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    Corals for beginners???

    A lot of these corrals seem to be recommended because they can take lower quality lights. What are some that are easy to maintain but with decent lighting like Ai prime(s)?
  2. Thanks, clown. Super useful info. If the old tank had sand would it be important to keep the sand in it or is it ok to shift it to bare bottom?
  3. Occasionally I see deals pop up on craigslist for already running 10-20 gallon tanks, but I dont really know what the proper way to move one is. Do people pump all the water into buckets and transport that? Do you use battery air pumps? How does one avoid over-stressing the fish or sturring up too much sand and crashing the tank during the move? Are there any good guides out there on how to do this?
  4. Can one connect a hose to the sump pump and just pull/fill the water out that way? Or do you still need to use a messy siphon system?
  5. Thats probably me. Id rather put the time and money upfront into the setup in order to reduce maintenance burden later. I really want to have a setup where its easy and quicly to do water changes without making a mess. Is a sump system better for that or AIO? When I was younger I had a fresh water tank and inevitably there would be water everywhere when i did the changes
  6. 700-800 on amazon. I don’t really understand what you get for 2-4x as much cost
  7. What’s an appropriate price for a used Red Sea Nano 20? There is one on offer up but the guy wanted $600 for it which is way too much imo. Sadly missed an IM10 for $40 while I was out of town :(
  8. Newbie here trying to understand what to budget for and what kind of setup I need. I dont want to cheap out and get stuff that ill want to get rid of or replace immediately, but also trying to avoid gold plated stuff with unnecessary stuff like wifi and bluetooth. What do you guys recommend as the current best value 20g or smaller setup is (leaning towards rimless but i can be convinced otherwise). I want to mostly focus on learning to grow corrals and I plan to keep the tank minimally stocked with fish (except maybe some cleaner fish if recommended). Is an all in one the way to go? Whats the current newbie recommended setup based on current available hardware? My plan is to buy high quality used parts where possible to help reduce costs a bit so maybe building around a single AI prime light unless you guys think that's overkill for a newbie. I want to spend the money upfront on things that make maintenance easier and make the system more stable. Trying to avoid sand for that reason as well. Id like an ATO but im not sure if I need or would benefit from a refugerum, sump, skimmer or controller suggestions?