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  1. Quick update. From what I could find on the interwebs, the one that is on my frogspawn is most likely a vermited snail. Not sure about the ones on my aussie lord. They don't seem to be as tube like and seem more mound like. So...what is the best way to remove a vermited from a coral without hurting the coral?
  2. So i noticed that an aussie lord I have is not as healthy looking as my other two frags, so I inspected around it for any Aiptasia. I noticed somethings growing on its side. Not really sure what they are, I don't see any tentacles, however I do see movement when my damsels swim by it. Some purple looking things. Also noticed qhat looks like the same thing starting grow on the side of my Frogspawn, which is definitely no bueno. Anyone know what these are? Should I be fine just dipping both frags, do i need to scrape these things off, rely on some critter that eats whatever these are? Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.
  3. Yeah, I considered that they might have sent the wrong order. I emailed them last night asking what the frags they sent were since the packing slip was not very descriptive other than "Softie Pack", so once I get a response I plan to point out that they included an LPS in it and see what they do. They have been good up to now with replacing items or correcting things.
  4. Got rid of as much algae as I could. Here is a clearer pic.
  5. So update. The second one that people say looks like a favia... I think you are right. I placed the frag in the sand in my tank to acclimate it to the light, plus I need a new small rock for it, so I can't place it down permanently yet (>.<). After looking at it in the LEDs of the tank, it looks like what WWC has listed as a GI Joe Favia. Now I did put a bit of thought in this, as I also compared it to a Megatron Favia and a Space Ghost Favites that they are also selling, but the blue center is too bright to be the Space Ghost, and the inner ring seems more dark purple than the lighter reddish purple of the Megatron. And I'll be honest. I am still debating between it being the GI Joe or the Space Ghost. Now the question is....why did I get an LPS in a "Softie Frag Pack"? ...ignore the slime algae. Will post another pic later once i have gotten rid of some slime.
  6. So I had ordered a softie pack of 5 frags the other day from World Wide Corals that I just got in. From what I can tell, I got a GSP frag, a Ricordea Mushroom (I think it might be a rainbow one, I will know for sure once it opens up), and what looks like a Xenia or Clove Polyp. But there are two I am not sure of. I think they might be a Zoa and a Paly, which I had made note in my order that I did not want because, being a noobie reefer, I don't feel like messing with something that actually has the potential to not only kill everything in my tank, but could also kill me. So can any of you more experienced reefers confirm or correct my suspicions from the following pics (I took 2 pics of both frags)?
  7. Well....it spread to the remaining heads by the time I got home from work a little while ago. I had to pull it from the tank. I don't notice anything wrong with any of my other corals, but I am going to keep a close eye on them over the coming days. I plan to do a water change later tonight. I would do it now, but I have to go to something in a bit and won't be back for another two hours. Rest in peace little Acan.
  8. I will have to try this once i get off of work today. Unfortunately, it looked worse this morning. I probably need to accept that I will probably lose this coral. Will also probably take it out of the tank and quarantine it to try to keep it from spreading to any of my other corals, especially my Blasto or Ricordea...who is now upside down under a rock.. One day I will get a ricordea to stick where I want it. One day....
  9. I got this Acan frag a few days ago. Everything was fine, it was eating and looked good. Suddenly this morning, I noticed a fleshy, bubble looking growth on it. It was tiny so I didn't worry much and figured I would look into it once I got home from work. Once I got home, it was now much bigger. I can see what looks like the coral skeleton in it, but O am not sure if that is new, or if it was part of an existing head, but I feel it was the latter as there was a head there before the bubble showed up. Anyone know what this is? Should I be concerned about possibly losing my Acan? Should I worry about this also affecting my other corals (Hollywood Stunner Chalice, Copper Pavona, Green Birdsnest, Neon Green Ricordea, GSP, Blastomussa Merlitti)?
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