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  1. I’m feeling a little bored with my current set up, I haven’t changed or added anything in about a month (had it about 4 months now) I want some really cool corals to add and am okay with getting rid of a few (not a big fan of my red mushroom or cabbage coral lol) any ideas on some cool somewhat easy corals? So far I’ve been successful keeping softies and lps, don’t really want to get into any sps corals. Honestly just any tips on how to make my tank look better as far as corals or rock placement or any of that stuff! i have two clowns in there and my LFS has this tiny little watchman goby I may get to join the crew (along with a pistol shrimp friend) thoughts?
  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll try it out! And thanks same for your tank!
  3. If it’s a poly or zoa they’re safe to other corals. just be careful if you remove it or handle it because you could piss it off and get polytoxin poisoning
  4. Yeah I would do a small Wavemaker or upgrade your return pump
  5. Not a problem! I actually thought that too until a few people informed be about it! Now every time I go coral shopping I at least get a couple or a few to go in at once! Permateters always are stable after dosent have a huge impact. And good luck on your tank!
  6. After your anemones you can add several corals at once because they don’t really do anything to your bio load so you don’t really have to wait weeks to put in a second coral. Depending on tank size you can put a lot. In my 10g I put 5 in at one time and everything ended up being just fine
  7. Glad to see it cleared up! I just went through the same thing last week! Just added a couple snails, changed filter floss, and water change and was gone in two days! nice set up by the way! I have have two clowns too (orange and black) hope to see you update throughout the months of your tank coming together! Check out my last post too I made a journal on my first month! Best of of luck to ya.
  8. Any recommendations on epoxys or glues to hold these corals down is appreciated!
  9. Not sure how this whole journal thing works but thought I would keep this journal for me (and others to keep up with) I am on day 32 of my tank build. my equipment -Kessil A80 Tuna Blue -stock return pump (soon replacing with sicce 0.5) -heater (Petco brand not sure exact one) Not sure if I should get a nano protein skimmer?? My LFS said it’s probably not necessary but I’m gonna do more research my live stock has built up quite a bit and here’s what it’s loaded with -2 occe clowns -2 hermits -1 conch -2 snails -1 pink torch coral branching 3 heads -candy cane colony (15 heads) - green hammer coral branching 1 head -2 orange/gray acan -3 ricordea -1 gsp -1 two head red mushroom - 1 cabbage coral -1 zoa 6 heads ( eagle eye) -1 Kenya tree Plan on getting some frogspawn, more zoas and torches. Also want one more small fish but not sure if I will have enough room Since I’m already a month late on posting this I’m going to post from the day water was put in my tank to my pics I took tonight Note I have been very indecisive and have changed my aquascape, arrangement of corals, and my actual live rocks a lot in just this month 😂 hope you guys will enjoy following along!! Many input is appreciated greatly! Day one Day 3 added my live rock Week 2 cycle complete time for fishies and some corals week 3 more corals! Week 3 1/2 did not like the top arm so removed it and made more flat simplistic look Week 4 got two new ricordia sand 2 acan!!! Week 4!!! just got a new candy cane colony, torch, and center price covered in coraline! Can’t wait to see how this turns out in a year from now!!!
  10. I read a lot about the sicce 0.5 but wanted a personal experience! Thanks I’ll definiyley be getting one but a long with some epoxy to hold them down in place bc most of them are just sitting there 😂
  11. You made the whole tank? Glueing acrylic and all? 😮 Looks awesome!!
  12. What return pump would u guys recommend for my IM nuvo 10? I have mostly softies but a few LPs which I can already tell need more flow. Should I get a power head or better pump? Personal experiences please!
  13. Awesome. I just recently got two clowns too but from different stores so they had a little bit of nitpicking at first but now are best buds. Best of luck on your tank!
  14. I would add your two clowns together
  15. What return pump would u guys recommend for my IM nuvo 10? I have mostly softies but a few LPs which I can already tell need more flow. Should I get a power head or better pump? Personal experiences please!
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