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  1. What dose rate (mls per gallon) do you use and how often? I assume the amounts added are testable using hobby nitrate test kits, right?
  2. Yeah, I agree...thanks. Have been reading about the dangers of low to undetectable nitrates, especially if they’re considerably lower than PO4 leading to a severe imbalance. What are you using to dose Nitrates? After some reading last few days, I just started with 0.25 ml’s of Seachem Flourish Nitrogen last night, mainly because its what I already had back when I had a fw planted tank.
  3. Tamberav, I have undetectable (<0.25 ppm) Nitrates and 0.90 ppm, using a Red Sea Pro and Hanna Checker, respectively.
  4. Really helpful info, thanks guys. With the end goal of reaching low and consistently stable levels of Nitrate and Phosphate....what levels are you comfortable with not running any chemical filtration?
  5. Thanks Clown79. Thanks jservedio. Any thoughts on how much Carbon and GFO to use for a 6 gallon, and how often (on average) I should plan on replacing? Seperate replacement intervals, or do you replace both at same time?
  6. Hi all, Looking for insight as to types of chemical filtration and setup folks have had best experience with on Nano reefs. I'm running a 6 gal Nano mixed reef currently with Chemipure Blue, in addition to filter floss. I do weekly ~15% water changes. Specifically, really interested if anyone has been able to tell if they've had better success with Chemipure Elite, vs. the Blue version.  Thanks in advance!
  7. Awesome insight....thanks East1!! Will look for your TOTM thread.
  8. Thanks East1, this is very helpful. I do have amino acids (Polyp Lab’s Polyp Booster) that I could dose. Do you believe that’d result in additional Nitrate, without a big hit on Phosphates?
  9. @Oldsalt01 , actually no skimmer. @East1 , really good info, thanks! Little leery of dosing straight up Nitrates, especially in a 6 gal tank. Do you think feeding slightly heavier (fish or coral food) would have possibly same effect?
  10. So have a slightly over 3 month old nano reef that has had pretty decent water parameters so far. Nitrates recently dropped down to undetectable (<0.25 ppm) on my Red Sea pro kit, but interestingly my Phosphates, which were previously in the 0.02-0.03 ppm range, have shot up to 0.11 ppm on my Hanna checker.Looking to see if anyone has had a similar situation, or knows if this is normal sometimes and an expected relationship somehow between seeing decreases in Nitrates and increases in Phosphates.Not sure if bad practice for water testing, but I've been sampling the water just prior to the weekly water changes, but AFTER I clean all the glass which usually has had a good portion in the back covered by brown film algae (diatoms I think still). I'm wondering if the recently scrubbed off film algae could influence the test results, and result in non-representative steady state conditions of the tank.Any insight appreciated as usual...thanks!
  11. In case this is still helpful for anyone, you can actually adjust the whole profile by using two fingers on light grapg in the myAI app. You can adjust the overall intensity, and also slide the whole thing to the left or right, altering the sunrise/sunset times.
  12. Thanks Clown79. What did you end up dropping the Prime on your 5g down to? I assume the first sign that the light is too strong is some bleaching on the most sensitive corals. Do you know if the damage is normally reversible? Is it weeks, or months to recover usually?
  13. Looking for advice from anyone with experience using an AI Hydra 26 on a nano reef on the smaller side. I have a 6 gallon and realize the light is more than I need, but I bought the light used for a really good deal ($60), and not able to afford the AI Prime new at this time. I will have the light inside the stock hood, so it will only be about 3-4” above water. Tank is 14” high. I figure on the plus side this will somewhat limit the light on the edges and allow for lower light zones in a small tank. Any insight on intensity and color settings to aim for are greatly appreciated...thanks!
  14. Thanks, Im looking into them. Unfortunately out of stock right now but will keep them in mind.
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