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  1. I feel like these slim line jugs would be perfect size. Also the drain would make water changes a breeze https://www.amazon.com/Arrow-Home-Products-00743-Container/dp/B001FD6YWE/ref=pd_aw_fbt_img_2/147-6901081-2335362?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B001FD6YWE&pd_rd_r=f24c2524-4f38-11e9-9988-a90d46ea6b0d&pd_rd_w=lRVoN&pd_rd_wg=Zv2Q1&pf_rd_p=3ecc74bd-d08f-44bd-96f3-d0c2b89f563a&pf_rd_r=KG2EKCGSXNEKMRC6G1NJ&psc=1&refRID=KG2EKCGSXNEKMRC6G1NJ
  2. Might be fun can we limit it to frags only? It’s kind of lame to have people shove a couple hundred dollars of mature coral and rock into a pico and show off a gorgeous reef. A big part of the challenge should be to grow out the pico not just decorate it.
  3. It’s the stupid filter socks that everyone wants to sell you. I don’t really understand why people use em but I bet they are an excellent recurring revenue stream
  4. I was thinking one of these but worried it might be too much light/heat. 50watts is probably the right size for this small a space https://www.amazon.com/Growstar-Spectrum-Greenhouse-Gardening-Growing/dp/B07312WKX2?th=1&psc=1
  5. I always thought someone should just make a AIO tank with a built in ATS. That would be an amazing innovation in the Nano scene
  6. Your amonia is oddly high for 3 weeks in. Do a check with DI water and see what your test reads as 0.
  7. What were you using for a fixture? And how bad was heat and corrosion
  8. I'm planning to run a Fugue in the skimmer chamber of my waterbox 45.2 sump. Is a small chamber 8.5x10.5 and its servicing a 30G tank so it doesn't need to be a huge light. I'm looking for a solid fugue light for that area that is cheaper than a AI fugue but is still decently built and moderately salt resistant. Id prefer CREE Leds if at all possible because they produce about 1/2 the heat of the Chinese ones which is a big deal for these closed compartments. Any suggestions on what else might be out there other thank Kessils and AI Fuges?
  9. That's really a sad state 😞 if he just got out of the hospital in the US hes probably bankrupt or damn near so such is the sorry state of our system. Is you got any suggestions on making suspect dry rock better let me know or PM me. I ended up buying some of the Marco dry rock from my LFS since yours was sold out.
  10. Bummer it was always considered the best rock available. Not enough margin?
  11. Why would you quarantine with invertebrates in the tank. You can’t dose copper without killing everything
  12. Your local petco probably uses copper. Your LFS is probably totally clueless. I have one next to me like that they guy somehow manages not to kill everything but he’s not running a very good clean or upfront oppression. I want to support local but I don’t want to pay 20-30% more to get a shittier experience and product.
  13. I don’t really understand why LFS don’t exclusivity carry MAP items to prevent this problem. Why carry Chinese pumps and LEDs when the consumer can buy them for the same price you do online?
  14. From a risk assessment if the crack has terminated you can evaluate what’s left to see if what is left will hold pressure. Leaving an active crack tip to grow where ever it may choose at at an unpredictable rate is asking for troubled. Hard to tell from the photos what you have.
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