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  1. i have a 14g biocube, i have bicolor blenny, royal gramma, rainford goby, and hiding for three days is hi-fin band goby. i have a cobalt aquatics mj900 return pump with IM aqua spin nozzle and a hydor koralia 425 gph powerhead pointing mostly up for water agitation. now, my problem is that when i turn on these devices the fish immediately hide under the rocks, none come out when pumps are on, as soon as i turn it off, they all come out and play. dumb fish don’t know i have the pumps for their benefit, OXYGEN!!!!. i turn off when feeding, and when i feel like they would like to come out. it’s on all night long though. any advice as to what i can do to have these on and have fish move around??? i have an order for the IM wavemaker 125-1200gph so maybe that will slow water movement a bit for them. any ideas as to what else i can do, do i have too much water movement in my tank that they can’t support???
  2. DeltaZ

    zetlight corals

    has anyone had a 1701Nor 1702N ZETLIGHTS. what corals grow under this light??? SPS, LPS, ZOAS ???
  3. DeltaZ

    Water Changes

    okay great, I only have 1 candy stripe pistol shrimp / hi-fin banded goby and 3 nassarius snails for now. so cool, ill wait about a week to let them acclimate to this water change and change it next week.
  4. DeltaZ

    14g biocube copepods

    thanks for you input on that, will be getting some soon
  5. DeltaZ

    DIY Copepods intank heaven

    okay thank you, please let me know how that works for you I am going to the LRS to get some APEX copepods than, seems that they are not bad at all, I just need to get all this detritus building up in my tank and I need several ways of removing it.
  6. DeltaZ

    Water Changes

    ooppps meant to say 15 PPM, yeah I am concern for the invertebrates in the tank leaving the water at 15PPM till next week, you think that they should be fine till I change it next week ???
  7. DeltaZ

    Water Changes

    Hello, Working with about 15% nitrates, I did a 30% water change yesterday with a new salt mix, went from IO regular salt to Red Sea Coral Pro. I have a hi-fin red banded goby, candy pistol shrimp, and 3 nacerious snails. I know that they are all sensitive to high nitrates, can I do another water change soon to lower my nitrates ?? or would I affect my livestock because that is too much water turn over a 2 or 3 day period ?
  8. DeltaZ

    14g biocube copepods

    i would like to add apex copepods in the tank, but currently i have no predators that can eat them and iam afraid that they can get out of control. i currently have a hi-fin red banded goby, candy pistol shrimp, and 3 nacerious snails. iam starting my livestock addition so later i’ll get more fish. wondering what i could get later that will eat these copepods but keep a healthy population so that they can eat my detritus and such. i will also eventually put in corals some well. these copepods are small and should not present visual issues, the tigger ones are pretty big and might be much for a biocube when they overpopulate.
  9. DeltaZ

    DIY Copepods intank heaven

    i think i am going to go with option 1, seems to be the way of least resistance. Can copepods ever get to being a nuisance in an aquarium???? with them getting to a point of overpopulation???
  10. I am trying to think of a way that i could have a copepods heaven in my 14g biocube. I have read many forums on sustaining copepods and most only mention to put chaeto in a tupperware with pod in the tank and that will keep the copepods safe from predators, but that looks unsightly and i will like to feed them nutrients that will eventually make there way into the fish that will eat them. this of course it somewhat hard because iam trying to keep everything in the tank, and putting phytoplankton in the tank is just gonna cause the tank to take up nutrients in the water column. so, i would like ideas in which i can hold the copepods in the tank safely, be able to separate them from my water column when feeding, and have the ability to allow them access to get into the water column when not feeding. so my idea was to have a hang-on neat clear box with a door that lead to small holes for copepods to be able to get out into the water column, the door will be able to keep the phytoplankton within the box when enriching them, then when the water is clear i can open the door for them to get out into the water column. this would make a safe heaven for copepods breeding and enrichment for eventually feeding to fish, all this inside a 14g biocube. what do you guys think i should do???
  11. DeltaZ

    coralline algae

    i wanted to ask the experienced reefers out there about their experiences with coralline algae. i have heard that people should not buy the coralline in a bottle cause it will eventually show up in your aquarium anyway. i can only come up with two benefit that i see is mentioned a lot, it reduces unsightly bad algae by taking up real estate on the rocks and it looks nice. i have also seen in many forums that mention that coralline just takes up elements in your water column that other species need for their health. so what is the verdict on coralline algae? should i get it before bad algae takes over most of my rock. iam currently cycling my tank, 3 weeks in. wondering if i should get it??
  12. DeltaZ

    Do you think I'm ready to add a clown?

    well I hate those colors on the API, but it looked like between 4.0 and 8.0 closer to 8.0. it was pretty dark green
  13. DeltaZ

    Do you think I'm ready to add a clown?

    So I am on my third week and this is what I am getting for ammo for little over a week. but take a look at my nitrates 40ppm, it was 80ppm, but I did a 20% water change yesterday. so maybe that's why it seemed weird why I was getting these reading, must be the API tests. I did the whole dead shrimp piece for a week or so, saw ammo spike and nitrites, and then added Instant Ocean BIO-Spira Live Nitrifying Bacteria, and I got the below with the exception of the nitrates which was 80ppm prior to water change. Current water readings: Salinity: 1.024 API test: PH: 8.0 Ammo: 0.25 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 40ppm
  14. DeltaZ

    New 14G BioCube, Ready ????

    so, 100% water change = starting all over again ?? shouldn't I just wait a week, do like maybe 30 to 40% water change and test again? I will wait on the invertebrates and add a fish after about that 30-40% water change if everything looks good with nitrates.
  15. Hello Fellow Reefers, Background: I have set up my 14G Biocube for about three weeks now, I have set it up with live sand and base dry rock. After I set it up, I added a piece of shrimp to get the ammonia started, left it there for about a week and half. Throughout the process I saw the typical high spike of ammonia and nitrites. After I took out the shrimp piece I added Instant Ocean BIO-Spira Live Nitrifying Bacteria, which dropped the ammonia from 2.0 ppm to 0.25, Nitrites to 0 ppm and brought up the nitrates to 80ppm. After this change I turned the lights on (saw in forums to leave the lights off, during cycle to avoid an abundance of bad algae). Well at 2 weeks in I turned the lights on, so basically the lights have been on a cycle for about a week. Yesterday I did a 20% water change, which lowered the nitrates from 80 to 40 ppm. I have also been ghost feeding a bit to maintain nitrifying bacteria. Current water readings: Salinity: 1.024 PH: 8.0 Ammo: 0.25 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 40ppm Questions: 1) I am done with cycling? Is my water composition okay, what do I need to do to finish this cycle? 2) I have no typical algae blooms, is this bad that I don't have anything living other than the bacteria? 3) is my salinity good, or should I modify it to another level? 4) should I be adding additives to finish cycling faster? 5) is it weird that I still have 0.25 ammonia levels, 0 nitrites with vast amounts of nitrates? 6) Can I can any invertebrates ? or maybe a cromis, since they are hardy ? or wait it out? This forum has helped me a lot with my build, thanks reefers for your help. Pictures below: