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  1. thanks for all the responses, I'll follow up in a few weeks and let you all know how they're doing!
  2. Hey Everyone, I took some pics today and will try to take similar ones in a day or two to track any movement. From what i can see now they're opening a bit and with their little tendril things sticking out more than before. They're all the same size (about 1mm diameter, 1mm tall) and are look like tiny anenomes. If you look really close theres a little opening/mouth in the middle of them. My concern is that they're some type of pest like aiptasia that i need to get ahead of, does anyone know what an army of baby aiptasia looks like? Thanks, -TK
  3. Hey Everyone! I just started up a small 15 gal reef tank thats in the process of cycling (About 2 weeks in). I noticed some little light brown circular critters on the live rock and wanted to make sure they aren't anything i need to worry about. It's hard to tell in the pictures but they're tiny like 1mm diameter, light brown and theres a ton of them, they appear to be attached to the rock and have tiny little arms in a ring shape. Any help IDing these suckers would be much appreciated!
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