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  1. dear @Clown79 , I believe this is Dino outbreak. Conch almost dead, bubbles on slimey algae... Can it be sth else? I have only carbon media filtering.
  2. I guess you assume, this is due to excess nitrate in the system right?
  3. did very small amount of granules like 3-4 pcs once 3 days last week. Only yesterday fed my zoas with Hikari Coralife Delite. But the issue is long for 2-3 weeks. Just saw my nitrate peaked today to 50ppm.
  4. but I have waited for 2 weeks, it was getting worse day by day as the lights are on, last week did a 3 days of with peroxide of 1 ml, eased a lot.
  5. Hi, Thanks for all your support. Recently I have followed up the advices given by @Clown79 . My nitrates went down to 10ppm and steady for a while. So I received back my live stock from LFS and added. Zoas doing generally fine but some of them do not open up. Got brown algae, with bubbles on it - even on glass bubbly (Dinoflage??) - my conches acting weird not moving for a long while. does not even flip himself to right position. I assume they are already effected Got this white - funny worm on glass? I will make 3 days light of session with H202 dosing. Any other ideas.
  6. Gentlemen, I have seen the ammonia spike down at 0. I do not have nitrite kit, but the nitrates are out of the sky. (test shows over 100mg/l, I would say at least 200mg/l as despite 50% WC the color did a slightly change) I know that due dead fish I initially left in the tank has been decomposed and when I try to pick it went apart and distributed in the tank. So I assume the nitrates are coming out of this leftovers. Also I did a biodigest I plan on doing a 90% WC ,with some siphoning. Or shall I wait if the anaerobic bacterias to handle it to a certain balance (which might take another month maybe?)
  7. Update : I see a diatom blossom despite the ammonia levels are at 5 mg/l. I used to have the diatom after the cycle, it is interesting to see such a thing.
  8. Thanks @Clown79,@Lula_Mae, @Tamberav. I am glad that at least there is a diagnosis of the problem. I believe I have not much to do then waiting. I wish there is a method to fasten the cycling, although system waited for a month and a week with dead cichlid inside...
  9. Update; I removed all the creatures in the tank and transffered in the jar and then to the LFS. They will be keeping eye on them till my tank stabilizes with the water chemistry. Meanwhile added biodigest. How long should I wait? Shall I do any WC?
  10. GUYS, It revealed that my Ammonia test of JBL has expired, therefore not resulting properly. The new Tetra ammonia test shows at least 3 ppm Ammonia is present. I have taken out all creatures in newly prepared water, they are all sitting in a jar. I've cleaned up my media, Any suggestion from now on? @Clown79
  11. I dont have a skimmer, I have sponge, ceramic rings, some more rocks... do you have something in your mind which conches might prefer as per food? some omnivore flakes maybe?
  12. Ammonia test kit is from JBL. I hope my new one comes soon... What would be your recommendation as an action plan? I have cleaned the filter media, which was filthy enough to cause problems. I will check nitrates today again.
  13. @Lula_MaeIt is 0 ammonia and nitride in the tank. And large water change has been done as well @Clown79 The coralline on the rock is not actually on the rock. I have collected some small fractures of rock with coralline on it from LFS and spread it on the tank. You might be right about the test kit, so I ordered another test kit just to confirm if it is really zero. My pH seems to settle on 7.8 despite my water changes. Whenever I do water change it rises to 7,9 - 8,0 and then falls back to 7.8 So do you believe it's not the nitrate nor pH,dkH but possible ammonia?
  14. After couple of years break, which is due to unhappy incident of electric shortcurt which caused my critters to die, I've just started my 4g pico tank. Here are some details, I set the tank up with dry rock of 1,5kgs 1month ago use RO water Dropped a dead chiclid in the tank, Never seen a ammonia, nitride spike, and then suddenly saw nitrates around 10ppm 4 days ago, with pressure of my kid, went to a LFS and got some zoas and conches. After introduction of the zoas (I havent acclimated them, but did not before and survived in the past) and critters I did not pick up the dead fish till today. my water parameters like SG : 1,026 pH : 7,9 (hope it's correct) dKH : 7 Nitrates: 30-50 ppm no nitrides or ammonia, temp : 23,6C or 74,5F Lid open, trying to agitate some surface oxygen. So, my Zoas are not opening except the day one. Conches are not happy, but alive. any one have a recommendation?
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