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  1. Hopefully. Lucky I kept my stock light from evo 13.5 😵 otherwise I would have been in trouble
  2. Thanks guys, contacted ai support and they told me to try a couple things but nothing worked - I think I just got a dud they said if their resolution doesn’t work tell them my details so I assume they’re sending a replacement or getting me to send it in for repairs. The button just doesn’t do anything at all. and yeah, the power pack led light goes out when unplugged from the light side I believe (might have to double check that but pretty sure)
  3. Hey all, i recently purchased an ai Prime hd for my tank - love the light, beautiful spectrum. i do however have an issue at the moment. The light randomly turned off and the led on top has gone white.. no matter what I do, I can’t get this thing working. have tried holding down the button (does nothing), holding down the button whilst I unplug,plug power back in, have tried deleting the light from the app and rebooting the light, I feel like I’ve tried everything and nothing is working! Has this happened to anyone else? It’s not even emitting a wireless signal.. it seems like it’s just bricked itself... thanks!
  4. Yeah I agree, my tanks only a couple of months old and has no fish yet, haven’t been into reefing for long and even I was skeptical..
  5. how long will it take to settle in and stop moving? Should I be worried about how much it travels?
  6. These pictures might help? Shows how much it can expand and stretch and how far it moves daily - I don’t think it has a hard skeleton, when picked up it shrivels and closes up - no hard bits?
  7. Do ricordias move around a lot until they find a place they like in the tank? This guys constantly inflating and sticking to things, climbing up rocks etc to try and get to a spot he likes but he can’t seem to find one (been in there since Monday)
  8. Hey guys, just wondering if I could get some input on whether these kinds of snails would be a good start to my clean up crew? My tanks been cycling/going for around a month or two now, I see multiple Amphipoda crawling around constantly and I’m starting to get some algae growth. I’ve placed nothing in there except for a few zoa frags Would turbo snails, nassarius snails, and trochus snails be good for my tank? Note that I’m rural Australia and would have to drive a good 2-3hrs to get to a marine store and can’t find many good websites to order live stock thanks!
  9. Hey guys, sorry if this is an obvious or stupid question, but can anyone properly ID this coral that I bought? It was sold to me as a long armed plate coral I believe, but I feel like it’s something else? Thanks!