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  1. Thanks, Im looking into them. Unfortunately out of stock right now but will keep them in mind.
  2. DreC80, I currently have a small colony of GSPs on the bottom of tank, and am planning on having two Monti Caps on the highest point of the rocks (about halfway up the tank), Psammacora (second highest point on rocks) a few Euphyllias (bottom rocks). Later on some blue discosomas and Acans or Favias. The tank itself is about 9 inches high, and the light is probably about 3-4 inches above that. Its the Fluval Edge 6 gal, which Ive modified the hood to fit the new light. Do you think that would be sufficient to get good color and growth out of the listed corals? Are Acroporas out of question? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone bothered renting or buying a PAR meter to determine how adequate their lighting is for their corals?Set up a 6 gal nano reef a few months ago and recently installes the new Fluval Nano Marine LED (20 watts) and Im now wondering if I shouldve bit the bullet price-wise and paid for the AI Prime HD or one of the Kessils. It would seem at first glance that Fluval light should be good for my small sized tank....but Im starting to second guess after reading all the recommendation on other sites for the AI and Keasils.This is the light I have: http://www.fluvalaquatics.com/us/pro.../#.XFujBKROnYU
  4. Interested in knowing what type of coral dip(s) and how most folks acclimate (i.e. steps, amount of time, etc) their corals.I'm a reef tank newbie and have seen different recommendations, especially with regards to type of coral dip (Coral Rx, Lugol's, Bayer Insecticide, etc). I've been told Coral Rx is harsher than some other types....but would like to know if anyone else shares the same opinion. Thanks!
  5. Thanks all! seabass, appreciate the pointer on the lighting. I am actually struggling a little with that. Im attempting to keep a clean look with the Fluval Edge and am using the newer Fluval Nano Marine LED (20 watts). I think PAR and spectrum wise its good enough, but the having issues with fitting it in my hood. Its currently secured all the way to the inside front of the hood, but is still slightly touching the stock HOB filter which is causing it to tilt a little towards the back of the tank. I just bought the light, and although I really like its affordability and customization via the app, Im willing to return it if someone has a better suggestion while maintaining the clean look of the Edge
  6. Hi - I currently have a nano reef tank (6 gal) that is about two months old, fully cycled. All I have right now is a small colony of Green Star Polyps. Due to the limited space, I’d like to plan out in advance and build to a selection of 5-6 corals that would cover a bright range of Orange, Red, Blue, and Green. Have been thinking about one or two Euphyllias (mainly due to their awesome shape, form), Monti Caps, Birds Nests, Acans.....but not sure if those would give me the best and brightest range of colors. I know Zoanthids come in some interesting colorations, but not too crazy about them to be honest. In general, would like to aim for a LPS, Soft Coral dominant tank with maybe one or two SPS’s. Realize there may be multiple opinions here, but would love to get some thoughts, suggestions from some experienced nano reefers....thanks! Picture below of current layout.