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  1. Hunter Lang

    What are these corals called?

    @Christopher Marks thanks! Would my Kessil A80 be powerful enough for one? The fish store near me said it should be fine but wanted to get more opinions
  2. So I just recently got this green algae that has popped up. It’s not on my sand or glass just on these two rocks (these two rocks also seem to be the ones with the most coraline on them?) I did a water change today and changed the filter floss and nitrates are under 10 so hoping that all this helps. If not what are some treatments and can y’all identify this algae?
  3. Hunter Lang

    What are these corals called?

    I’ve seen so many different kinds named different things so not completely sure. I’m beginner and want one of these or something similar
  4. Hunter Lang

    Kessil A80 with the corals I want?

    I currently have a Kessil A80 and really want to get either a torch or frogspawn (something to give more movement to my tank) and also I saw this “Aussie rainbow lord” that I really like but was curious if my lighting is good enough for it? Or if not any corals with a similar look? Also eventually I want to get some Montipora caps but same question is my light good?
  5. Hunter Lang

    Starfish hitchhiker

    Yep! Just like that
  6. Hunter Lang

    Starfish hitchhiker

    So ever since I got my live rock to cycle my tank there was a small little star fish living in one of the holes I guess and he was been coming out every day ever since. He’s black and really skinny but maybe like an inch and a half big. Should I try to remove him or let him be? I have no clue how he made it through my cycling with the ammonia and nitrite spikes (since I have heard stars are hard to keep alive for beginners) I just don’t know if he is dangerous or not since I know nothing about this sources of star. I may sound silly but I want to make sure. I have never seen him bother fish or corals he is very shy and only comes out for a few minutes at a time and ticks back in to his holes. Any ideas on what it is and if I should keep it??? I want to eventually get a chocolate chip star also
  7. Hunter Lang

    Do I need a power head?

    I have a IM Nuvo 10g and I have 8 corals right now, zoa, gsp, hammer, Kenya tree, mushroom, ricordea, candy cane, and cabbage. I have no Wavemaker or anything just my stock return pump and they all seem to be doing really well. They all flow nicely and all open up and are pretty active during the days. I was wondering is it necessary to have a power head? Or in the future? Realistically I’m probably gonna just get more zoas, mushrooms, and ricordeas and maybe a torch coral eventually and just let them all take over. Is a power head necessary? Thanks
  8. Hunter Lang

    Algae overload!!

    Yeah that’s what I have heard, I may just end up getting a torch coral so I get the look and might host the clownfish but it won’t just move around freely
  9. Please post a pic of your nano gallon reef tank for some inspo! I have no clue if the placements of my corals look good and have no idea what to do in the future! I am happy with how it looks so far but thinking about what to do next (what to get, where to put it, how to attach it with little flat surfaces) is really all stressing me out! Any pics for inspo or advice on what to get and where to put it would really be helpful!!! I really am wanting a torch coral and a bunch more zoas ricordea and maybe more candy canes but no clue where to put them HELP please!
  10. Right now I have a hammer, zoa, ricordea, branch (forgot what type), cabbage, red mushroom, candy cane, and gsp. I obviously want to stock my rock up and sand bed full of corals. I’m thinking most of the bottom will eventually be ricordea and zoas. What other easy beginner corals do you guys recommend? I have a Kessil a80 tuna blue and no Wavemaker just the return pump on my Nuvo 10g. (I can always get a Wavemaker.)