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  1. Hunter Lang

    Algae overload!!

    Yeah that’s what I have heard, I may just end up getting a torch coral so I get the look and might host the clownfish but it won’t just move around freely
  2. Please post a pic of your nano gallon reef tank for some inspo! I have no clue if the placements of my corals look good and have no idea what to do in the future! I am happy with how it looks so far but thinking about what to do next (what to get, where to put it, how to attach it with little flat surfaces) is really all stressing me out! Any pics for inspo or advice on what to get and where to put it would really be helpful!!! I really am wanting a torch coral and a bunch more zoas ricordea and maybe more candy canes but no clue where to put them HELP please!
  3. Right now I have a hammer, zoa, ricordea, branch (forgot what type), cabbage, red mushroom, candy cane, and gsp. I obviously want to stock my rock up and sand bed full of corals. I’m thinking most of the bottom will eventually be ricordea and zoas. What other easy beginner corals do you guys recommend? I have a Kessil a80 tuna blue and no Wavemaker just the return pump on my Nuvo 10g. (I can always get a Wavemaker.)
  4. Hunter Lang

    Algae overload!!

    Hope so too! I’m hoping they host to the hammer coral, but eventually down the road I will get an anemone so hopefully then!
  5. Hunter Lang

    Algae overload!!

    @Donny41 @WhatsReef @Oldsalt01 So I went to my fish store today and we figured out it’s diatoms. It had been happening from me using my filtered tap water to do water top offs instead of RODI so I bought some water from them, some filter floss, and a few more crabs today to help out. I’m gonna keep posted for a few days and watch and see and hopefully it all goes away. Thanks guys!
  6. Hunter Lang

    Algae overload!!

    So recently I have been getting quite a bit of brown algae on my sand bed and some growing on my rocks! What is the best method to get rid of this? All my levels seem to be okay? Is there anything special I need to do to get rid of this? (mind by tank is newly established) it just looks so gross and I’m getting very upset with the look of my tank /:
  7. Hunter Lang

    Mandarin goby with clownfish?

    Thanks for the response! Yeah sounds a little too challenging for me being a beginner. I’ll look into a spotter goby maybe then
  8. Hunter Lang

    Mandarin goby with clownfish?

    Can I add a Mandarin Goby in my 10g Nuvo with my two clowns? I really love the way they look but not sure how comparable, I know people say a spotted or watchman gobys are ideal. What do you guys think?
  9. Hunter Lang

    Moon lights?

    Should I get moon lights for my tank? Like do the fish and corals prefer that or is pitch black better?