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  1. I wouldn't worry to much, just like when they drill holes for overflow and return lines there is usually some chip out.
  2. Hello All, I am in need of some help with some option for l.e.d light for tank. I have a 16 bio cube with Steve L.E.D upgrade with controller and really like it. They make a light for cube but fixture sits on top glass cover and not really sure I like the idea especially when I have grandkids being curious about everything that isn't nailed down. So any recommendations will be greatly appreciated and look forward to all replies. Again thanks
  3. If I remember right , it usually takes a few weeks or longer for a new tank to cycle through but with all the new snake oils out there I guess anything is possible. I myself beleive it is healthier to let nature take its course .
  4. Tank has only been set up a couple days, no chemical filtration. Just letting mother nature do her thing. Water was crystal clean with live sand and base rock. It's when I added a piece of live rock to kick process in high gear it turned cloudy over night.
  5. I have the same issue, everything was clear until I added a piece of live rock. I also would like to know how to remove shelf in chamber one on the bio cube so I can place heater in there.
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