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  1. I am assuming that this is a bristle worm?
  2. Hey guys, so i was checking up on my reef tank and looking closely i see a ton of these little guys. I am curious what they are? Are they beneficial to the tank? Or are they a pest?
  3. It was so tempting XD. Not only that but i am genuinely excited in seeing my tank grow and gradually making some additions to it.
  4. "take it slow" they said XD. There was a dollar per gallon sale at petco and i got suckered in and bought a 29 gallon tank with a tank stand for 99$. Looking at it now i don't regret buying it as i love how it looks and the stand is able to fit my 10g nano tank which i could turn it into a sump which i am planning on doing in a future project.
  5. For context, the second picture was taken about month ago while the third picture was taken just now. About two days ago i did a 10% water change and started to switch salts from instant ocean to coral pro salts.
  6. Thank you <3! Absolutely, i have heard tons of horror stories with damsels. But as the only fish, they are pretty hardy from my experience and i think it was a good choice to start out with one. If i were to get more fish, then i think i would upgrade the size of my tank to a 29 with a good stand (which i have actually been thinking about). The only thing i want to accomplish as of right now is maintaining my parameters and having my single coral look nice.
  7. Thanks for letting me know! I had no clue that there was many stages with these units 😱.
  8. From the looks of it, chlorine. Though i am also interested with this information what type of RODI unit would i need. Looks like a ton of shit is in my water XD.
  9. Interesting look at my water quality.
  10. XD! I have seen snowflake eels, stingrays, lionfish, and some gigantic puffers. There is so much options to choose from, but my tank is just way too tiny.
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