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  1. Yea last night along with copepods i noticed about 100 clear worms moving on the glass. I used a jewelers loop to look in closer. They appear clear and quite long...not oval like harmful flatworms. More elongated and clear. Unsure of what they are yet. Ill be keepin an eye on em.
  2. I work late so when i wake up its about 11. I looked at my Biicube16 this morning and the water wasnt great. Lot of particles floating in the water. My 3rd chamber was low and the other 2 were full. My initial thought is the foam block in front of the pump chamber. Would it be better for water movement to remove the foam block?
  3. I will be taking some pictures once the patent pending notice arrives. Sorry, cant let anyone else know what im doing here. But stay tuned.
  4. The basic shape/shell design is finished! A TRI-GLASS approach offering perfect angles of vision as well as top down viewing is provided. Estimated gallons is slightly over 25 gallons for the FIRST TRS25. Trust me. Yall will like this, and everybody within the reef community. Fyi i wont be using investors.
  5. Well i can say it will utilize a drop off method and as customizable as any glass aquariums. It will be a very very cool detail.
  6. Yeah I've definitely heard they were kind of difficult to raise problem is don't have much room for a big huge tank but I just love the way those gobies look I guess the key to raising them would be understanding the high cost and constantly buying pods
  7. Sure t f s stands for tide Reef system essentially it's going to be a very unique way of displaying a tide pool Reef system in your house I'm very excited about it the patent is already filled out and I will look to release it as soon as possible
  8. Hey fellow reefers just want to say something pretty cool I'm designing a new tank system that I have never seen on the market. Not even anything close. It is a new revolutionary style that will give you so much customization on how it is set up it will be awesome. So when you see the TRS35 and the TRS50 hits the stores just know I'm the one who created it
  9. Well that figures the prettier looking fish like Mandarin gobies have strict diet requirements LOL
  10. I wonder if there would be a way to keep them producing in the BC16 to be able to have a mandarin goby?
  11. Hey yall. My biocube recently about 4 weeks ago was destroyed by a peroxide overdose. I took everything out started with new everything. And used bacteria in a bottle. Now im seeing these little white specks running on the glass. Wondering what copapods mean to a reef tank. Important detail to note is to say i did put a live rock(toncha branch) from lfs LR section.
  12. Awesome yall. I looked it up and yall are right. Definitely a duncan. I love bein able to ask yall. Plenty of knowledgable people on here
  13. My fiance's reef tank has some type of coral. Not sure what kind. If anyone knows could they tell me. Heres a picture. Plus. Not sure if any of you notice. There is a brown speck suddenly on the polyp near the mouth. Any ideas?
  14. Im gonna figure it out yall. But when i have questions im coming to yall. Im interested in dr tims
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