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  1. I want to do a mixed reef. defently want 2 clowns, and I will add my ywg and pistol shrimp. so 3 fish and a ton of coral.
  2. Well I recieved my tax return and immediately went to Marinedepot.com and purchased a Nuvo fusion 10 gallon. 😁. I also purchased a custom caddy, 10lbs of dry rock and, a sicce. 5 return pump. I'm thinking about buying the intank universal surface skimmer. I was wondering if anyone has one? and how do you like it? I still have to buy an ato. any recommendations? thanks. -frank
  3. looking great today after yesterday's water change.
  4. thanks appreciate the compliments. it is still a work in progress. i currently have a small hair algae problem. most likely because i have been feeding to many pellets.
  5. today i added a favia and another sps. and i bought some phytofeast. i dipped the corals for 10mins. blasted them with a turkey baster to get any hitchhikers off. they were $10 frags so im optimistic and hope they do well. i just did a water change the day before.
  6. installed my hippogera led. loving this light so far.
  7. my Hippogera 30watt led comes in the mail tommarow
  8. oh okay. yeah i have the original small bag of carbon that came with the tank. snd then the chemi pure nano packet. which i just have one packet for the 5 gallon tank.
  9. so i wanted a wave function so i ditched the koralia and, bought a jebao OW-10 wavemaker. the koralias flow rate of 250gph was to strong. with the jebao i can dial down the flow rate to 100'somthin haha. im really liking the jebao. right away the wave function picked up a bunch of detritus. i think the corals are enjoying it too because everything is fully extended. Also my intank media basket came in the mail. im running a filter sponge, chemi pure nano and. charcoal. im waiting on some intank filter floss to be delivered so i can ditch the sponge.
  10. hes a cool fish, but i want somethin with a little more color. and hes kind of grumpy in my 5 gallon Fluval evo.
  11. I want to find a home for my yellow watchmen goby. or trade for a firefish. Located in the bay area. in concord, california. he is currently grey colored. he was recently purchased and is in my 5 gallon and he is eating mysis .
  12. stopped at my two lfs's and picked up a clown goby, duncan, and rasta zoa. i adjusted the koralia nano so it is higher up and pointed to the corner. also did my 10% water change. which is easy on this tank because the filter section in the back holds a little less than that amount. so i just use my siphon and suck out the detritus in the back. I also received my refugium light that i ordered on Amazon and, i ordered my intank media basket.
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