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    Do I need a power head?

    I have a IM Nuvo 10g and I have 8 corals right now, zoa, gsp, hammer, Kenya tree, mushroom, ricordea, candy cane, and cabbage. I have no Wavemaker or anything just my stock return pump and they all seem to be doing really well. They all flow nicely and all open up and are pretty active during the days. I was wondering is it necessary to have a power head? Or in the future? Realistically I’m probably gonna just get more zoas, mushrooms, and ricordeas and maybe a torch coral eventually and just let them all take over. Is a power head necessary? Thanks
  2. Hunter Lang

    Starfish hitchhiker

    So ever since I got my live rock to cycle my tank there was a small little star fish living in one of the holes I guess and he was been coming out every day ever since. He’s black and really skinny but maybe like an inch and a half big. Should I try to remove him or let him be? I have no clue how he made it through my cycling with the ammonia and nitrite spikes (since I have heard stars are hard to keep alive for beginners) I just don’t know if he is dangerous or not since I know nothing about this sources of star. I may sound silly but I want to make sure. I have never seen him bother fish or corals he is very shy and only comes out for a few minutes at a time and ticks back in to his holes. Any ideas on what it is and if I should keep it??? I want to eventually get a chocolate chip star also
  3. Hunter Lang

    Algae overload!!

    Yeah that’s what I have heard, I may just end up getting a torch coral so I get the look and might host the clownfish but it won’t just move around freely
  4. Hunter Lang

    Algae overload!!

    So recently I have been getting quite a bit of brown algae on my sand bed and some growing on my rocks! What is the best method to get rid of this? All my levels seem to be okay? Is there anything special I need to do to get rid of this? (mind by tank is newly established) it just looks so gross and I’m getting very upset with the look of my tank /:
  5. Please post a pic of your nano gallon reef tank for some inspo! I have no clue if the placements of my corals look good and have no idea what to do in the future! I am happy with how it looks so far but thinking about what to do next (what to get, where to put it, how to attach it with little flat surfaces) is really all stressing me out! Any pics for inspo or advice on what to get and where to put it would really be helpful!!! I really am wanting a torch coral and a bunch more zoas ricordea and maybe more candy canes but no clue where to put them HELP please!
  6. Right now I have a hammer, zoa, ricordea, branch (forgot what type), cabbage, red mushroom, candy cane, and gsp. I obviously want to stock my rock up and sand bed full of corals. I’m thinking most of the bottom will eventually be ricordea and zoas. What other easy beginner corals do you guys recommend? I have a Kessil a80 tuna blue and no Wavemaker just the return pump on my Nuvo 10g. (I can always get a Wavemaker.)
  7. Hunter Lang

    Algae overload!!

    Hope so too! I’m hoping they host to the hammer coral, but eventually down the road I will get an anemone so hopefully then!
  8. Hunter Lang

    Algae overload!!

    @Donny41 @WhatsReef @Oldsalt01 So I went to my fish store today and we figured out it’s diatoms. It had been happening from me using my filtered tap water to do water top offs instead of RODI so I bought some water from them, some filter floss, and a few more crabs today to help out. I’m gonna keep posted for a few days and watch and see and hopefully it all goes away. Thanks guys!
  9. Hunter Lang

    Mandarin goby with clownfish?

    Can I add a Mandarin Goby in my 10g Nuvo with my two clowns? I really love the way they look but not sure how comparable, I know people say a spotted or watchman gobys are ideal. What do you guys think?
  10. Hunter Lang

    Mandarin goby with clownfish?

    Thanks for the response! Yeah sounds a little too challenging for me being a beginner. I’ll look into a spotter goby maybe then
  11. Hunter Lang

    Moon lights?

    Should I get moon lights for my tank? Like do the fish and corals prefer that or is pitch black better?
  12. Hey guys, so a few weeks ago I got my first 4 corals for my tank, along with to clowns. I got a Ricordia, gsp, hammer, and branch. They have been doing great and have been stable so then I decided to get 4 more. Red mushroom, cabbage, candy cane, and some zoanthids. I recently just removed some of the corals from their plugs and glued them to the rocks. I kinda like how my set up looks but then I also kind of hate it. I feel like there is a lot of rock and the cave is really open and high, and I feel like it may be hard to get corals to grow on it? I saw an inspo photo I really liked (obviously not a beginner reef tank) but I will attach it just to show y’all ideas. Is it ok to put some brains and ricordia on the sand bed? Can the zoanthids be on the sand or should I lay down some gravel? Obviously I only have 8 and they have like 100 but I want to make sure I’m on the right track! any tips on which corals or how to lay out my rocks again I would love! I don’t know any one else in the hobby personally so I’m coming to you guys!
  13. Hunter Lang

    8 corals in and don’t know what to do!

    So awesome to hear from you! And yes it definitely is the best IM nuvo tank I have seen on the internet! I even rearranged my rocks to look like it!😂 I actually do have a few questions, are your ricordias and zoanthids just sitting on the sand bed? Or did u lay down some pebbles for them? I have a ricordia on my sand bed right now and he seems to like it but I’m not sure which is best? Thanks so much for reaching out and hope to have my tank half as good as yours!
  14. Hunter Lang

    Buying corals online?

    I wanted to know y’all’s opinions on buying corals online? I never have always buy from my local marine store but lately they have just had the “same ol” stuff and nothing interesting or I already have it. I have looked online at some really cool sps and lps but am a little sketched out from buying online? Any thoughts? Has anyone had any success? And which websites do you guys recommend
  15. Hunter Lang

    Hermit crabs have gone AWOL!

    So I have two hermit crabs ( or used to I guess) and the past few days I have been looking for them because I always enjoy looking at their little blue legs, but I have not seen either one in days? Like behind the rock or even under the sand (I siphoned today during water change) where the heck did these guys go??? I don’t have any extra shells in there either but I’m gonna go pick some up tomorrow but even if they left the shells I still haven’t seen empty shells either? I am very confused 😂
  16. So I am new to the saltwater world and I just purchased a 10 gallon nano tank ( IM Nuvo) I am curious on how to start my cycling. Right now I have pre mixed saltwater in there and some sand substrate. I am planning on buying rock tomorrow -but don’t know if I should get live rock or dry rock? I know I need an ammonia source and dry rock won’t give that off, -but will just putting in dry rock and adding Bio Spira be able to cycle my tank? -Or will I need to add something like live rock or dead shrimp also? -And using the bio spira with dry/live rock how fast does that speed up the process? Someone please help I can not find a specific answer to this question as there is a million ways people advise cycling their tank. I want it to cycle as quick as possible obviously but want it to be safe for the fish too. - I have also read you can add dry rock and bio spira and a (live) fish to cycle your tank very quickly any thoughts?
  17. Hunter Lang

    8 corals in and don’t know what to do!

    Yep I actually did just that! I took the top rock off and then put a flat rock in its place! Here’s a pic (mind all the lights are off and corals are all closed up) but I think it’s gonna look much better. And wow! I had no clue that’s awesome! Just checked out his tank and saw all the angles, very awesome! Thanks so much for the help!
  18. Hunter Lang

    Using Bio-Spira with dry rock? (Cycle)

    Thanks so much! The clowns have been doing great and I didn’t get a badge but I have tested ammonia daily and levels have been 0! (Minus a slight rise after adding my fish but went away quick) the clowns seem to be happy and I have added a few corals as well and they have been doing great! They all stay open while the lights are on and sometimes I even get to see them eat the micros I feed them!
  19. Hunter Lang

    Using Bio-Spira with dry rock? (Cycle)

    Just an update, I have been testing my levels daily for ammonia and nitrite spikes and nothing except a slight rise after adding the clowns but went away very quickly. The clowns have been doing really well and seem very happy! I considering getting a shrimp this week but I’m not sure, I also have two hermit crabs but they seem to have disappeared 😂 must just be hiding in the sand beds when I look for them or behind the rock on back of tank!