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  1. The MB gets here Saturday. The Rally I’m not sure, hopefully it gets here before I leave town, but I’m not counting on it. So my plan is to treat with the MB on Saturday. If MB is all that I have available until returning should I still try and treat a couple times, with 48 hrs between? Then I can have 2 treatments before leaving town and returning the Goby to the DT while I’m gone. When I get home I will have the Rally available if it looks like more treatment is necessary. And I can decide it I want to QT my fish for ich at that time once I’m back. Thanks guys, this has been really helpful so far. I’ve had so many questions, but trying to figure out best answers by searching the forums has been overwhelming. Me and my fish really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks again for the response. I’m starting to feel more confident that I can figure this out. The ich issue was my main worry before the Goby thing. After cycling I started my tank off with the 3 chromis and everything was fine. About a month later I added the RG and the YWG. The next day after adding them i noticed the RG had a couple white spots and after some research I was determined that it was ich. After more reading and consulting the person who sold me the fish and another store owner I decided to just keep a close eye on things but not do anything to stress the fish. The guy at the store had a very hard time catching the RG and I thought that was perhaps the cause of stress. I didn’t want to try it in my tank since there are lots of hiding places and the RG is very quick. Since then there has been a cycle of the RG looking fine for a few weeks (but always scratching on the sand) and then occasionally I would see the white specks, mostly on the fins. I was also adding garlic and selcon to the food most days (still not sure if it helps, lots of conflicting info out there.) Anyways, I’ve been doing all sorts of reading trying to plan what to do, but my main concern has been catching the RG. I’m pretty sure I will have to remove the 2 large rocks where the fish live, one of which the shrimp and goby live under and within. Well, I figured if the Goby needs treatment and possibly QT might as well the opportunity to QT the rest of the fish, let the tank go fallow, and hopefully get rid of the ich. Another concern is is that if something happens and a fish dies while I’m away and is in the rock work I’m worried about a nutrient problem and in worst case a crash. I have a lot more invested in corals than in fish and don’t want anything to happen to them while I’m gone. If daily baths for the YWG are what you would recommend to try first I would be able to do 4 days before leaving town and will be gone for 12 days. Would you recommend that I return him to the DT between dips or set up a hospital tank? And while gone? Thanks again for for the help. If you couldn’t tell, the fish part of this hobby have been a difficulty for me so far.
  3. Thank you! I’m really happy you took the time to help out, as I have been overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do. I have a lot to read but one issue is that I will be leaving town in a week and I will have to determine if the antibiotic and quarantine process are too difficult for the person who will be coming by to feed the fish. I’m pretty worried about putting all my fish in quarantine then leaving. I have been planning to set up a QT tank for all the fish after I get back, since the Gramma has been showing signs of ich since I got it. But now I’m pretty worried that might be too late for the Goby. So I just ordered some of both the Rally and the Methylene Blue, since Rally wasn’t available with fast shipping. I will have time to set up the QT and treat the fish on Saturday. Then I am leaving town on Wenesday for 2 weeks. I am wondering if after using the MB should just quarantine all my fish together at that time and treat with copper to eliminate itch for the 6 weeks? Am I ok with 5 small fish in a 45 gal QT for 2 weeks without a water change? I do have bio balls and live rock rubble in the back of my main tank that I can sacrifice if that would help with processing ammonia. I’m using a aio tank for QT, is there anything special I should put in the media chambers? Thanks again. This is my first tank and my first 5 fish and I have read a lot about QT and debated doing it but didn’t because I was trying to keep things simple and easy (and cheap.) I guess I learned my lesson. 😩
  4. I am new to this. But I added the medium version to my 45g along with 1tray of miracle mud, some marine pure spheres and Chaeto and I’ve been very happy with the results. I looked into the packs too but I think it’s overkill unless maybe if you were starting up a new system using dry rock. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Hello. I am here for ideas on what might be causing some sort of damage to my YWG. He is in my 45g along with 3 chromis, a fairly rude royal gramma, a companion pistol shrimp, a small emerald crab, a tuxedo urchin, and some snails and hermits. I’ve been observing the tank as much as possible and haven’t really seen anything very aggressive going on, other than the Goby fighting his reflection (a lot.) Initially I wanted to blame the Gramma, who is very territorial and I caught sort of “mouthing” at the Goby after the injury first appeared. But I’ve never seen them actually bite and they were introduced to the tank at the same time. Then I thought maybe it was the Emerald Crab, which I added around the same time this happened, but I’ve seen it pinching at the chromis and they don’t even react so I don’t think its big enough to do much. I’ve also wondered if perhaps he lost a fight to his nemesis, his own reflection. He does get pretty violent at times, and I’ve observed him spending basically entire days going at it with his reflection, especially when the glass is super clean. I’ve also looked into disease or parasite but I can’t find anything that would cause that sort of damage. I The injury started here with a white patch. After a week or so the patch sort of came off like a scab, and the fish just has this missing patch like a zombie. Then, just today I noticed some of the same thing happening on his other side. I’m pretty worried since he is may favorite fish and also he has a companion shrimp, but I can’t really figure out what to do. Also he’s eating well and behaving normal, other than occasionally allowing the shrimp to attend to the wound. Any advice or help figuring out what is going on would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance. Im not sure if this is helpful, but I have heard the shrimp snapping at something occasionally with the lights off, and when I’ve looked the gramma and emerald crab are not near the goby/shrimp’s territory.
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