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  1. Interesting... They do look a lot like button polyps. Seems to be the leading contender now
  2. Here are some new photos- as you can see their tentacles seem to be elongating. Also there is a little color developing on them after I had upgraded my lighting as patback suggested might happen with NPS's. It;s hard to photograph but they definitely grow on stalks that seem to be extending in length.
  3. Well, I actually got it programmed and was pretty happy with the whole thing but apparently there is an issue with the JBJ LEDs wherein evaporation gets in the fixtures (I don't know all the right terms here, sorry) and then they short the hell out. So the first strip of lights is just entirely dunzo. I certainly am willing to consider this is my fault somehow but regardless I think I'm over JBJ's lighting. I'm just not very impressed and I like the look of the open top. I have some research to do, I don't want to settle for second best again.
  4. UPDATE: Don't ever buy one of these things
  5. Does that mean I win a prize? :) I can take pictures with different lighting configs, Ray, what would be most helpful?
  6. Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my hood from the CFL to the WiFi enabled LED hood. Does anyone else have this thing? It includes a controller that I can in theory program with an app to create a light cycle, which is awesome except the app that controls the hood was barely translated into English and isn't tremendously user friendly. Does anyone have experience with this thing? Any pointers? I would like to set a 24 hour cycle to try and mimic nature as best as possible but I'm just not sure how best to go about doing that. There are sliders for the white, blue, and red LEDs and then there is a timer you can set so you could in theory gradually intensify certain lights and dim others. However it isn't set by clock (i.e. you can't say from 6:00am to 8:00am you want the whites at 50% and the blues at 25% or whatever), just that you want them set for a given amount of minutes. This leaves me confused- when do the cycles start? How do I set a 24 hour cycle that repeats itself automatically? Any advice would be super appreciated. I've just about made all the extra purchases I intend to for the tank and am looking forward to nailing everything down so my wife doesn't think I'm just throwing money away frivolously (which, tbf, I am)
  7. Hey guys, not much of an update- I got some LEDs and these guys sort of flouresce (sp?) under the blue lights. They don't seem to have moved at all from their base, but the polyps seem to maybe change angle somewhat? Sometimes I can clearly see the center of the disc, other times it is pointed away from me. The center has, forgive my uneducated vocabulary, a small central nubbin. Just looks like a tiny white dot. I've not noticed it every time I've looked, but I haven't always thought to check either. I've started adding some corals and a sea cucumber so I am going to get some reef roids and I'll try target feeding these guys a little bit when it comes. I'm also going to be setting up a little fuge and hope to grow a colony of pods for him and my red scooter dragonet. I do see them closed up periodically so I presume they are eating something. Anyway, doubt this will help much but I wanted to keep everyone apprised, some of you seemed interested.
  8. Just wanted to update the thread that whatever these guys are, they're thriving and seemingly multiplying all over the piece of LR they are on, but doesn't seem to be spreading to the other rocks. They definitely are discrete individual polyps though. Took some photos to the LFS who sold me the rock and asked the employees and they narrowed them down to "polyps" which thanks. I really really doubt it but could they be the polyp stage of some kind of jelly? I guess that makes even less sense. Whatever the case, I've started adding some livestock and I hope everyone can play nice!
  9. That's wild actually, I'm from Monterey and have spent many many many hours at the MBA and now that you mention it, it DOES look like cold water anemones. My tank is at about 81 degrees though, the rock has always been in water of about that temperature, and they are growing and actually maybe multiplying. I will keep you guys posted on these things. Should I buy some pods to feed them? At this point, I'm kind of more interested in them than having anything they might hurt, or vice versa, at least until we have a definite answer. I love a mystery!
  10. It closed up! Pulled itself in and became, as my wife described it, "a little butthole". I think that describes it pretty well
  11. Guy at the LFS thought it looked like a tunicate, but I can't find anything that looks like it. I hope whatever they are, they're getting enough food unless they're bad in which case I don't hope that at all
  12. I ordered the CFL 105 watt edition, and while I do not have any ambitions for anything with particularly rigorous requirements, I just don't think these look very good. But I like the stock hood a lot! Do I have any options to upgrade this or is JBJ all proprietary and I would need to remove the hood? Thanks!
  13. Interesting, I was starting to go in the direction of some kind of coral as well. I don't think light, excessive or otherwise, is necessarily to blame but I could be wrong. I;m using the stock lighting that came with the Nanocube 28 and there are a number of them actually, all up and down the vertical face of the rock. Some are in crevices, others are atop outcroppings. I've taken more pictures
  14. Feels soft entirely, but I was somewhat reluctant to really smush any of them too hard lest they be friendly. I'll call the LFS when I can to find out more. Thanks a ton. EDIT: The live rock I got is a mix of rock from other owners tanks (is that weird? it seems weird!) and something called Pukani rock, from an island in the south pacific apparently. So... literally anywhere in the world is probably the source?
  15. That's a good question Pat, I'm not sure. I can call the shop to ask. Would the answer to that be a significant differential?
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