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  1. Thanks Seabass and Weikel for the input. After I bought the crushed coral for startup, I had a feeling I should have stayed with the sand. Is there a problem if I went and switched out the crushed coral for live sand now? I'm thinking I can take out about half the water (about 2.5 gallons), put the live rock in the bucket in water. Take out as much crush coral as I can and replace with the live sand, and then put the live rock back in? I can add newly mixed saltwater instead of putting in the old water? What do you think?
  2. Oops. I meant the Nitrites are .50ppm, not "50". I've got crushed coral on the bottom. I was originally going to get live sand, but my LFS talked me out of it. I been reading a ton on the cycle, but I just wanted another set of eyeballs to tell me things look normal. It's been about 30 years since I last has a saltwater tank, so I've forgotten everything and everything is pretty new to me again. The last setup I had some 25-30 years ago was a 55 gallon with a U/G filter running with powerhead and a wet/dry filter with bio balls. How times have changed.
  3. This is my fluval edge 6 gallon. The large brown pieces in the back are 3 pieces of live rock I got from the LFS. The smaller non-brown rocks were dry rock I added a day or two after I got the tank going. I started the tank last week on 1/8/19 - nine days ago. Using my API test kit, ammonia has been 0 since for the last 4 days. Nitrites have been steady at 50ppm. The live rock has started turning brown, while the dry rock hasn't turned color at all. I'm guessing the brown on the live rock is the diatom bloom starting? My plan is to wait for Nitrites to drop to zero and then get a couple of snails for my CUC. I've read conflicting information about hermit crabs, so I'm not sure about getting one. Thoughts? or should I get a emerald crab? Does everything sound and look normal so far? Comments?
  4. RemoGaggi

    Distilled water question!!!

    I just bought some Walmart distilled water a few days ago. It has the purple cap. I just tested the water with my inexpensive TDS tester and it measured "0", whereas my tap water measures "122" with the same tester.
  5. RemoGaggi

    Fluval Edge 6 Gallon - Day one

    Day 3 - I received my Hydo Nano 240 and Hypargero LED. I also picked up a couple more small pieces of rock to add. So far, with the help of the folks here, I've discovered I have a couple of hitchhikers. A brittle star and 2 peanut worms. I'm told they are good HH, so I'm happy about that. I installed the Hydor and my new light. I removed the stock light (6 screws) and loosely mounted the LED base on the back lip of the black plastic that hides the cords. It's not super tight because the angle of the base hits the back of the filter, but it works fine. I might do something about it later if it becomes an issue, but I don't think it will. The tank looks so much better now. Now for some water testing...
  6. RemoGaggi

    Another Hitchhiker - Can someone identify?

    WV, it does appear to be peanut worm. Thanks for the help!
  7. RemoGaggi

    Another Hitchhiker - Can someone identify?

    Sorry, that's the best picture I was able to get. It looks like the entire tube thing extends and waves around like a tentacle. When it extends, the entire tube gets thinner. Nothing is coming out of the tube. I hope that helps. THanks!
  8. I've spotted this on my live rock I got 2 days ago. It appear to be attached to the rock (it hasn't relocated) and it extends and waves around in the water, but then tends to retract if I put a flashlight on it. Can someone tell me if they recognize this and if it is problematic? Thanks!
  9. RemoGaggi

    Help - Can someone identify what this is?

    Awesome. I'll keep him. Thanks!
  10. I just set up my Fluval Edge 6 gallon (see earlier post) and I got some cured live rock from my LFS and they swore up and down there were no hitchhikers. I just saw this. Can someone tell me what this is? I'm guessing I need to remove it? Thanks!
  11. I've been out of the hobby for nearly 30 years, but recently got interested again. A lot has changed since 1989-1990, but I've been reading and researching as much as I can. Thanks to all of you for all the informative posts. I've been going back and forth about starting with a Fluval Evo 13.5, then a IM Fusion 20, but wasn't really sure. I then came across a Fluval Edge 6 gallon for $15 on CL. It's new in the box, but the top has a hairline crack in it - I can live with that for $15. (My wife hasn't even noticed it) I tested the tank for leaks and picked up 6lbs of cured live rock from the LFS. I also got about 8lbs crushed coral. It ended up taking about 5.5lbs of saltwater and I got it up and running. I plan on running it stock for now and then upgrade the lights and then tweak what I run in the filter. I'm trying to not let the budget get out of hand so I was looking at the Hipargero Led on Amazon -https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0727V8C5Q/?coliid=I2JXQVNYZSXDPZ&colid=2CBGR1EF62AM&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it As for what to run in the filter, I've read many run chemi pure. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks to everyone in advance!