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  1. Well...an update on the tank. I received a frag pack from world wide corals last week. Fantastic service and corals. I also picked up an orchid Dottyback from my local fish store. Everything seemed to be going great! I was testing daily and parameters were looking really good. Now for the bad news. My cheap Amazon heater blew up on my last night. I woke up to a white cloudy mess and 99 degrees. Unfortunately, it was a complete loss. Goes to show that you really should spend a little extra for better equipment. Below are some pictures before the tank took a turn. It was still in it's ugly stage but definitely had potential. We will see how this pans out in the next few weeks.
  2. It is an insane amount. I do agree. I did have the lights in, probably too much, trying to keep that zoa alive through the cycle. I am going to try and scrub the rest later this week. I need to get this under control before I move forward. I am hoping a little bit of elbow grease and cuc will solve this issue for me. So far, I am a big fan of my OW-10. LOTS of flow. It was a little noisy at first but now I can hardly hear it running. I don't think you will be disappointed for the price.
  3. The cycle is coming to an end! No detecatble ammonia or nitrites anymore. 20 ppm nitrates and a 30-40% water change this evening. It went by rather quick but I will take it. I did add a bottle of bio spira initially to get things going. I also picked up a couple of turbos today to try and come a wicked algae outbreak. I tried to manually remove as much as I could with a toothbrush. I have a clean up crew from reef cleaners coming next week since my lfs only had the two to offer. Fingers crossed it doesn't get out of control. I have also ordered some Marine pure biomedia and carbon from BRS. Also a few media bags to hold them in the first chamber in the back of the nuvo. Have any if you had luck with the biomedia? Are the spheres good to hold in the media bags? Or should I just drop them in the back? There seems to be some really good reviews online. I received and installed the reef breeders ATO last week, which I love! So easy to install and a great price. The zoa still seems to be doing great! It looks like I will be placing my order with works wide corals here soon to start stocking the tank in the next couple of weeks. I will probably start with one of their starter packs. I like the surprise of not knowing exactly what corals you will get. I am also looking to get a fish as well. My lfs did have a tiny Orchid Dottyback that was pretty awesome. So much personality compared to some others they had. Not sure if I want to go the clown route or not yet with this tank. Anyways, here is an ugly shot of the tank post cycle. Most of the 'seed' rock will be removed from the tank in the next few weeks leaving a much cleaner look. I figured it couldn't hurt to leave it in there for now until I start adding livestock.
  4. Hey Michael. Thanks for the feedback. Their website is pretty spectacular. I will go ahead and purchase a frag pack based on what you said. I wasn't sure if the culls got tossed in the packs since they seem relatively affordable. I might have to check out the coral club once my tank is well established. Seems like a pretty sweet deal compared to other vendors. For those of you who are interested in what you might get in a frag pack from them, I will be sure to post what ends up at my front door. Thanks again!
  5. Update on the tank! I was able to get the rock set the way I wanted and bonded most pieces to form the final aquascape. I think it should allow room for most of the corals I am planning on keeping. The Jeboa ow-10 seems to being doing a decent job. So far, I am really happy with it. I am still waiting for the Sicce pump to arrive from marine Depot. I have also ordered the reef breeders ato. The Reef News podcast made up my mind for me on that front. Now for the parameters update. I have seen a spike in ammonia to 1.0 ppm and has dropped off since then to 0.25 . Still no detectible nitrites. And nitrates have gone up to 10 ppm as of this morning. Seems a little out of order(and fast) but I will ride this out and see what happens. Also, I have fallen in love with my little zoa in the tank(still doing great by the way). I am going to incorporate a mini zoa garden when the time comes. I never realized how big of a variety they come in! I am also growing fond of favia and lords. I am getting excited to start adding corals! This cycle can't finish quick enough! Nothing too exciting but here are some updated pics.
  6. Bumping this up to see if anyone has input. I am try to nail down a supplier to stock my tank in the new few weeks. How did you 'remote' reefers go about obtaining live stock? I have searched around on Facebook and Craigslist for local reef keepers and clubs without success so far. Anymendations are greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello nano-reef crew! I was hoping to get some input from those who have ordered frag packs from WWC. Most of them seem to be fairly reasonable as far as price goes. I get that the more you spend, the better the corals will looks(in theroy), but wanted to get an idea of what I should expect. Pictures can be deceiving sometimes I have found. I am looking at some of the beginner packs to start with, then working my way up as my tank matures. Living in Montana, I am very limited on places to buy reef livestock. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  8. I should have known not to post without a picture. That is half the reason people check out these threads! Here you go. My first tank inhabitant. Hopefully the little guy makes it through the cycle.
  9. I took that into consideration but found that I did not want to scrape off the attached foam mat on the bottom of the tank. It appears to be glued on there. I do agree, it would look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I have ordered the saltwater master kit to monitor the cycle process. Added bonus, a zoa polyp showed it's face today from the live rock I added!
  10. Just a breif update on the tank. I received it earlier this week and was able to get the cycle started last night. I did make the final decision to go bare bottom with this one. I was also able to pick up a few pieces of live rock from my local fish store to 'seed' the rest of my tank. I hadn't been in there in a few years and that place has really gone downhill. Being the nice people they are, I still plan on supporting them whenever I can. That being said, I will be looking elsewhere to purchase most of my corals. Has anyone used world wide corals? They seem to have some pretty decent frag packs. Anyways, here are a few pics of the current reefscape. Obviously this is all subject to change. Let me know what you think. On order now is: - Since 0.5 (stock pump sucks) - Jeboa OW-10 - API test kit
  11. Thank you all for your input on this by the way. This place is a great resource!
  12. Hey NanoRox. Looks like an awesome product. I like the frag pockets available on your product. What would you recommend for a nuvo 10? It would be cool to have a few corals floating on the back wall but I wouldn't want it to take up the whole tank. Does it match up pretty well to real rock after time?
  13. Hey all. I was curious your thoughts and recommendations for creating a floating rock to the back of an aquarium? I am setting up a 10 gallon nano reef and have a vision for a small piece if rock to hang on the back wall. What are the best methods for getting this done? Magnet? Glue? Also, for those of you have have tried this, have of you had any trouble down the road with this falling off? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  14. I think you have convinced me to go bare bottom since an mp10 sounds like it is in my future. They can actually look pretty cool if done properly. Thanks for the visual on the back of the tank. I will have to set mine up similar to this. I see that you have tube running to the back of your tank. Is this for dosing purposes? Or is this your ATO? I am in the process of researching which ATO I will be using. Work sometimes has me travelling for a few days in a row and I want to be sure I can maintain a stable environment at all times with the direction I want to take this tank.
  15. Hey. Thank you both for the advice. You both have envious tanks! I do like the idea of leaving a little more display room as it is such a small volume. The cleaner look, the better. Maybe I will start out with and upgraded return and look at the mp10 if needed down the line since it looks like I can get a start with it one. Interesting take on the no substrate. It has been a few years but I was under the assumption that the substrate helped out with some of the biological filtration? A clean bottom would look pretty neat. Do you run into any problems with cleaning the bottom glass? What is your take on incorporating some sort of algae/chaeto in a tank this size? Can't wait for this tank to get here later this week!