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  1. Be cautious using pellet food. In my experience pellet foods tend to make the water very cloudy if the excess is not vacuumed out. Of course the tank in question is freshwater but it may also be the case in saltwater.
  2. Awesome tank shot! Is that hot pink mama on the top right a stylophora? The turquoise coral by the hot pink mama looks unique! What is it? What is that grayish stuff by the hammer corals? Right above the lights reflection looks like a slipper coral. Sorry for all the questions lol I just like to know about the different types of corals and where they naturally come from. BTW have you considered giving your corals and fish their own unique name?
  3. Yes, that is cyano. It is annoying but it is a part of the cycle and should eventually go on its own. Just keep it from covering your coral and all will be swell. Just find out what may be feeding it and fix it if possible.
  4. Yes! please do keep us updated! It's got my interest piqued!
  5. I do know what acropora it's not though! it's not A. Cervicornis or A. Palmata and thank god too! those two are critically endangered according to the IUCN redlist.
  6. So it's Acropora Yongei. In nature it's Uniform cream, yellow or pale brown but in aquacultured it's green.....How do they make them be green??? Do they take two separate corals and cross them?? Like a hybrid?
  7. I think you're right! Oh wow! It's so pretty! looks like its radioactive! Thank you paulsz!
  8. Ok guys and gals, I bought this nice coral skeleton off ebay and as far as I know of its in the acropora family but i'd like to know exactly it's full scientific name. Any help would be Very much appreciated!
  9. Your reef tank is beautiful! Count your blessings its only diatoms! My tank (15 gallon) is also two months old (yes i'm also a newbie) and I got hit by both cyano and diatoms. I only have one coral in there right now.....I think the guy called it a devils finger or was it hand leather. Those stinkers are tough as nails! I had a huge ammonia spike and it battened down the hatches and rode through it unscathed and now its riding through the nitrites but it seems to like them which is super weird because I thought nitrites were bad and it got it polyps extended and is growing super fast. I am due for a big water change. Any thought on why though? I mean why my leather coral is growing faster with nitrites? Last I checked my nitrates it was around 40 ppm.
  10. I'm new here...but....They do look like a type of coral....They are cute little thingys though!
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