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  1. Just found this little guy crawling on my live rock. Looks like it possibly has a hard body. He blends in with the rock, but was moving around. Maybe about 1/4" long. Thanks.
  2. I have an IM20 and picked up a single pajama cardinal 3 days ago. I has 2 clownfish, peppermint crab, skunk cleaner, scarlet hermit, and a few snails. My cardinal seemed to be doing fine and floating around like they do the last few days. This morning, he's gone and I've looked all over for a carcass - nothing. I haven't moved my live rock, but do you think if he died overnight the shrimps and crab could have completely devoured the carcass? I'm hoping he's hiding somewhere, but I think he's gone. 😢
  3. I don't have a RODI unit and may get one in the future. I've been using distilled water for my water changes, but I recently got some RODI water from 2 different LFS to try out. Using my cheapo TDS meter, I got readings of 22 and 40 from the 2 different stores. I ended up not using either, but wanted to know what you all think. Are these readings too high to use. Should I just use this water for rinsing out things instead of going in the tank? Thanks.
  4. Good eye! Yes, the aptasia popped up a few days ago. I see 4 spots. I got a peppermint shrimp today hoping he'll help. If not, I'll aptasia X them next week.
  5. I found this in 2 different spots on my live rock. It looks a little like fuzz with little balls at the end. it waves around with the current Thanks!
  6. I don't have an ATO yet, but when I do, I'm planning on using one of these clear restaurant food containers. They are cheap, food safe, come in all different sizes, and have snap on lids. You can pick these up at any restaurant supply store locally. I currently use one as a salt container for my instant ocean salt. They look like these: https://www.webstaurantstore.com/3087/food-storage-containers.html?filter=color:clear
  7. To be safe, I decided to not use and I ordered some "intank" floss from Amazon. Thanks for the replies.
  8. I've seen some conflicting information so I just want to see if anyone uses this exact poly-fil and that it is safe to use. Anybody use this with good results? I know to change it every couple of days. Thank you.
  9. I was considering getting a new Fluval 13.5 for a long time and decided getting the Nuvo 20 instead for a few reasons. The filter is on the back and it is going up against a wall so the cords won't be hanging off the side. It is considerably larger volume and has more options for filtration as your needs change. I'm no expert on lighting, but everything I've read says to get other lighting. I'm using a $60 Hipargero light from Amazon at the moment. I will upgrade down the road as needed.
  10. First of all, thank you to the community here for all the advice and guidance. After over 25 years away from the hobby, I started a Fluval Edge 6 gallon about a month ago with live rock with the intent to have a fish or two, some softies and LPS. When it finished cycling and before I got any fish, my wife wanted a larger tank so we could have a few more fish - so I got the green light to get a IM 20. The transfer from the Fluval to the IM20 was easy. I picked up another 10lb bag of Caribsea live sand and got a nice large piece of LR from the LFS. I monitored my water daily and didn't see any spikes. I added my first fish yesterday - 2 Picasso clowns. I already had a trochus snail, cerrith snail, and scarlet hermit from my initial tank. I'm really liking the IM 20, but my stock pump is annoyingly loud, so I ordered another pump. There's also quite a bit of evaporation - approximately a quart or so a day. I ordered a Sicce 1.0, an IM custom caddy media basket (for one side) and an Intank floss holder for the other side. The only thing I'm running at the moment is 500ml of Matrix (Bio) and the stock socks. I'm switching to filter floss when I receive my basket and floss holder. I may get another basket in the road, but I'm considering getting a Duetto ATO to deal with the evaporation. Thanks for looking! Equipment Sicce silent 1.0 (arriving tomorrow) Hydor Nano IM custom caddy & Intank floss holder (arriving tomorrow) Hipargero (Aquaknight) LED light 100watt Cobalt Neotherm heater 20lbs Caribsea Live Sand (Reef Sand) Walmart el cheapo glass thermometer (it's accurate - checked with electronic thermometer) Here's my IM Fusion 20:
  11. This sounds a little fishy to me....
  12. I just found my hermit and he's hiding in a rock, just like you said. I'll pull the molt. Thanks.
  13. I do have a scarlet crab. Earlier this morning he was walking around on top of the rocks, but I haven't been able to locate him no. It doesn't look like a whole crab. Do they lose partial legs?
  14. I found this hitchhiker in my tank this morning. It kinda looks like a crab leg mixed with something else. Do I need to remove? Thanks!
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