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  1. yea i did notice him biting at his tail every once and awhile.
  2. Thanks again @humblefish. In the process of getting everything set up, unfortunately my Midas blenny didn't make it through the day. The spots on my clowns have seem to be going away so that may be a good sign. I attached some pics of the blenny maybe you can see anything noticable to figure out what this may be. Thanks again for all the input.
  3. That's unfortunate! Hopefully this isn't the case. In your opinion where should I go from here? My current plan is medicate and QT and then fallow for 72 days encase this is ich. But do I put the fish back in after the fallow period and risk reinfection from uronema? I'm at a loss here I'm pretty new to the hobby and struggling to keep going, Especial if this us urnema it seems like the only way to truly rid it is start over.
  4. Also it seems that brooklynella can cause lesions as well. So it seems that can still be a possibility, but again what I'm seeing now is more raised white spots then slime or mucus on the fish.
  5. I agree it does look like it could be uronema. But it seems what I'm battling now is something different, it looks like ich or velvet with the white specs/spots. Is it possible to have ich/velvet and uronema? It just seems to coincidental that i had no issues until introducing the black snowflake, having it die now this? I'm worried if it is uronema I'll treat my current fish and go fallow then reintroduce them just to get uronema again. Let me know what your take is. Thank you for all the help so far!
  6. Just a quick update, all my meds and qt stuff should be here tomorrow. All the fish seem to be doing ok so far. I wanted add that this all started about a month ago when I got a black snowflake clown that died about 3 days after getting it. I talked to my lfs and seemed to have been what was thought to be a bacterial infection. I attached some pics of the clown. After that is when I got the 2 clarkii's and have been battling what ever is going on now for about a week or so. What I'm trying to figure out is if all this is related, possibly what killed the first clown is now taking over to everything else. I will say the white dots have seemed to lessen the last day or so but are still present. I will note that the leopard wrasse that died had no visible markings or anything when inspecting it after death. Let me know if you think this is all related, I'm really thinking its is seems to coincidental to not be. Just trying to figure out what I have and what the best course of action for my tank is.
  7. thank you for the info ill get what a can tomorrow and hopefully somehow catch all the fish!
  8. Can all the fish live in the same tank over this time? What do I need for them to survive for the full 6-8 weeks in a QT tank? And how big of a tank? A shopping list would be greatly appreciated. I'll get what I can tomorrow and get meds coming asap. Can I also move any rock from the dt to the qt for hiding/bio filtration? Also after the 30 days in copper drain the qt and refill with fresh salt water?
  9. I can get a tank and hob filter easy enough tomorrow, medications I'm not sure if I can find but could easily enough Amazon next day. I'm worried about the yellow watchman as it hides under all the rock work with a pistol shrimp and the Midas that an disappear into the rocks.
  10. It looks much more like velvet then Brook to me. The larger clown has the spots all over. Not sure if u can see from the pics. It's late now not sure I can get what I need tonight to treat them tonight or what I need for a QT. Any tips for catching fish like the Midas and yellow watchman with out tearing the tank apart?
  11. Also any tips for catching all the fish without tearing everything apart? The clowns I could maybe get but the Midas blenny and yellow watchman I think will be almost impossible worth out taking all the rock/corals out
  12. Are you able to tell from picks if it's ich or velvet? I don't have another tank to put them in unfortunately, let alone catch all of them if I did. What would I need to set something up for them to survive in for that long? Snow Phoenix they are black clarkii's at least that's what they were sold to me as.
  13. I think I'm possibly battling ich or maybe velvet. I recently add 2 clarkii clowns to my tank about a week ago that I think have introduced ich or something into my 40g IM nuvo tank. The small of the 2 clowns I noticed first had some small bumps on its fins that looked to me like lymphocystis so I kept an eye on it. 2 days ago I found my leopard wrasse had died but had no noticeable signs or spots on it after death. Yesterday I started seeing a few white spots on the larger clown but no other signs of anything. Today the larger clown is covered in white spots which u can see in the pics. Other fish are a midas blenny which I haven't seen any signs of spots on yet and also a small yellow watchman again from what I can see no spots but its hard to tell with how small he is and in hiding in the sand and rock with a pistol shrimp. Trying to figure out where to go from here. I have seen a product call medic by polyplab that is suppose to be reef safe and kill ich but not sure if its just a gimmick let me know what you guys think! small clownsmall clownLarge clown 3/15 large clown 3/16 small clown large clown 3/15
  14. Any other solid options out there?
  15. Yeah I hoping to hear some reviews about it. I'm not set on it, so any other good options I'm open too.
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