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  1. Holy cow, this is a nice setup!
  2. I installed the new NanoBox Reef Retro lights today. Loving them! Bright and crisp light. I have maxed them out at midday at 50%. From what I have read, that is what many others tend to run them at. Tomorrow will be day 20 of 22 for the Red Sea Reef Mature kit. I am also starting to see small starts of green and pink coralline algae. So far there are a handful of hermits, a mithrax, a turbo snail, nassarius snail and a Lawnmower Blenny. They've been in there about a week or so. So far so good. The bluefish app is a little laggy at times but overall it is pretty awesome. I am sure over time it will improve with each update too. I will also be fine tuning it for a few days. I kept the factory hood because I have kids and a dog that sheds like crazy. Without a hood, the water would get nasty fast. I also live in an arid area so evap would be crazy and the amount of dust around here is always high. The Nanobox light produces nearly no heat compared to the stock PC lights. Excessive heat won't be a bear to deal with now in the hot summers. I also swapped the crappy Red Sea heater for an Eheim. Anyone else running an old Max 130 or a new Nanobox?
  3. I agree, that's what it looks like! Thank you! I don't guess it is of any concern do you?
  4. I was doing some brainstorming and googling. Perhaps it is an old sponge skeleton?
  5. I have never seen this but maybe someone has? It appears to be "hard" calcareous but possibly some type of a sponge? It doesn't appear that it is alive or anything is living in it. I am just not sure and want to know if I should be concerned. It is the large patch of holes in a radiating pattern. At first it looked like coraline but I don't believe it is. This is a Mexican Turbo snail that I picked up today. Anyone have any thoughts or an I.D.? Thank you.
  6. I am on day 7 of the Red Sea Reef Mature cycling program. I also added 2 bottles of Coralline Algae in a Bottle (13 total species of algae I believe). I ordered those from https://arcreef.com/. It is great that the proceeds also go to a good cause. Can't wait to start seeing nice colors of coralline start encrusting the rocks! Anyone else use these products?
  7. I wonder if my stock (brand new) Red Sea heater intermittently failed (stuck on)? http://www.reefsanctuary.com/forum/index.php?threads/regarding-red-sea-max-250s-heater-and.57737/ I have no experience with these heaters but apparently they suck? Can anyone recommend the best heater for my RSM 130? Are there any heaters that integrate with Apex controllers and dosing pumps etc.? What is the most reliable and accurate heater? I've noticed my tank temp fluctuates about 2 degrees from night to day...
  8. I started my tank this past sunday. I took my time with the aquascaping, added live Carib Sea Special Grade (which leaked out and I had to pickup from UPS; was issued a partial credit from Dr. F&S), and used cyanoacrylate to secure all the aquascaping. I let it cure 24 hours before filling with water so it is good and secure. The rocks turned out to my liking and allows for lots of corals, cover for fish and lots of holes for good flow and circulation. Tunze auto top off is working great. I have some Red Sea Reef Starter bacto coming as well as some ARC Coralline In a Bottle (pink and purple strains). This should start of the tank on the right foot. The starter kit also contains some "NoPox" which I have chosen as my method to ultimately control phosphates and nitrates. I don't want a sump with this tank and there is no room for hang on back refugiums etc. I want a low maintenance and low electricity-consuming tank and I believe NoPox will be a great solution to this. I may add a doser in the future for this so it is automated. I thought about a Santa Monica HOG1 algae scrubber but I don't have a lot of room for it and they are a little pricey. I also don't care to pull algae out of it week in and week out...Just my preference. Let me know what you all think?
  9. They do! I thought my heater was stuck on initially but those lights get super warm. And with no fan, that heat just sits there and is transferred directly to the water. The heater is a brand new Red Sea and today was running perfect. Temps are stable when using the cooling fan. I did buy another mercury glass thermometer. They are both reading within 1 degree of each other.
  10. For the analytical types I posted some of my testing results: I cannot think straight without writing stuff down and for that, Excel is my friend. My testing is for the most part, wrapped up and I've come to the conclusion why my tank heated is because the small Red Sea cooling fan at the back of the hood was not ON. It is a small fan but it removes a LOT of heat. So, if you are having tank temperature issues in the summer or anytime, create some good airflow with or without a hood! Worst case scenario for me in the dead of summer, I will open the front and rear lids and blow a small fan across the top of the aquarium. Should work just fine. I went ahead with my original order of the Nanobox Reef Retro kit LED lights. Can't wait, they should be awesome!
  11. Indeed. I am also leaning towards hoodless because the access to filter chamber will be easier. The original 130 hood only opens part way which is not convenient for doing anything in the chamber, hood must come off to even change carbon bag... I did buy the Tunze nano ATO system. Not sure on size of reservoir yet. I am thing 5 would be good but it has to fit inside my stand (it isn't too cramped). Tank lights have been on all day and water temp is still at 80.
  12. Correct. But, with the "water cooling" fan running 24/7 it is now down to 80 degrees and seems to be stable there. I didn't pull pumps yet but I believe they are fine. I think it was due to the fan not being on. Even that little 12v fan seems to make a huge difference. Red Sea support responded and said this tank will run 10 degree fahrenheit hotter than ambient room temp. So right now my house is 71, and it is running at 80.5 using my floating glass thermometer. I only have 1 thermometer at the moment. So I think that is the issue. But, I am going to run the lights all day as everything was designed and see if it stays around 80. Initially on the test startup, the heater was on. So naturally, I thought it was the heater. I disconnected heater and it was still 86-87 for 2 days. Only when I powered the cooling fan did the temp come down. The heater is brand new but I need to put it in a 5 gallon bucket and test it. The problem I am worried about is that in summer even with my evaporative house cooler, the temp inside reaches around 76-78 in mid summer. That would put my tank around 86-88 which is no good. Thus, I would still be forced to remove the hood or install a chiller (which I will not do). I don't mind going hoodless but it forces me to make a net cover, buy a filter cover (InTank Products) and buy a different light. Overall, hoodless is more money and more top off water to replace... What to do ...Trying to find a happy medium. Thank you for your insight and brainstorming. Is your tank hoodless? How much makeup water do you go through in a typical week?
  13. Tank test running with tap water. Initially filled it to make sure pumps worked great and to leak test it (which it passed). That’s when I discovered water temp is too high.
  14. I am having an issue with my RSM 130. I bought this tank used and good condition but went ahead and installed a brand new skimmer pump and return pump upgrades from Red Sea. The issue I am having is that the tank is running empty (tap water no life or sand) and it is running consistently at 86-87 degrees F without the lights or heater! My house is 71 degrees. Thus I am in the process of seeing if there is a pump that is not running right, putting excess heat into the water or if there is some other issue? If I can't get the tank to a desirable temperature, I may have to remove the hood and run an open top which would of course require me to run the Nanobox Duo instead of the retro kit. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? Should I pursue keeping the hood or ditch it? I went ahead and turned on the cooling fan on the back of the tank and it is currently at a stable 84. The heater has no power to it currently. When I first noticed the tank was warm, I suspected the brand new heater is malfunctioning. Doesn’t appear to be the case. Tank has brand new cooling fan, heater, pumps with upgrades, surface skimmer. Nothing else to replace. Who runs an RSM or similar 34 gallonish tank that is “open-top” can tell me about how much top off water they consume in an average day or week? Do the upsides of open outweigh the closed top? I like open tops but hate the massive evap and debris and dust that accumulated in the water over time. Evap is a big concern for me because I live where it is very arid 5-30% is the norm.
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