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  1. WTB:HOT protein skimmer Cheap

    I have a ViaAqua Multi Skimmer NIB that I will sell for $70 shipped if you are interested.
  2. DIY canopy/retrofit

    I decided to go with PC lights instead of T5 or MH. I am going to build a canopy. What do you this of these lights? I have a 29gal and this would be a total of 260watts (I am getting two of the kits). Each kit measures 23x5.5x1.5. I will probably also add moonlights into the design. Could I keep a clam with these lights? What about hard corals?
  3. I set up my tank about 2 weeks ago. Bought all the basics, and now I am looking for a light. While the cycle is going on, I am just using the stock light which is a 24watt 20k. I have about 25lbs LR and about 30lbs LS. Right now I have a HOT Magnum 250, but will be getting Remora w/ maxi-jet 1200 Friday. Also have heater and two micro-jet powerheads. My question is this: What is the beefit of getting the T5 fixture w/ 4 39watt bulbs as opposed to getting the Current USA Orbit w/ 2 65watt bulbs. I realize that there is a difference of 26 watts, but is it worth the extra $$$$$?(little over $100) I really want the most light I can fit on this tank w/o going to M/H just yet. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have been reading the posts on this sight and have gained some very useful knowlege in the past few weeks. Originally, I was going to purchase a JBJ Nano-Cube. However, after doing research, I have come to the conclusion that it isn't for me. The lighting requirements for reef tanks are too great, and I really want to learn about the reef itself before I learn complex modifications for a tank. So after careful consideration, I have decided on what I think would be a descent startup system. Like many people on this site, I do have a limited budget. I am looking to only spend about $500 or so on setup. This price is to include tank, heater, powerhead, lighting, live rock, live sand and water. Of course, I would spend more if needed. Also I have decided to go w/o a protein skimmer for now. I will try water changes and see how that does. While the tank goes through its initial cycles, I would get the money together for livestock. So here is what I am thinking about getting: 1. Advance Aqua Clear-for-Life 30gal Acrylic 24x13x24 $150 2. Current USA Orbit 24" 2x65 watt $155 3. Via Aqua 305 $15 4. Ebo Jager 75watt $15 5. LR, LS, etc. from LFS ($ yet to be determined) Finally, can I put any livestock in while the tank is cycling? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Ryan