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  1. Hello! I thought this area would be the better place to ask. I haven't used too many forums and I've tried a search but I'm not sure if I'm using the correct keywords. I want to make sure that the tank I'm building is done ethically and sustainably. After happening upon a site for corals that have been completely tank raised, it gave me an idea to start searching for people here or online that offer tank raised fish and corals who have a really good reputation for healthy and pest-free fish, corals, and/or inverts (or at least relatively. It's a tall order to be 100%). I'm still cycling my tank so have plenty of time to look. I'd really like to find people who maybe specialize in certain types of fish or corals. I'm completely new to saltwater tanks so I'm sticking to the more forgiving species of all. If you have any leads or can point me in the correct direction in the forum or search, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you 😊
  2. Lind715

    Quarantine tank

    Thank you. That's exactly why I wanted to ask questions about it and get others viewpoints. There are three fish stores in my area (and another in an area I really dont want to drive to lol). The one that's been around the longest I DEFINITELY can't get away with not quarantining. They're not very clean. Another one is brand new and they seem absolutely great but I'd have to go in and observe and ask questions before I could make any determination. The other has been around a while and is very clean, but I've only been in there once since it's not completely in an area I visit frequently. I'm on well water so until I make my mind up about whether or not to invest in a RO/DI and which one, I will have the perfect reason to go hang out at the new one while I pick up some of their water 😄
  3. Lind715

    Quarantine tank

    Hello everyone! I started my very first saltwater tank, a biocube 32, on Sunday. As I've been researching, I've read a lot about setting up a quarantine tank and quarantining your fish while you wait for the tank to cycle. I thought it would be a good idea but I'm not sure on how big a quarantine tank needs to be for the fish to be in it for at least 4 weeks. Is 5 gallons enough or would 10 be better or would it need to be bigger than that? I've seen that they're kept bare bottom, some with some PVC elbows so nothing is porous. Any other quarantine tank tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Lind715

    Live rock hitchhiker?

    Thank you! The pieces they were on came from a different aquatic store than the others and I had extra of the rock from the better store so I'm just going to take them out and switch them. Could I still have problems later since they were in the tank or it wasnt enough time to get on the other rocks?
  5. Lind715

    Live rock hitchhiker?

    Hello! I am new to saltwater tanks and I got some live rock to start up my first one. This tank has been up for about 5 days and I noticed these small orange things on certain rocks. I was wondering what they are and if they're good or bad.