade to a sicce stop this? any Fluval ses owners have this same problem?
  6. I like the idea of not having any equipment in the display. I was defo sticking with LPS and soft corals. Dont have the experience yet for SPS. Whats the recomended upgrade for the pump? thanks again for the help
  7. I started of at 333 grams per 10 litres. So far i have added an extra 200 grams which has took me to 1.0245 Having kept many tropical tanks i can already see where “I” would like to make some adjustments. But never keeping corals before i wanted to get some input from those with tried and tested setups. The idea behind plugging the hole is to force all the water to pass through all 3 chambers. Any water that enters through the holde is missing going through the media (in my set up any ways) and thats something i wanted to avoid. Granted that looking at the hole size compared to the overflow it seems minimal but the close proximity it is to the pump would leave the overflow second best. Now thats the replys done onto my update. tank has been cycling for just over a week now, algee has started to grow on the rocks and fake wall. Im not to worried as im aware the cycle the tank goes through and with no algee growth i could not even consider a clean up crew (although tanks not ready). The tank has cleared up very well, lots of sand dust to remove from the bottom of chamer one. I consider that leason learned. Ammonia has hit 4.00ppm and nitrite has just started being detected ao the rotting prawn has been removed. My plan is to let the nitrite spike and ammonia go down. Once the nitrite is down im going to lob another prawn in follow what happens. I have been looking at a Fluval CP1 power head to improve my flow. Whats the general consensus on power heads vs upgraded pump? Im pretty happy with the pump but can see a few dead areas in my flow.
  8. Do you know how i would calculate that?
  9. Thanks again @Dre,80 for the reply, the hanna looks a cleaver bit of kit. Hi @paulsz thanks for the reply. I am aware my salinity is slightly low, was my first solo attempt at mixing salt water so i think i was a little to cautious. My plan to raise the salinity was to let the water evaporate until i was at the desired level the top up with salt water mixed to the new level. Is this the correct method or is there a better way?
  10. My patients can be questionable at times but with every living thing i have kept be it fish, frogs, lizards, inverts, I have always put the needs of them first so would be happy to let it run its course, however if there is a product that is regarded as safe and is widley used i will be taking a closer look at the recommendations. im going to have to order a new test kit as my current one only has one thats compatible with salt water and thats Nitrite. Any recomndations on a good all round kit and what tests i should keep at hand for a reef tank. Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and Ph are already on the list ( cant keep smuggling samples into work to use the Ph probe ) what else is good to monitor ?
  11. Are these products more stable than the ones used for resh water systems? in the past i set a 400litre planted tank up and had nothing but problems after using a bacteria booster to the extent i stripped it down and started again. After letting the tank cycle naturally i never suffered another problem until the tank was put out of use. always made me cautious of these type of products. the sponge has now gone and i replaced the floss, at £2.50 a bag its not even worth trying to clean.
  12. Hi @DreC80 i did give the rock a good scrub but the sand i just tipped in, looking back could be a mistake on my part. thanks for the advice on the sponge, its hard to go against all i have learnt over the years with tropical tanks.
  13. Thanks for the reply @Daniel91 hole has been plugged with a piece of black plastic siliconed over the hole. Its crude but will do until i order the intank bung.
  14. Hi my first post on here so before i go into my problem ill give a little intro. I have been keeping fish since my early teens. Ive kept hundreds of species from bettas to rays, asain arowanas to mbu puffers and pretty much everything inbetween. This however is my first solo endevour into the marine world. After much research i decided to get myself a Fluval evo sea, the 13.5G tank with the built in filtration. from the outset i ditched the insert and in a DIY media rack in chamber 2 im running floss, carbon, bio max, Rowa and course sponge. Chamber 1 houses a 200w heater (my house gets cold at night) and the 3rd chamber is housing the stock pump. On the divider between chambers 1 and 2 i blocked off all but the top 2 cut outs to force the water through all the media, and the nicley place hole in the back wall has been plugged. the tank has been running since saturday with a 1-2inch bed of red sea pink sand, 8kg of Arka rock and 41.5 litres of RO water at 1.023 sg. the tank is heated to 25.5 raising to 26 around mid day. As for the other parameters i have not yet ran a set of tests other than Ph, which is sitting at 8, as there has been no real need. In due course i willl be adding a CP1 power head, the LED timer and probably upgrading the return pump. I have added a chunk of prawn today to start the cycle going and will start checking parameters over the next few days. with that out the way onto my problem. my water is still cloudy, watching the outlet of the pump i can see what looks like clouds being stirred up. Is this sand dust, leaching from the rock or something with marine tanks im not acustom to? All my tropical tanks have been cloudy on setup but within 24 hours have cleared. any ways thanks in advance Dave Just before theres any panic, the electrics have been moved and no longer are behind the tank 🤗
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