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  1. I found him this morning all puffed up looking pretty healthy, but he was detached from the substrate. I left the wavemaker off
  2. I’m going to get a current USA eflux. It comes with a nem protector
  3. Is there a estimated time anyone may have that he may start to look better?
  4. I wasn’t able to get a cover for the powerhead, I tried pantyhose, but those didn’t work for me. He was attached to the glass under the substrate and has been that way for a while. He just randomly uprooted himself for some reason. Thank you for your input.
  5. He is still very sticky and very much alive. He is still swinging his tentacles around and recoils when he gets scared.
  6. I caught him in the wavemaker, he was only in there for maybe 30 seconds
  7. It’s not even entire tentacles, it’s just the tips off of a few. The tips were floating around the tank and one of my acans had one in his mouth. He was eating it, hopefully nothing dies. I already did a 50 percent water change.
  8. My favorite long tentacle nem just now got sucked into my wavemaker. I caught him before anything serious happened. A few of his tentacles got shredded, but his foot is not damaged at all. Will he make it? What should I do?
  9. You could take the peppermint shrimp approach, but you have to be careful of them sometimes.
  10. I’ll take one if you end up selling them. Really wanted to get one, I love the red colors more than the normal green that mini carpets usually come in. Don’t forget about me😁.
  11. So your saying that they are pretty much invincible😂.
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