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  1. Thanks for the reply! I will be starting the tank in late May, but I like getting equipment sorted out now so there are no suprises later on. I will be in charge of the beginning though 🙂 Which tests would you recommend? API were the only ones I am familiar with. Ok so the AC 50 would be a better option 👍
  2. Light-wise I am leaning towards current USA orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light 18-24 inches. For $100 I think it is a good price. Please give me feedback! Thanks
  3. Hello everyone and Thanks for reading, Objective: I am new to saltwater but I am ready to learn and do what is necessary to have a stunning tank filled with coral and livestock. Size: This will be standard ten gallon tank from Petco. I do not have any knowledge of getting the bottom of the tank drilled in order to have a sump and from what I have read, it does not appear to be necessary with a nano tank. Background information: I am a college student living two hours away from home. I will keep the tank at home with my brother doing maintenance while I am away. Equipment: I am looking for quality equipment that is not going to break the bank. After hours of research, this is what I have thought about getting. Ten Gallon Standard Tank - $10 Air Pump - Hydor Koralia Nano 240 - $24 HOB Filter - Aquaclear ?? - What size should I get? I have seen AC20s AC30s and even AC50s. ($22, $29, $37) Heater - Probably going to get a 50 watt aqueon pro - $30 Light - Help me pick out a light please. I am not trying to spend more than $150, but I want a quality light that will grow all corals. Refractometer - $23 Test Kit - API Reef Test Kit - $18.50 Total before stocking: $142.50 + Light Substrate: 10-15 Pounds of Live Rock Live Sand Livestock: Not definite on anything yet. Some ideas I've had though Fish - Clownfish, Damselfish, Royal Gramma. Note: I am aware that I cant put certain fish with others. Coral - Anything that has nice color that can grown from the light I use. Nothing advanced Inverts - Snails
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